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    DIY liveries, compatibility non negotiables.

    Think the poo picking is a little harsh. I poo pick every day in the summer but in the winter I work long hours and only have the opportunity to poo pick once a week.
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    Anyone selling a stop watch?

    Try ebay. I got mine from there for less than half the price.
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    Are my hats ok to use in competitions?

    Do they only have bsen1384? I thought the hs1 was ok but of they only have the bsen they are not ok for competitions.
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    Lame on a circle but sound in a straight line- ideas?

    My horse is the same. Sound in straight line, sound on a left circle, lame on the right. He has hole in his straight sesamoid ligament and is currently two months in to six months field rest.
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    Vibes please

    It's not a huge hole but it's in a very slow healing ligament. He is on four weeks box rest while he has shockwaves and will then be turned out. Luckily this is what my vet has recommended.
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    Vibes please

    Mine has been diagnosed with a hole in a ligament today and doesn't do controlled exercise. So I have opted to turn away for six months. Maybe discuss your options with your vet.
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    My horse has been diagnosed with a hole in the straight sesamoid ligament. Vet has given me two options, controlled exercise or turn out for six months. I have decided to turn him away for six months. He is very fit at the moment, was ready to one day event, and a bit of a stressy, spooky...
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    Mitsubishi Motors Cup RF Qualification

    Do the 90 open classes qualify?
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    Best watch/ timer

    I am also wanting this. But I think the optimum one that's around £50 is the best one.
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    Plaiting for affiliated dressage (prelim)

    Oh I am also very proud of my Welsh cob being a Welshie. But I also believe the dressage arena is where you show off schooling and breed is kind of irrelevant to this to a point. Where as showing is obviously to show off the breed. I generally only do dressage as part of eventing and very...
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    Plaiting for affiliated dressage (prelim)

    Yes he does have his feathers. I know it's traditional not to plait natives but think the fact you plait for dressage is more traditional than the fact he is native. If that makes sense. I also think it looks smarter. :)
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    Feed sharp competition pony that's not a good doer

    Top spec performance cubes work for my horse. He can be fizzy and these work for him.
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    Plaiting for affiliated dressage (prelim)

    I have a Welsh cob and do plait for dressage.
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    Stud holes

    I don't put anything in either. And then put these in the night before. They are fab and make putting the studs in on the day really really easy. Xx
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    BE eventing plan

    Was debating whether to attempt the 90 at howick but possibly wont get a cross country run before it.
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    BE eventing plan

    Yeah i saw pontispool had an unaffliated. I wasn't planning on doing any unaffiliated odes this year to try and keep the costs down slightly! Again pontispool is pretty local to me so have schooled over a lot of their fences and competed unaffliated there last year.
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    BE eventing plan

    Thank you. What makes an event decide to ballot or wait list? The amount of entries?
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    BE eventing plan

    Ok thanks, that wasnt one of my plans but if Bovington is better will also do that. Was also aiming for port eliot.. Bicton is very local to me and have schooled over the majority of the fences that are in the 90 was hoping to get to the 90 hunter trial there in march but that depends how long...
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    BE eventing plan

    Right after spending the winter planning the start to my first BE season the plans now need to change! I have had to withdraw from my first event at Moreton due to a virus on the yard which has meant we have had to go into lockdown. Potentially would have been ok for Moreton but not being able...
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    Be80 balloting/waitlist

    I also have affiliated and will be starting the season with an 80 or 2 before moving up to 90. Which events were you looking at? You can find out if they balloted last year. I am new to BE, what is the difference between balloting and waitlisting? It says none were balloted at Moreton but...
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    Badminton Grassroots Qualification Question....

    Yeah you can. This is something i am aiming to try this year!
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    I was told by a well known instructor that no matter what height why would you not stud, the horse needs to have confidence in the ground and their feet to be able to take off, one slight slip can make them lose that confidence. Why would you want to risk that.
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    My finished personalised ornament of my pony :-)

    Did you get the small size or the large one?
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    49/51 % control horse/human??

    I was once told in a lesson with a very experienced eventer, that a horse and rider are a partnership as soon as one 'tells' the other what to do then its a dictatorship which is when problems can occur due to horse waiting to be told rather than doing their job i.e jumping a fence. I therefore...
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    interval training

    Thank you. Sorry should have said i did four canter reps. But will cut walk to a min and go from there. Thanks
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    towing on a budget!

    Correct me if i am wrong but i thought the car needed to be able to tow the MAM of the trailer regardless of what you actually put in it. So ROGs example of the vehicle towing capacity being 1800 and the trailers MAM being 2500 would be illegal, or am i wrong?
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    interval training

    The only reason i have started doing some now is because he is difficult to get fit and really struggles in wet ground, which i am assuming (as we are in Britain!) It will be. Our first event will be 5th march so very early in the season. At the moment i am using it more to assess where he is...
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    interval training

    I have begun some interval training with my horse for over the winter ready to start the eventing season at the beginning of March. I have competed in one day events during this season so he is relatively fit. i am looking to move up to 90 level next year so want him to be a little bit fitter...
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    Online dressage

    I use e dressage and am a member. Roseanna the owner is fab and very helpful. Being a member when i recieve my test sheet back i also get video feed back from the judge.
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    confusing lameness

    Am sorry to hear about your horses. My horse came sound and has been sound since. Is in hard work again, having regular physio and everything is ok with him at the moment. Was possibly two unrelated incidents, buy guess i may never know. I am keeping an eye on his hinds to see that he stays...