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  1. FabioandFreddy

    Duct tape on plastic Jump poles?

    I have some red and white jump poles from Poly Jumps that have severely faded in the sun. Would it work to use coloured duct tape on these to smarten them up?
  2. FabioandFreddy

    Wychanger Barton saddles

    Does anyone know if there's any way to get info on these saddles? I've seen one that may suit for my boy, it has a serial number on it. I have called the shop and the lad i spoke to said they wouldn't have any info on them anymore. Just wondered if there was any other way i could find this/contact?
  3. FabioandFreddy

    Arcequine - using on yourself!

    Started using this on myself to try and alleviate some back pain as obviously can't go to the chiropractor with the lockdown. Been putting on side of calf - is this right? Does it matter where you wear it? Could I put it on my arm too?
  4. FabioandFreddy

    Pets Instagram

    As i've recently had to retire my horse, i clearly have far too much time on my hands!! I've made our dachshund and springer pups an instagram account! Any of you have pet instagram accounts? This is ours if anyone would like to follow their antics x
  5. FabioandFreddy

    Anky climatrol boots sizing

    Hi, Can't find a size guide for these online - can anyone tell me how they come up size wise? It would be for a 16.1 TB with skinny minny legs
  6. FabioandFreddy

    Best stable matting - recommendations (NOT EVA!)

    Hi, After recommendations for stable matting. We previously had the EVA mats - they were awful. Hubby must have had to re-cut them at least 6 times as they expand so bad in the heat and end up bowing!! So don't want them again. Don't mind if a bit heavier as 2 of us to maneuver about. TIA
  7. FabioandFreddy

    stable/yard lighting

    Hi, Can anyone recommend good stable lighting? Will also need lighting for the overhang too. Will have electric so no need to go down the solar route. TIA
  8. FabioandFreddy

    Riding instructors in South Lincs that will travel?

    Can anyone recommend a good instructor that will travel? I'm near Sleaford and unfortunately my RI who i've had for the last few years is giving up teaching. I'd rather have someone who can come out to me as i rely on hubby as lorry driver and he's not normally able to take me during the week...
  9. FabioandFreddy

    Farmers field margins - hunt route

    Hi, I know a lot of the farmers field margins near us are the set aside they get subsidies for. However, the field directly behind us the local hunt often use - would this mean it's likely not subsidised? I'd like to ask for permission to use it but just gauging my chances first!!
  10. FabioandFreddy

    Cost of new stable block - and recommendations

    Our current stable block is on its last legs! The people who had the house before us were masters at bodging things - if there was a shortcut, they took it! So the house has been done room by room, now the stables turn as they won't last another winter :( Basically they didn't lay the concrete...
  11. FabioandFreddy

    Public liability insurance - recommendations?

    Hi all, hope you've all had a lovely xmas?! Cancelling our horse insurance as the premiums have got ridiculous and think the money is better just saved in a horse account for if/when/hopefully never! (have funds to pay for anything if necessary so not in dire straits if the worst comes to the...
  12. FabioandFreddy

    Aubiose - cheapest place for delivery?

    Does anyone know the cheapest place that sells Aubiose bedding and will deliver? (obviously will expect a delivery charge) Have switched to this from shavings and its brilliant! Unfortunately had to order in from our local tack shop though and they haven't been great at getting more in for us.
  13. FabioandFreddy

    stable turf/liquid rubber flooring

    Hi, Has anyone had this on their yard? Anyone know a rough cost per stable? Typically none of the sites give you any indication of cost and make you fill out a quote sheet - not quite at the stage of wanting hassling by them just yet, just want rough idea!
  14. FabioandFreddy

    stable turf/liquid rubber flooring

    Hi, Has anyone had this on their yard? Anyone know a rough cost per stable? Typically none of the sites give you any indication of cost and make you fill out a quote sheet - not quite at the stage of wanting hassling by them just yet, just want rough idea!
  15. FabioandFreddy

    Horse 'testing' you after 1 bad day? Feeling down :(

    Hi all, I'm not really sure the exact purpose of posting other than perhaps someone can give me some advice or give me a kick up the behind!! I've had my new boy since the end of January (lost my horse i'd had for 8 years shortly before). He's done a lot of eventing before, up until the end...
  16. FabioandFreddy

    Olympic XC replay?

    Anywhere you can still watch?? Sky red button didn't record!! Grrrr.
  17. FabioandFreddy

    brown hat recommendations that conform to new regs!

