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    Show us your dogs

    Murphy - 2 year old German shepherd cross old English And Bruno - 1 year old Bracco italiano
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    Seriously! Fleas!!!

    My dogs have never had fleas, this is the first time. They get garlic though but I slacked on that and they got fleas! Big hairy dog is a nightmare to get rid of them...!
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    Shivering whilst sleeping

    My dog does this too. I asked the vet about it and he wasn't sure said some dogs do lol so very helpful. He doesn't do it all te time but quite a lot so Ill be interested in what everyone else says!
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    What dog breed?

    Bracco italiano :) handsome very different dogs! Mine comes riding with me. It's says in their breed profile they have to love all animals and people, and it's true! Mine hasn't a bad bone in him. Quite big but lovely :)
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    What Breed would you recommend?

    Bracco italiano! Very short coat, love being outside, love all animals and people, quite big, handsome! Good recall and easy to train. Loves mud.. but such short hair you can wipe clean!! And cos he's pretty...
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    Cost of Dog-ey X Rays???

    Mine was x-rayed by a specialist as they didn't know why he went lame sometimes, turns out it was growing pains and he'll grow out of it... Since the X-rays he hasn't gone lame one! Cost £800!!!!
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    Rescue centre, Gutted and confused? help?

    I was turned down by daneline because my old English cross is fully male and I said because he's never humped or fought that we couldn't have any dog not even a spayed female. She was quite rude on the phone even when I said I'd consider getting him castrated she said hed been full for too long...
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    Dog legs lameness/issues

    Gunnergundog- he is a very slim build so no problem there. He is rested and on rymadil? When a flare up but after a day or two it's back to normal so vet said go back to normal... Hmm it was specialist who said all of this so maybe ill go back to my vet and see what she says. Specialist said...
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    Dog legs lameness/issues

    She said not to walk when it's playing up but to carry on as normal the rest of the time? Oh now I'm worried! Night spent googling here I come! It was the specialist that told me all of this...
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    Amount of excercise...

    Ignore my spelling of exercise in title!!!
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    Amount of excercise...

    Hello again! No problem this time just wondered really... How much excercise does your dog get on an average weekday or weekend? What breed and age? Pictures are very welcome! Thank you :) Pic of my two
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    Dog legs lameness/issues

    Have spoken to the breeder and she was lovely about it, really helpful did lots of research for me and asked other Bracco people. I talk to his brother and sister and they are both fine, breeder says rest of litter are fine too... Trust me pick of litter as well...! But the Bracco breeders she...
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    Dog legs lameness/issues

    Exactly! Silly dogs! Ah the vet told me it wasn't hereditary and they don't know what causes it?
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    Dog legs lameness/issues

    Well he had X-rays today and has panosteitis which is probably one of the best outcomes, not great but no ops etc! Vet said his muscle tone was perfect and he was in excellent shape; said the amount I walk him is very good and suits him down to the ground. Just got given rimydyl for when it...
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    Dog legs lameness/issues

    I was told by the specialist vet I saw when he was a puppy that that rule was 5 mins per month at once. He said my walking was fine and I had to push him abut to grow the muscle.
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    Dog legs lameness/issues

    Ladyt25- he does Hoon a bit not much though. Vet checked his back and neck for pain but I will suggest it if X-rays show nothing! S4sugar- why is it? I stuck to the 5 minute rule; he's a year old so can walk for about an hour that's how long these walks take? He's fed arden grange large...
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    Dog legs lameness/issues

    Thank you, vet said about pano but there is no pain in legs so he doesn't think it is anymore. He said he's not sure without X-rays but said I haven't over walked him etc and probably not growing pains as no pain. His longs walk are longest 4 miles very rarely, usually 2-3 miles of chilled...
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    Dog legs lameness/issues

    Bruno the Bracco Italiano is perfect :) so dopey and chilled out. But has spent today at specialist because after long walks he limps sometimes (different leg each time though...) the vet asked me to walk him and said Bruno is actually lame on all 4 legs... Not sure how that works but he is...
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    How to keep cool........

    This is murphy cooling off casually...
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    Dog urine burn patches on lawn

    I've just bought and put down miracle gro patch repair... It's meant to grow anywhere so hopefully should make it pretty again! And the dog has been banned from weeing in garden and instead is taken to drive to cock his leg lol
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    Breed recommendations

    With the corsa comment... I have a corsa and fit my German shepherd x old English and my Bracco Italiano in easily lol! They love cuddling so always sleep in each other even if there is enough space for them both...! I love tollers gorgeous dogs!
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    Dog weeing at night...

    Hanzybaby01 - sounds very like Bruno but he's not been castrated. Does your boy look in pain or anything? Because I've been googling urinary tract infections and they all say pain when weeing but Bruno isn't at all... Hope you find out about your boy soon!
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    Dog weeing at night...

    Ok will easily get a sample as he wees for minutes! He's absolutely fine in himself though still runnin round like a loony etc. but will sort out a vets visit then! X
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    Dog weeing at night...

    Bruno the 9 month old Bracco Italiano has started needing to wee at night. He wakes me up to be let out which is good but ifs rather he just slept! He drinks a lot but I was told before I got him that braccos will and they are aquaholics so will drink silly amounts. But he's only just started...
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    Hairy dog update and birthday!

    Thought I'd update on my big hairy numpty of a dog! It was his 2nd birthday last week but were going to the beach this weekend weather dependant :) hes massive bless him! But the biggest dope ever, he's incredibly easy and lovely! Every one that meets him falls in love! *so here's some pics...
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    Help with putting bridle on...

    Hi first post in this section so hello! I am an experienced rider etc so know how to put on all tack but have started exercising my boss' horse and he hates putting a bridle on, he pulls his head up and won't let me near him. He's an ex-racer and they think he was not too nicely treated... But...
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    Bruno Bracco pics!

    Bruno is now nearly 9 months and a very large, still very lanky, very handsome chap (but I'm biased!) Can't believe he's gone from this tiny pup... To this giant clumsy oaf...! But handsome :) And the two hoodlums together... Very sorry for the pic overload...
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    Puppy update... Pics!

    Thanks :D he's a Bracco Italiano, an Italian pointer
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    Puppy update... Pics!

    Thank you :) yea his legs are ridiculously long! Still falls over alot...! Think bambi on ice! The staffy pup is Logan and is lovely make hilarious little alien noises!!
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    Puppy update... Pics!

    Thought I'd update puppy pics as Bruno Bracco is now 6 months old...! He's lovely :) soo chilled out still!* He starts gundog lessons next month and has his first (fun) show soon! He just loves life and everyone/ thing! * Him looking grown up... With his little staffy friend...