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    My horse has been diagnosed with a hole in the straight sesamoid ligament. Vet has given me two options, controlled exercise or turn out for six months. I have decided to turn him away for six months. He is very fit at the moment, was ready to one day event, and a bit of a stressy, spooky...
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    BE eventing plan

    Right after spending the winter planning the start to my first BE season the plans now need to change! I have had to withdraw from my first event at Moreton due to a virus on the yard which has meant we have had to go into lockdown. Potentially would have been ok for Moreton but not being able...
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    interval training

    I have begun some interval training with my horse for over the winter ready to start the eventing season at the beginning of March. I have competed in one day events during this season so he is relatively fit. i am looking to move up to 90 level next year so want him to be a little bit fitter...
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    Balloting of be events

    Where does it say how many people were balloted out of an evwnt last year? I am competing on day tickets so wondered how likely it is and wanted to have a look at other events i could do if i did get balloted out of my preferred events.
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    pontispool (2) first be90?

    I am looking at doing pontispool in September as my first be90. I walked the course when the june one was on and have schooled over most of the fences last week. Will the second one be harder? I see it is an rf final. As this is my long term aim thought maybe it would be a good idea. what does...
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    confusing lameness

    My horse was lame on his right hind at beginning of feb, had soreness in his back behind saddle and in front of sacroiliac. Tried treating this with physio which although improved it he was still lame. His back was injected with steroids and a muscle relaxant. He came sound but still wasnt...
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    BE entries

    Just a quick question. I am looking at entering a BE event for the first time. On the entries page it says about a ballet date is this the last date the entry can be made without paying the late surcharge?
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    Eventing dilema

    I am unsure what to do with regards to eventing this year, i really want to affiliate my horse and attempt to qualify for the grassroots. Unfortunately we haven't managed to get to as many odes as i would like due to lack of transport bit that has changed now. I have a ode planned for next week...
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    Stretching mouth out after removing bit

    My horse has started to do this strange thing with his mouth when I remove the bit. He stretches his mouth and tongue, he puts his neck out and opens his mouth, he isnt yawning and its quite hard to explain exactly what he is doing. He moves his tongue around and its as if he is stretching his...
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    medium trot

    I have a Welsh sec d who i currently do a bit of everything on. We are doing quite a bit of dressage at the moment though and have moved up to novice, which we gained 66% in yesterday. However one thing we find hard is the medium trot, the comment from the judge yesterday was 'clear reaction...
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    Fitness for a ode

    What kind of things would every one do to make sure there horse is fit enough for a ode? My horse is relatively fit, he is coming back from a minor injury (muscle injury) he has been back in full work for five weeks. (He never had time off during the whole time he had an injury but he just...
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    BD Pet plans

    I am thinking about trying some BD with my horse. My physio has suggested affiliating him :) My question is I dont want to pay out to affliate yet, I want to see how we do first, I also don't have any transport so an reliant on other people at the moment, can you collect sheets for pet...
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    ultimate equestrian experiences?

    Has anyone had any experience with ordering from ultimate equestrian? Good or bad?
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    Any ideas? RH lameness

    Have posted in vet but thought here would get more traffic. My horse is lame on the right hind. 2/10ths.* It began about two weeks ago, he started leaning on my right hand which he has never done before, he wasnt lame to start with, last week I didnt ride much due to the weather, when I rode...
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    Any ideas? RH lameness

    My horse is lame on the right hind. 2/10ths. It began about two weeks ago, he started leaning on my right hand which he has never done before, he wasnt lame to start with, last week I didnt ride much due to the weather, when I rode on sat he didn't feel level behind. Have had the vet out...
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    Good towing car that is also a good every day car

    I am looking for a good 4x4, will be used to tow two horses in either a 505 or 510. Ideally want it to be relatively economical and the lower tax bracket. Dont mind getting something a bit older.
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    Veredus fetlock boots

    I have just purchased some veredus pro lite tendon boots in white. I cant find the matching fetlock boots for sale any where. Can any one help?
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    Self drive horsebox hire exeter

    I am looking for a 3.5t to hire. I know of Huish but are there any others?
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    Self drive horsebox hire exeter

    I am looking for a 3.5t to hire for an event. I know of Huish but is there anyone cheaper?
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    le mieux pro sorb/mattes correction pad or something else

    I had the saddle fitter out recently as didnt feel my saddle was sitting properly at the front (they had been out in the summer and done a minor adjustment). They said the saddle has dropped at the front as my horse has lost a bit of weight, understandable at this time of year and a bit of...
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    Jeffries ir bridle

    I am thinking about treating ny boy to the jeffries ir bridle. Anyone know any places online that sell it at a competitive price? I have found them on ebay for £190. Guessing that is probably going to be the cheapest
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    Brogini boots

    Are these boots true to size? I have found some that are half a size bigger than what I would normally take and wonder if they would be too big
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    matchy matchy for a black/very dark bay

    I am looking for a matchy matchy set for my very nearly black welsh sec d. But I cant decide on which colour. I don't want anything too bright I.e. neon colours but also dont want anything dull. I was thinking either teal/turquoise colour, orange, red, yellow so a few to choose from. If you...
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    WEG on TV

    Last night and tonight I have put horse and country tv on at 9pm for the programme called WEG Daily review. Both times it has just been the opening ceremony. Where can I watch the highlights from the dressage?
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    livery in tiverton

    I am possibly moving to tiverton and wondered if anyone knew of any diy livery in the area. Dont really want to be too far out of Tiverton. Thanks in advance
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    hunter trial fit

    I have a 9 year old section d who I want to conpete in a hunter trial in 4 weeks time, its a 2ft3 class and he is capable of 3ft3+. He is not currently unfit but I wouldn't say he is fit enough. He hasnt been out of work for over 18months, during the winter he was worked 6/7 days per week...
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    competition feed

    I am after some advice on what to feed my horse. He is a 9 year old section d who currently is only fed chaff, nuts and sugar beet. This is mainly just to give him something when all the other horses in the barn are also being fed. Now I want something to give him a bit more energy, his work...
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    equine dentists in devon

    Has any one got any recommendations foe a dentist in the Exeter area? What about Claire johnson? Thanks in advance
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    how to strengthen the canter

    I was wondering if there were any exercises or any particular activities I coukd do with my horse to improve his canter. His canter on the left rein is good and balanced, the right rein however isnt so great, he holds himself in an outline but it is not as balanced. He is able to do flying...
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    feeding turmeric

    I want to start feeding my horse turmeric but am unsure how much to feed and how much to pepper and coconut oil to feed with it. any help would be appreciated. :)