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    Pasture/yard rent increases.

    My landlord is trying to increase my yearly rent by 50% this year. Apparently, rents have doubled over the last few years and I need to 'catch up'. Has anyone else seen hefty increases over the last few years? What is yearly rent per acre of grass these days? I fear neither me or my...
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    Guildford, Security talk and tack marking.

    Due to recent thefts from local yards, The Worplesdon and District Bridleway Association (WDBA) are hosting a session with Surrey Police, SAFE and Immobilise to help everyone with security issues. If you would like to find out about; Tack marking, Buildings security Fencing...
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    Guildford, tack marking and security advice.

    Due to recent breakins around the area, Worplesdon and District Bridleway Association (WDBA) are organising a session with the help of Surrey Police, SAFE, Immobilise and Southern Hills Vets to help the community with horse crime. If you need help with ; Buildings Security...
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    bitless dressage event

    i'm a member of a riding club. I have bitted and bitless horses and about to stick my neck on the line.. Who would like to enter a dressage class that allows bitless bridles? Has anyone got any advice on how you run a dressage event without BD rules applying?
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    Cheap show jumps,

    Bought 5 sets of stands with cups from a bloke called Nick, off Ebay. Very reasonable, great product and fast delivery. Got the poles from a local company. The whole lot for under £200.
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    boa/mac measuring.

    i measured the boy for a set of boots yesterday. He's a 20 y/o TBX who has feet as hardy as 99p flip flops... I'm looking at the sizes of Boa boots for his fronts. Now, his hoof wall is 5in wide and 5in boot for that measurement!! he's a typical no heal type of guy. However, if...
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    land rent surrey

    I have found 15acres of pasture to rent in Surrey. It has some old stables that need work, ditches that need clearing and a very bad barbed wire fence and has only footpath access. It has no electric but there is a well for water. I have been told it would only be let for personal use (I have...
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    spotty lips, bleeding, HELP?

    I have a 6y/o piebadl lw cob, which i bought in May with 5 star vetting, he's a super boy. Last month I noticed a patch on his face that he had been rubbing, first thought was ringworm but wasnt positive as the patch was rectangular and just on his cheek bone, about an inch long, 1/2 inch...