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    What type of girth do you prefer.

    I normally go for a leather girth with elastic both ends. However I recently used a different saddle fitter ( who highly recommends the prolite girth) but really doesn't like elasticated girths. Just looking for your views on this. Thanks
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    Sheep watch conference

    I follow the sheep watch on fb. There is a conference coming up and representatives from a wide spectrum are expected to attend. It mentions farmers, vets, walkers snd of course people from the world of dogs, as the issue is the behaviour of dogs and their owners around livestock. I have...
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    Safe housing for rabbits

    I would love to get another rabbit, or possibly two. However have moved house since I had rabbits before and we are now very rural with more potential predators. I would prefer to have them outside for most of the year but am wondering how to keep them safe. If I can't keep them safe then I wont...
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    Helshaw Grange, Market Drayton

    Has anyone used the gallops or hacking tracks? If so what are they like. Thanks
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    Recommedations for fly rug please.

    As title!
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    Rangemore Estate

    Does anyone have a permit to ride here and if so is it a nice place to ride.
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    where did you buy your lorry?

    Have been looking for 7.5 ton with living with a budget of £50, 000 but haven't been able to find anything. Have decided to leave it for now and look again in a couple of months. Any suggestions for dealers/manufacturers. Any privately advertised ones were already sold and the manufacturers were...
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    Welsh D, showing and bitting

    I have a lovely Welsh d and am thinking of doing some novice showing but am not comfortable with double reins and I may not hold him in a snaffle when cantering in a group. He came to me in a dutch gag and I stick to this for hacking. When I hack alone I use the snaffle ring but he can be a...
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    recommendations for summer turnout rug

    As title! Looking for one with removable hoody. So far have only been able to find one which is the amigo. Any contributions welcome please.
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    Not going forward into a contact

    Got new horse about 6 mnths ago. He is a lovely boy but can be very lazy in the school and I find it difficult to get him to take a steady contact. (He backs off and drops contact) I've tried transitions and schooling movements but am still finding him difficult. I already use a schooling...
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    BHS Acces Officer attacked by dog.

    A BHS Access Officer has been attacked by a Dog in Blackpool and has suffered six broken ribs and a punctured lung. There is also the case of the two police officers and police horses attacked in Essex last week. This is awful!! The BHS sre collecting statistics on dog attacks but when are they...
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    horse attacked by dog in bournemouth

    Has anyone read the recent newspaper article about the horse, Monty, being attacked by a dog whilst out hacking. I am thinking of getting another horse after a 6 month break but articles like this really terrify me. There have been a number of attacks recently and in each case the owner of the...
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    Dog attacks

    Has anyone had any problems with dogs attacking horses recently. Yhe BHS don't seem to be doing alot.