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    Advice on Albion Selecta

    Great! I'm so pleased and grateful to read all your views. I've just been out hacking with the Albion Selecta on my youngster, and we're both very happy with it. Think that's my mind made up then!
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    ODE's in Kent

    I live up in Cheshire, so I'm not much help! My friend lives in Kent and does to the Chapel Wood ODE....I don't know if that's any help....
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    Advice on Albion Selecta

    Thanks! That does help. I had noticed the deep seat, but thought it might still ride okay XC. My youngster will be starting at intro, so I'm sure if I got the Selecta it would last her a good few seasons, perhaps up to Novice, and if I was to go any further with her I might buy a separate...
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    Advice on Albion Selecta

    Hi, I'm new here! Would really appreciate some advice regards the Albion Selecta saddle from an eventing point of view. I've always had two separate saddles for my older mare: an event saddle for SJ/XC, and a dressage saddle for (you guessed it!) dressage. We only competed up to Novice. I'm...