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    Changes to the US Horse protection Act. A step forwards or not far enough?
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    Would anyone want her?

    Hi, I have come into ownership of an older mare. I was never in a position to keep her long term. My question is are there homes out there for older horses who are really only able to hack gently? If not then will do the right thing by her.
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    Lord Belmonte (IRE) Tracing /information wanted on history

    As above really. A friend owns Lord Belmonte and was looking for any pictures or videos of him racing or in his youth. He is happy, healthy and in a home for life.
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    HHO Good vibes please

    For my doggy Rocky. He went to the vets today as he was panting a lot and it turns out he has a tumour. They have removed it now but he is still being operated on and they have also found a smaller tumour on his liver which cannot be removed. Please send some of your HHO good vibes his...
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    Weirdest horse you've ever come across

    We've had the thread about the strange names ... now let's hear about you strange horses!! I once knew a TB mare that would lick and suck mice to death! The mice would jump into her manger to look for crumbs of food and she would lick them into the corners and kill them. Occasionally you...
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    Worst present ever?

    Following on from the thread about the persons brother that got her a hack at local riding school ..... what is the worst present you have ever received and what would you rather of had?
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    Where to find horse on short term loan

    I've got a new job and more money! Money I'd like to spend loaning a horse.:) However I am only looking for a short term loan initially. ( 6 months) I have yard and livery all arranged and have done all costings ( ten times over just to be sure I included everything! ) What are the...
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    Devils claw for dogs - any good?

    As title really. 11 year old mongrel with really bad hip displaysia (sp). Had him from dogs trust 6 years ago and lately he has been uncomfortable and stiff on his legs. Vets confirmed that it is arthritis and gave him two week course of anti inflammatory and pain killers and he really...
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    Where have all the ponies gone?

    My friends and I are looking for pony on loan but are finding it incredibly difficult to find one! We want something for 3 novice children to learn on. We are all experienced horse owners and have our own stables and land. So far we have been offered two youngsters and one pony that...
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    Is there a cure?

    As title says ..... Is there a cure for this horse bug? The need to smell horses, to be covered with their hair/ muck / food etc. Is there anything that will stop me thinking about riding all day at work? Or am I a hopeless case? :D
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    Grassland management - advice needed

    We are about to move our two older horses to a new yard. The yard has eight acres of good grass with it which has not been grazed for two years and is currently about 1.5 feet long. Both horses are good do'ers - one aged 20 the other 18. Neither horse has history of laminitus (sp? ) My...
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    Holes in frogs/ heels

    Hi I share a 16.1 hh ID x 17 years old. We have only had her 4 weeks and had her shod about a week ago. Small holes have appeared in the frog towards the bulbs of heels. They are not sore or smelly. No sign of thrush and no lameness or sensitivity there. Her feet were not in the...
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    Aged cob with no brakes - advice please!

    Hi all, I have a 20 year old cob who I have owned for 6 months. He had previously hunted, but had been used mainly for hacking before I bought him. The problem I have is that I cannot find the brakes on him anywhere! It's not that he won't stop at all, just that he is so strong - not in...