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    Just how smart are they.

    I have a chihuahua bitch, almost 2 years old. She is like the many other varieties of dogs I've owned over the years, anticipates me going out, a walk is on the cards, a visitor about to arrive etc etc, I've always believed they know far more than we think. But I have a situation that...
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    RSPCA prosecution

    Does anyone know anything about the Peel v RSPCA case in Lancashire. 30 odd horses seized and 7 dead in 2013. Has this case been to court yet, anyone know the outcome.?
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    The secret horse

    Tonight (weds 21st) BBC 4 at 9pm. The search for the pure Appaloosa. Might be interesting.
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    Need a slimline food as an extra to regular meals. Any ideas ?

    After the diagnosis of meningitis and starting the steroid treatment, followed by a week of dreadful diahrreah, we now seem to have settled down and bum business had resumed to normal, thank god. The problem is an appetite like a maniac. All she thinks about is food, constantly hungry. Vet...
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    Prednisolone - diarreah - pro kolin

    After much misdiagnosis over the last 6 months my little chi has just been confirmed as having meningitis. It was a shock, very worrying but also a relief to know what the problem was and at last begin treatment. She is usually raw fed and has always had perfectly solid poo's, at the moment...
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    Bad reaction to loxicom

    Sorry, bit long but wanted to give all details. My little dog was spayed on Friday. Came home with loxicom oral pain relief once a day to start on Saturday morning. She was very wobbly fri night (obviously) but quite chipper on Saturday, wanted to see off the pigeons as usual. Ate well...
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    Puppy farming on the tonight programme

    Tonight (Thursday) ITV 7.30
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    Clone your dog !!!!!

    Whatever next. Clone your dog for £60,000. Channel 4 tonight 10pm. I suppose some rich idiots will be stupid enough to do it.
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    Anyone hear radio 4 programme re food industry

    Caught it by chance today at 5pm. Very interesting and very worrying facts revealed about various awful practices that go on. One interesting point though was the fact that the slaughter of horses in the uk has dropped by 50% since the horse meat scandel. The conclusion drawn by the programme...
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    TV Advert

    Has anyone seen the ad on tv, (can't actually remember what they're advertising) The dialogue goes along the lines of "do you know you can buy wigs for dogs, from vending machines in (I think) Tokyo." The expression on that dogs face as he looks back at the camera is priceless. Absolutely...
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    Experienced chihuahua folk please

    Can anyone with in depth experience of chihuahuas, particularly showing, give me any pointers regarding green eyes. Ive googled a bit but not getting anything solid. Ive heard they're rare and sought after. I've also heard they are not looked on favourably by judges. I know very little about the...
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    Lethal horse fly bite

    Anyone else heard about a strapping adult man who has died 15 minutes after being bitten by a horse fly. Just heard it briefly on tv but didn't catch any more info than that. Always vile things but are they now dangerous as well as annoying?
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    20 degrees and wearing turnout rugs.

    Just driven past my neighbours horses rugged up in 20 degree full sun heat. It was drizzling first thing, but T shirt temperature even then. I have to wonder what the owner is wearing right now. Bl***y idiot.
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    Don't say they actually did it !

    I see janetgeorge's thread has gone. Are you still here Janet, or have they gone and banned you.
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    What happened to the Sally Etchells thread then.?

    Been to busy to look in all day. So what happened to get it pulled.?
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    Pedigree pups not KC registere

    I am looking into getting a pup having been dogless for a couple of years. In the past I've had hounds, breeding and showing whippets and working with whippet and Italian greyhound rescue. My daughter still has whippets, but I was thinking of having a change, maybe chihuahua or toy poodle...
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    Chihuahua people

    I am looking into getting a new dog. Have not had one for a year since my last oldie passed on. I have always had whippets and have had much pleasure breeding and showing them over 30 odd years, and they are still very much part of the family as my daughter and her hubby have four. I am...
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    The horse hoarder

    Programme on channel 4 tonight 8.30. An award winning horse breeder now squatting in a derelict farmhouse with 52 unhandled horses !!!!!! This documentary apparently follows his story so I'm presuming it's not current and the situation is now resolved. Will probably make for some...
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    H&H clock

    Has the Horse and Hound clock not been put back. It seems were posting in the future.
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    Ring tones / wallpapers

    Just been mooching through H&H generally and found the ring tone / wallpaper section. A notice plateful may 2010 says these are temporarily unavailable but the problem is being worked on. Does anyone know if the availability was ever restored and if so where to find them. Always fancied...
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    iPhone users......can anyone help a numpty

    Anyone who uses the forum on an iPhone? Am really struggling here. Would you be kind enough to have a look at my plea on feedback, suggestions and queries. Any help would be so appreciated, I'm going nuts with these emails.
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    Un shod brood mares, diet advice please

    I am calling them unshod as they are not ridden so I'm guessing barefoot is the wrong term. I have followed the bare foot threads with much interest and some amusement. I am interested in opinions from the likes of Oberon and cptrayes as they appear to be very knowledgable in this subject. I...
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    SSS users

    Would you be so kind as to look at my question in stable yard and advise please. Would like to apply SSS before I turn them out later, and would appreciate your input. Many thanks.
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    Skin so soft quickie question

    All you regular SSS users. I have just got the dry oil fresh spray as you all recommend it so highly. Could you tell me how generous I need to be with it. Is it a light spray all over. Maybe to get an idea, how many applications would be in the bottle for a 16hh horse. Also how often does it...
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    Someone on here recommended accuweather to access hour by hour weather forecast for your area. I would like to say thanks for the tip. I have been using it for a couple of weeks on my iphone and it's very good, especially with young foals needing to go out but definitely not needing to be cold...
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    Ok, I'm new to posting on this forum but have been reading it for a long time. Other forums that I participate in don't have the 'troll' tag and I'm struggling to identify what makes a poster a troll. ( I may possibly be being thick here) Just when I think I've worked out why someone is being...