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    stonegrove ace

    Does anyone here have a horse by him? looking at one at the mo and just trying to get an idea of the kind of temprement his offspring tend to have. Horse is very nice but very unfit so want to know if it could turn into a monster when I get it fit. Any info would be fantastic x
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    thorowgood T4

    Hi, Can anyone on here tell me if the thorowgood T4 range can be flocked??? Realy want one, and tried one on my lad today. it fits well apart from a small gap under the back right side panel, has the same gap with his GP so it was adjusted to allow for this so my plan would be for the same thing...
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    Journey went well

    Traveled my horse with another today for the first time in two years and he was great!!!!! Even when we were stuck in road works I am so happy with him had a great lesson and then he never moved all he way home again, just munched on his haynet. Was a wee bit jumpy when we got home, but he...
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    feeling sick with worry

    Traveling my boy with another horse today for the first time in two years, he travels well on his own, but tends to move around a lot in company. Its just over an hour journey and the last time we did this one with this horse, three years ago he pulled his shoe off. Main worry is he pulls my...
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    No passport

    I am about to take a pony on loan for my daughter, cracking pony, have known it for a few years and she is perfect for a first pony. However I dont think she has a passport!!!! Not sure how to bring this up with the owners as I need a number for my insurance company, and we will be traveling it...
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    Embroidered jackets

    I am looking for a web site where I can get an emroidered jacket for my daughter, I have found a few but I was in hope that someone could actualy recamend one so I don't end up disapointed. Any info is gratefuly recieved.
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    Help with NVQ question.

    Can some clever person answer this as I cant find the info needed. " What are the legislative requirements and reasons for 'withdrawl periods' before a horse is distroyed." Should have said it is in the health section in relation to drug administration. Ta muchly in advance x
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    I have my eye on a pair of Dubarry's, but I an worried about the width of them. I have size six feet, but take a wide boot width, so I was wondering if anyone on here who is a size six and has a pair would be good enough to tell me what width of calf they have and how they find the fit??? Want a...
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    Took the first steps.

    To leave the yard I keep my boy at a yard that is a 20min drive away on very twisty roads. Great location and the horses are well looked after, and on top of this the liveries are all wonderfull people. I work there to cover the cost of my livery. I started off part time, and that was fine, but...
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    arrow on the sprenger bits.

    Hi, Can someone please tell me what side the arrow on the sprenger bits should be on and what way it should face please? I thought I had put it back on like usual but as he has gone like a ar*e the last two nights I have some doubt creaping in. Thank you muchly xx.
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    The person who made this is very clever.
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    Biggest riding fault?

    Whats your biggest fault when you ride? Feeling a bit down as I seem to be very one sided at the moment to the point it is affecting him being able to strike right canter, I am making him curl round my inside leg so much he can't strke right so he gives me left!!!! I am such a numpty and I hate...
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    Impuse spurs

    Can anyone tell me if Impulse spurs are dressage legal? Just need something to sharpen him off the leg a bit. Also does anyone use these, and if so how do you rate them? Ta muchly for any info x
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    Woohoo, woop, woop!!!!!!!!!

    Not long back from the vet seeing Oscar....and........I can ride him....yay!!!!! He hasn't even started his treatment yet. Vet is amazed by him and how quickly he has improved. Its not like he is on padock rest as he is in a huge field and charges about like a nutter, X-rays show that there is...
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    I have fallen in love....

    With a highland!!!!!!! Came the other day for scholing on, and being the snob I am I didnt take much notice of it, but the YO raved about how it moved. Next day I had to ride her as she is a bit sensitive and needed a quiet rider, took a bit of a fight for her to stand still for me to mount up...
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    results from spavin x-rays..shock results

    Well the vet took his pictures of Oscar's hocks this morning and he was very well behaved, even though his foot was sore from pulling his shoe off, stood like a rock without being held so we got some good clear pictures acording to the vet. So I tried to keep myself busy all day till he phoned...
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    x-ray day

    Oscar is getting his x-rays done today!!! I thought I would have to cancel them as he pulled a hind shoe off on monday and my farrier is away on holiday. But I spoke to the vet and he said it was fine as he doesnt need to block him as well as he is 99% sure it is in his hocks,. Slight concern as...
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    The vet has been.

    Have noticed Oscar has been a bit sore looking behind, but not lame as such. So I had the vet look at him today and as I suspected it looks like he has spavin. He said he would eat his hat if it was anything else!! Was not a huge shock to be honest and he said he was only confurming what he knew...
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    rode a new pony

    A new pony came to us about two weeks ago to be worked for fitness so we can sell her for a client. Usualy one of the younger students grab the new ponies that come to us, and unless they become little sh*ts I don't get a look in. But this pony is well schooled, so I got to have a play to see...
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    why is it standing like this?

    Is this a corect way to show off this type of horse? Im not into showing at all, but I think it looks odd.
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    anyone any idea

    Firstly I know this should be in vets, but more people look in here. A few weeks ago my horse sudenly stopped giving me any lateral work at all, usualy he is a star at this, thought it was a bit odd so I trotted him up and he looked sound. Put it down to being fresh and the fact we were...
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    Does anyone know a place on line where I can get cheap selenium supplement, preferably selenavite E ???? Like to use this over the grass growing season but I am so broke with constant vet bills that any cost cutting I can do is much needed.
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    expensive hole!

    My horse was pratting around in the field last week when the ground gave way under him where there was a rabbit run, resulting in him falling over and ripping a huge hole in his face and giving him a fat leg an elephant would be proud off. So the vet was called out and he was a brave boy and got...
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    Don't know what to do

    I work in a RS/Livery yard, have been there two years as staff, five years all together as I started as a livery. Basicly my problem is I have had enough. There is two full time staff, and three students and me. the deal I agreed too was I worked from nine till three in exchange for livery and...
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    horse walkers

    Hi, can someone list me the advantages and disadvantages of horse walkers ???? Have never used one. Any help would be fab x
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    update on very sick horse

    Thought I would let you all know. The horse I posted about yesterday, who lost a huge amount of blood after being tubed. Well I am very sad to say he lost his fight last night. He had a PM this morning and he was found to have a large tumor around his wind pipe that had started to press on his...
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    Would you?

    Just out of curiosity (sp?) what would you do in this sutuation. You have a usualy fit and healthy gelding, lets say he is 25, but thinks hes still a youngster, and has a real zest for life. You take him in one evening and he's not looking right, lets say its a choke. So you phone a member of a...
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    blood transfusion

    Our very, very special Roger horse is having to have a blood transfusion in the morning. Poor old guy became very sick last week, lost buckets of blood, and has since not managed to recover from this (he's 25 y.o) Has very low white cell count, so low infact that any stress will kill him...
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    How depressing!

    We have a charity mock hunt here most years, nothing huge, just thirty or so of us get together between chrismas and new year and with permision of the local land owners have a fun day and raise a bit of money for a worthy cause. Its allways good fun and I enjoy doing it. But it s looking like I...
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    boots like Dubbary.

    Someone on here a few months ago mentioned some boots that were a bit like Dubbary boots. Cost around £150. They were definately not Toggi, musto, Ariat, Dublin, joules. They were a make I have never seen in a catalogue before, mind has gone blank and I want to now order a pair!!