    I ride in brown jacket, hat etc but my current hat only has the EN safety approval so i can only use until the end of this year! Can anyone recommend any nice ones that meed the updated regs? I seen a nice Harry's Horse one - croc and crystal! But typically that too only has the EN safety...
  18. FabioandFreddy

    Brick build stable contractors?

    Currently about to start the process of getting quotes for putting a new stable block in next spring. Our current ones are very delapidated and not really salvageable! Other than local builders, are there any specific companies that do block/brick built? The only one i can find online is Morleys...
  19. FabioandFreddy

    Gloves recommendations

    Looking for glove recommendations for everyday use. Not Roekls though - last max 6-8 weeks for me!! I'm not a heavy handed rider but a few times a week ride my husbands 17.2 ISH who can be strong, resulting in sore and occasionally callused ring fingers. Best gloves I had were the original...
  20. FabioandFreddy

    horsebox floor repair - lincolnshire, recommendations?

    Can anyone recommend somewhere for this please? Need the floor replacing. A guy from work was supposed to be coming to do it for us (work at an accident repair place) but keeps moving the date to start! So will have to take it in somewhere and get sorted as its wasting our summer of taking the...
  21. FabioandFreddy

    First show with new horse - nerves

    So, have first dressage outing planned in with new neddie - had him since the end of January. It will be our first time out anywhere. He's really experienced (evented to fairly high level) and is fairly chilled in temperament anyway - but the nerves have been kicking in nonetheless! I know he's...
  22. FabioandFreddy

    Fittening - hill work, only 1 hill!

    I live in Lincolnshire - which does not have an abundance of hills! However, we do have one hill which is literally a few minutes up the road that is on one of my main hack routes. Just checked on google maps and its about 0.7 mile from top to bottom with a steady incline. Fairly decent wide...
  23. FabioandFreddy

    New Albion K2 jump saddle versus old style?

    Hi, Can anyone tell me the differences? I have the old style which unfortunately doesn't fit my new horse (its a few years old but immaculate condition so a bit gutted as now buying the same saddle but to templated to fit new horse! If anyone needs a brown medium in super condition feel free...
  24. FabioandFreddy

    Monoflaps - should they take a bit of getting used to?

    I've recently got a new horse after losing my boy at the start of the year. Had saddler out for a jump saddle last week and have got a monoflap for him. I rode him in one when i viewed him and did like it but now i've got one i'm a bit unsure on it! Do they take a bit of getting used to? I have...
  25. FabioandFreddy

    Confidence with new horse

    Is it normal to have a confidence crisis with a new neddy despite them doing nothing wrong? I had to retire my horse the end of last year and unfortunately he took a turn for the worse and had to have pts at the start of this year. I had been looking for a while for another ridden horse...
  26. FabioandFreddy

    Devoucoux saddle fitting - 2ndhand

    Hi, I've got an appointment for one of the devoucoux reps to come out to me next week. Looking for 2ndhand jump saddle for new ponio - i tried him in one of these on both viewings and really liked it, he's the typical sort that they fit. Just wondering really how it will work - will fitter...
  27. FabioandFreddy

    monoflap jump saddle for all disciplines?

    I'm currently on the look out for a new horse after having to retire Fabio at the end of last year. I tried a horse at the weekend in his owners lovely monoflap devoucoux jump saddle (serious saddle envy! :)) and actually felt fine schooling in it, as well as jumping. I currently have...
  28. FabioandFreddy

    Long shot - shared grazing helpringham/Scredington or near

    I have had to retire Fabio 2 weeks ago as his shivers have made it unsafe to continue riding him. Now he's not in work he's not moving about as much as I want him to and if our lands too wet/boggy they have to stay in the turnout pen. It's 20x20 but not ideal for a horse that should be moving...
  29. FabioandFreddy

    New horse into existing herd of 3

    Due to having to semi retire my horse we will soon be looking for another for me. We currently have my gelding, my husbands gelding and an old shetland mare. Ordinarily i prefer geldings but not ruling out a mare if a nice one came along that i liked. But worried about what would be best for the...
  30. FabioandFreddy

    wind op - how much would this affect price?

    Just after advice on how much this would affect resale value? Have seen an ex racer may be interested in but on google searching have found out he's had a wind op (not on ad but also not had full conversation/asked seller if any previous medical issues - just asked for vids from them, so they...