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    European eventing championships

    Come to think of it, perhaps Bicton could hold a European championships!
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    European eventing championships

    Bicton had a tremendous advantage though with Helen West at the helm for the first event snd her husband Andrew Fell at the second , with all their years of event management, including Andrew’s family experience at Ballindenisk!
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    European eventing championships

    But if that relates to preparing a championship course,she does have a point. It was a late decision to run these championships and in usual times a venue has a couple of years to plan the course. I think this one might have been done in six months or less.
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    Europeans Cross Country Thread?

    Though now has been removed, thankfully!
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    Europeans Cross Country Thread?

    Scoreboard says he has 15 penalties for MF
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    Europeans Cross Country Thread?

    Yes it’s a very good stream ( clip my horse is fei tv I think?)
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    Europeans Cross Country Thread?

    Try clip my horse Clear stream and a free months trial
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    European eventing championships

    Yes have switched to clip my horse with a free month trial Lucinda commentating ,clear picture
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    Advice please on buying our first pony

    The age of the pony at 13 would certainly not put me off. You know this pony and clearly get on well with her. Good ponies like this are so hard to find and would readily sell at 16 or even 18. I would however get a vet to check her over before you buy her. Good luck!
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    Tokyo Eventing Cross Country

    Thank you. bbc works but not discovery until this evening apparently….
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    Tokyo Eventing Cross Country

    I cant find the cross country on bbc or discovery…where is it please?
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    Bites or laminitis?

    Has she been galloping on the hard ground because of the bites and so got concussion laminitis?
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    Agree. Wonderful old horseman I knew would take in difficult horses for owners He said after two weeks he would give them one of three choices Good horse problem sorted he should be ok for you Or Good horse but better suited to a professional home or a more active life than you want . I can...
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    German shepherd breeders in midlands

    Is Herts/Bedfordshire too far? if not, have a look at the Nyrvana German shepherd dogs on facebook. their lines offer both working and more family oriented dogs. they have fabulous temperaments
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    Started raw feeding today...

    Never ever defrost in a microwave........
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    Cheap public liability insurance for dogs?

    Another vote for dogs trust.Similar scheme to BHS membership insurance.
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    Either of these options is recommended by my vet You can now buy seresto collars online without a prescription I think the problem of fleas is not a seasonal one anymore because of central heating
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    GSD puppy

    Gorgeous puppy. Is she related to Zak?
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    Sad times

    Looking forward to seeing photos of your new pup.Is she a Nyrvana bred one again? They are lovely dogs
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    Nexguard Spectra complete treatment worms ticks fleas

    Thank you that is interesting Will discuss fully with vet when annual Vaccinations are due in October as I still have 4 months of Milbemax left to use. In the meantime the collars do seem to work on ticks here and price is much lower now they can be bought online.
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    Nexguard Spectra complete treatment worms ticks fleas

    This might have been done to death already but what are your views on Nexguard Spectra? We are in a high risk area for lungworm and have masses of ticks too so currently my dogs -elderly terrier and 2 year old German shepherd-wear Seresto collars and i use Milbemax monthly from the vet. My vet...
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    HHO young GSDs

    Georges father is Sevvy[Nryana Walk on the Wild Side] and his mother is Ceilidh [Sachsenhaus Xenogenesis] Thanks for agreeing to help with photos!
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    HHO young GSDs

    Sorry pressed too soon! I can’t work out how to post photos I have a 20 month old German shepherd called George. Someone on here reccommended Nyrvana dogs for temperament So I went to Margaret Nyrvana Jones and bought George His temperament is fantastic. He is steady and non reactive to...
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    HHO young GSDs

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    Keep insuring - or not!?

    Dogs trust membership costs £25 a year or £12.50 if over 60 and gives £1 million public liability My older dog is not insured any more so I joined to get the cover
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    Horses height vs riders hight

    Look at photos of William fox Pitt in the dressage with longer stirrups on some of his smaller horses eg Bay my Hero.his height doesn't seem to get in the way of his success!
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    How much do you pay for DIY livery?

    £2.00 a day.I am staggered that you can get all those facilities for less than a costa cappuccino.... Referring to post above, not my own situation?
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    best grazing muzzle

    As of my horses is totally happy in the best friend muzzle.My other horse refused to accept any muzzle and got them all off,one by one until I was lent a greenguard with its own head collar.She accepted this straightaway.Whether it was the central strap running down her face or the...
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    Barefoot Showjumping?

    I understand the lovely Italian mare who won the puissance was barefoot
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    Clipping a labradoodle

    I clipped my 7 year old labradoodle x German shepherd for the first time this summer as he could not cope with the heat. I followed the instructions in this link and...