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    Blair comes clean

    My apologies if this has been posted elsewhere; ...............Carreg
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    Hunt kennels attacked...!!!!!!

    CROSS POSTED FROM ANOTHER HUNTING SITE Have just been told that the VWH, Beaufort and Cotswold kennels were targeted by the antis last night, they also vandalised the new Hunting Office and a neigbouring livery yard Tyres were slashed on staffs cars and lorry tyres also slashed also paint...
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    A.R terrorists provide sport for shooters
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    Cameron on hunting
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    Antis.... few less for next season
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    Dogs or guns

    When it comes to the hare, the figures are grotesque, a slaughter on an unparalleled scale. In the last year of hare coursing - and coursers keep precise statistics because greyhounds are matched in knock-out competition - 180 hares were killed in 1,462 courses on 71 days on 10 purely coursing...
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    Poll result

    As you may or may not know radio 4 ran a poll to see what law people would like to see repealed, the result of the poll was; The Hunting Act with 52.8% Dangerous Dogs Act: 1.6% Serious Organised Crime and Police Act : 6.2% Human Rights Act: 6.1% European Communities Act : 29.7%...
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    Turning tide
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    PETA...interesting facts
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    ALF....... Murders,,2-2366233,00.html And they call us cruel, I wonder how long fish take to starve to death................Carreg
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    More AR terrorism
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    ANTI caves

    A local anti has just asked me to go and kill foxes on his land with my terriers and lurchers, he's at his wits end, he's done the eletric fencing, the marksman with rifle and the live catch trap all to no avail, he popped out for 45 mins and came back to 20 odd chickens killed in broad daylight...
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    Starvation or Hunted....least cruel method

    Following on from my post about how the LACS allow deer at their "sanctuary" to die of starvation, what method would you think is the least cruel, sitting back and doing nothing while animals around you take weeks if not months to die, or a swift few hours around the countryside in front of...
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    CRUELTY....The LACS way

    "On the LACS sanctuary 107 animals died in the year up to April 2002, many from starvation"....I wonder how long it would take a deer to die of starvation, I'd wager its a fair few WEEKS longer than it takes to hunt one............Carreg
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    Round 2 ..............Carreg
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    A gang of masked animal rights activists has attacked a group of anglers, prompting fears that extremists are determined to widen the scope of their campaign of intimidation. The 35 masked extremists had earlier disrupted a grouse shoot before being moved on by police. A handful of people...
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    Article 49 of the E.U treaty

    Try a bit of reverse logic on this. Austrian Ban Austria was the first European Union country to ban wild animals in circuses. Now Charlie McCreevy, EU Commissioner, is trying to overturn it by arguing that a circus provides a service, and if someone provides a service legally in their home...
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    Antis jailed