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    Natural Horsemanship Loading experience

    Sounds like yourve cracked it to me, well done
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    Short coupled

    Thanks guys, was starting to doubt myself! He is a meat and compact little horse but I or no one else has ever thought/commented that he was freakishly short backed! IMHO there was some pretty odd judging going on however I guess you pay your money and get their opinion! Lolo, how did Reg get on?
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    Short coupled

    Thanks Faracat, that's what I thought but after getting a small lecture when I said that I didnt think he was, was seriously starting to doubt my own common sense x
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    Short coupled

    Whatvis your definition of short coupled? I'm very confused after taking my 15.1 1/2 hh 3 year old to a show, where I was told he would never be any good under saddle as he is too short coupled?! He wears a 6'3 rug!?!? My 16.2 hh wears a 6'6 ??!? Very, very confused horse owner, I would post...
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    recommend a ....

    Greengaurd muzzles are brill a bit ££ but will do all of the above
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    Recommendations for an instructor in Norfolk

    Pippa Childerhouse, Liza McQuiston, Steve Lockyer are all fab and local to Wymondham PM if you want their contact details :) Welcome to Norfolk (please bring sunshine)
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    Shopping help - Racing Breastgirth for big shoulders

    Gibsons saddlery in Newmarket will be able to sort you out :)
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    PTS and other horses

    After a long and tearful conversation with my vet a few days ago I think that I am going to have my horse pts at the end of the summer :( I'm not 100% certain what to do at the moment but I am now worried about what to do with my other horse on the day, they are incredibly good friends :( I do...
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    Pricing for second hand rugs?

    I've just sold (today) two Rambo duos cleaned and reproofed for £75 each, hope that helps x
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    What do you do with your 3 year olds?

    My 3 yr old is mainly sat in the field! Led out in hand 4-5 times a week and out showing in hand at county level, he will not be sat on until early next year.
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    Rug help please

    I've always used Rambo rugs, up until a couple of years ago when my rugs needed replacing ( they were over 10 years old) I replaced them with premier equine rugs, which I like, however.... They have rubbed their manes terribly, now it could just be that they were in rugs longer but Ive never...
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    Devoucoux saddles, tell me about them...

    I ride my neighbours ptp ers in a devocoux horrible horrible saddle like sitting on a lump of stone much prefer my own Albion m2m
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    What's going on at Houghton?

    I'm going tomorrow, can you get on and off ok? I'm about an hour away and the wether has been dire since 2am this morning when I got home from work. Must have been bad previously as hubby had got the horses in!! which I never thought he would do even if there was an apocalypse or something...
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    Can anyone recommend a clipper repair service?

    ************ are very good I think they specialise in Lister too. I don't have their number to hand but you will easily get it by googling them :)
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    Vaccinations....yes or no after a certain age?

    I've just had my dogs annual vaccinations. My vet said my 12 year old dog does not need vaccinating anymore after this uear
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    Saddlers who can adjust Prestige saddles in Norfolk/Suffolk area

    Yes I've dealt with them both, Bridlepath commissioned ( I don't know if that's the right word) a made to measure Albion and have looked after it ever since have also used Mill saddelry for checks/ reflocking they are a bit pricey IMO but highly rated, personally I wouldn't touch express equine...
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    Saddlers who can adjust Prestige saddles in Norfolk/Suffolk area

    Mill saddlery or bridle path don't know their numbers but can be found by googling
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    Ranchwood Rum Laddie / Ranchwood Golden Ranger. Palomino stallions

    Klinehan, I know mack I saw him when he was about a month old when I went to look at the foals at foot that Sally had for sale, told my friend about him and she bought him for her daughter whom I assume you bought him from ( in cosstessy) I have a 2010 from rum laddie too which was his last...
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    Help .. lice problem (coopers fly repellent users)

    Yes I second frontline spray for lice
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    How long does your farrier take???

    Blimey! 2 hours! Can't get much work done in a day taking 2 hours to shoe one horse???!!! ( I'm not a farrier btw but husband is) he takes about 20 minutes to shoe my horses if they are well behaved. I think I would certainly be very concerned about anybody taking an hour or more ....
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    Which jumping saddle for a high withered TB?

    Albion Legend xc tb tree, my horse has the highest wither that my saddle fitter has ever seen, think shark fin lol!
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    Recommend a LW turnout for a hw cob ( looks after her rugs)

    I've just bought two premier equine buster zeros with 20% off They are very nice fit/quality and have good 'depth' so might suit your horse
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    Lucky you my 3 yr old has about a 10 minute attention span lol!
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    Tell me about sweet itch?

    It seems that the lovely little companion pony I took on last autumn has sweet itch :( I've spoken to his old owner and he's never suffered with it before ( and didn't show any signs when I went to look at him) When I first got him here in September I did notice that he did a lot of 'tail...
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    machine washing a fly mask

    Mine go in the machine all the time on a delicate wash, they are fine
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    They are back, have yours arrived yet ?

    Havnt seen ours yet :( but shouldn't be long now. Horses sleeping outside tonight but looks like they might be back in by the weekend fingers crossed it stays nice though :)
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    What to put Haylege in outside

    I have the big hay hutch for 2 horses and 1 pony I had hummed and harred about one for ages but was put off by the ££ however they are worth every penny imo
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    Dirty Horse What Bedding

    I really like Megazorb fantastic bedding imo
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    how much hay have you gone thru this winter?

    I've used 35 large square haylege bales for 2 tbs and one welsh pony £30 each x 35 a lot !!
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    Hot Horse Shower.... any good?

    My hot water heater outside has bitten the dust. I was looking at the hot horse shower has water heaters. Does anyone have one? How do you rate it compared to normal outside (electric) showers ? I'm tempted because I like the long hose and then could take it hunting etc too and price wise not...