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    Lorry tyre help

    Hi I went to check my tyres yesterday and can't work out how to do the inside rear ones. It is a DAF 7.5t 11 yrs old. It has no user manual and Google doesn't help. There is what looks like a long tube connected to inner tyre poking through outer. I connected to this but did not read pressure...
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    What is wrong?

    Yes, nerve blocked etc to eliminate/identify where to medicate.
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    What is wrong?

    Yup, he is often the youngest on a PC or NSEA team. He is picture of health good top line moving well. Have been talking to vet all through but maybe time for a full MOT.
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    What is wrong?

    He lives out, had 3 weeks off in autumn and then 2 weeks recently after they went hunting as daughter got injured. I wish he could talk, has not had heavy comp life, previous home hacked for a couple of years in early teens. Compared with many I know he is low mileage but they are all individuals.
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    What is wrong?

    OK apologies a little long but I am stumped. Daughter has a great connie owned for 2 years and now 16 yrs old. He has been super genuine only stops if physically unable to get over jump. Will buck occasionally but usually in result of a smack or if left behind on a gallop. At the end of last...
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    Best country boots

    I am looking for new boots. Always had Dubarry but last pair leaked at 9 months old so don't think worth the money anymore. I like that style, ie pull on no laces or straps. What do people recommend? I have big feet, long legs and fit a normal calf fit ( but just).
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    More lorry help please.

    OK you knowledgeable people can you help/advise please? I am lorry shopping and today saw a box I quite like, but I don't know if it is overpriced. Been on the market for 1 month plus, dies this imply anything as not sure on market. Second question it uses AdBlue, a friend said this can cause...
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    Horse box choice/dos and don'ts.

    Thanks, we are out once a week minimum. This time a year twice with lessons and competitions.
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    Horse box choice/dos and don'ts.

    Not been on in a while but I need the collective knowledge of this group please. I am seriously considering upgrading from a Frelander and ifor 505 to a lorry. I am looking at a 5.2t to a compact 7.5, our lane is narrow as is turn into drive. These are the things I think I want; Living for 2...
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    Anatomical girth for a pony

    Thankyou so much, spent hours looking and hadn't seen these xxx
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    Anatomical girth for a pony

    Hi, my saddle fitter has recommended an anatomical girth for our round 13.3 with a forward girth grove to stop the saddle moving forward. So far I can't find one small enough - 40 in. Any recommendations?? For a GP saddle, all the shorter ones sem to be for a dressage saddle - would this work...
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    Places to look for horses for sale

    Thanks there does seem to be some nice ones. Do you have any experience of this dealer? Just looked on a dodgy dealer FB group and some very mixed reviews.
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    Places to look for horses for sale

    So do I for other people - lol. 14.2-15.2 for tall 12yr old. likes sj up to 80cm but not brave or really that competitive, but doing NSEA and PC. Wants to do more xc, must be genuine as current pony is tricky to jump and takes any opportunity to stop. My ideal is a 15hh older steddy Eddie who...
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    Places to look for horses for sale

    Thanks - I have been specific on what want to do and the type of rider my daughter is, area and budget. I know I don't have a massive budget (£4k max) but hoped there would be something out there. Age not fussed but as I have stated looking for steady ride for a just 12 year old a just backed 4...
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    Insurance claim confusion?

    My horse had a seemingly minor kick, treated by the vet and healed - no insurance needed. Then 2 months later developed unidentified symptoms (of what turned out to be nerve damage). My vet refered me straight to the vet hospital for a CT, xrays and investigations. So the first the insurance...
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    Places to look for horses for sale

    Anyone got any secret/good places to look for horses/ponies for sale? Looking for my daughter's next horse and already getting disheartened/fed up. Also now that FB are clamping down on animal ads FB is tricky. I have posted wanted adds, very specific and people still send details or wrong horse...
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    Hay containers for the field?

    We use a large herd net tied to the rings in shelter. Will take over a bale of hay. If no shelter how about 2/3 fence posts sunk into ground.
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    Scouring causes

    Hi haven't been on here for quite a while but having a problem that has me stumped. My 15 yr old 16hh mare has been scouring badly on and off for the last few weeks. When I say bad I mean it goes from cow pat to farts and liquid. Then a period of normal poos for a few days/week then back. She...
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    Perennial problem of rabbits

    When we moved into our place there was electric fencing on boundaries about 3-4 inches above ground. I seemed to help keep them out, not completely but down to a manageable level.
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    Wilki for a show?

    My daughter's pony is ridden in a wilki, goes well and certainly needs it for jumping. She wants to do a pony club pony class at a show, local hunt show. I wonder if it would be ok? Don't really want to buy a new bit for one show if can be avoided.
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    Pony Club camp advice - old pony

    Thanks all. I hear what you are saying about age/ground etc. Pony is sound at the moment and danalon a precaution beforehand (in consultation with the vet). I have decided we are going but may opt out of some activities/days. My daughter missed last year as her pony died 2 weeks before so this...
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    Pony Club camp advice - old pony

    Back after a bit of an absence - I have been cheating on HH with candy crush! Anyway after some advice please. My daughter is at PC camp next week, it is not residential so they come home each eve. Now the ground is so hard her poor pony has been feeling it as a bit arthritic - not terrible...
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    5"9 people what size horses do you ride?

    16 hh chunky warmblood. Used to be wedded to big horses 17 hh plus but riding 15hh polo ponies proved small could be fun. I also ride my daughters 14.2 and my son's 12.2 ( only when he is being a little ****). But I have jumped the 12.2!
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    How do you afford your horses?

    I keep mine very cheaply. The main reason is our own land. I keep 2 ponies and a horse for around £300 a month including the children going to pony club etc. The main cost is farrier but 2 are barefooted and one only fronts. I only fully insure my horse and the ponies are £110 a year for both...
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    video - country lane road rage car/horse

    OMG serious anger issues.
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    How to help/sort out pony

    Re. the kicking you after being out for just half an hour: TBH I wouldn't blame him for that - he was just settling into his grass and you came and hauled him out again - so personally I'd put that one down to experience for the future. Whilst we're on the subject............ re. diet, these...
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    Another Yard WWYD

    How much do you spend a month - current livery, feed, hay etc? Average over the year as more in winter. Yard 3 what does part include? I understood part was everything apart from riding in which case it is good value but many yards in different areas class part in different ways. Ask yourself...
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    Hacking- What do you take with you?

    Just phone for me. In autumn I sometimes take aplastic bag for blackberries.
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    How to help/sort out pony

    This is the first time he has kicked like this. He did kick out and break my thumb once when I was cleaning an infected cut but that was due to pain. I try not to catch with food as I find it makes ponies nippy - the catching after a short period was not planned I had to suddenly go out and did...
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    How to help/sort out pony

    Hello not been on in a while - life etc getting in the way. After a bit of advice about my son's pony. We have had him for 2 years and his is generally a grump. I have worked out a lot of it is defence - he has abiously had something bad happen to him and he does not trust humans. If you...