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    crows-doing my head in!

    We get loads of magpies in the trap but only the odd crow, never had a raven or jackdaw. They are dreadful, raiding the birds nests. Poor blackbirds are so brave trying to see them off but with so many they don't stand a chance. We also use soaked dog kibble, much cleaner and easier, I don't...
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    Andrew Nicholson wins Badminton............

    Over the moon for him, almost as pleased as I was for Skelly. Its a bit of a lump in the throat moment for me, seeing these guys finally achieving the one thing that had eluded them for so long, especially as both of them had come back after terrible injuries that had been predicted to end...
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    Update - horse with blood in urine

    What I find really odd is the claimed vet attitude and advice. I know I can be a tad cynical at times, but I have never heard of a vet not wanting to attend for a few days when owner concerned, or being half hearted about testing for anything. They are a business, why turn custom down. I...
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    Red Marauder Sleep well brave horse

    I agree, the conditions wiped out the opposition. He was as hard as nails, just like most of Gunner B stock, which I have been lucky enough to own a couple of. Tremendous stamina and courage. Sleep tight Red.
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    Even more livery yards moving towards banning winter turnout?

    Agree with every word. I have stables standing empty and land that now has sheep on. The only equines i'll have here now are my own.
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    Tying a horse to a solid object

    To be honest, using baler twine of years ago made sense. These days its nylon and very tough, the very thick stuff from big bales is pretty much unbreakable. I always split it 3 or 4 times and then it will break under pressure, but I often see horses tied to a loop of full strength twine...
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    One sex only yards?

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    The Peel case horses - the lost ones

    No, its Rachelle. AKA spirit13
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    affordable wellies for winter - recommendations please

    A few years ago I made the decision to stop buying high priced wellies that failed to deliver on their promises. I moved to Dunlop bog standard farmers wellies, thinking that if they only did one year they were still cheaper. In winter, if I have anything on my feet at all, its wellies. (Sad I...
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    The Peel case horses - the lost ones

    Moving the spotlight was the objective of the poster joining this forum under the name of bare hoof, who is clearly the same poster known as spirit13 (recently joined then removed from AL.) Both of which, in my opinion, are Rachelle Peel, or at the very least, someone posting for her and under...
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    The Peel case horses - the lost ones

    Or the other alias, spirit13 perhaps
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    The Peel case horses - the lost ones

    Rachelle is an intelligent woman, she is a skilled writer of fiction, as historical posts on AL show. She seems to be doing an excellent job here, mascarading as a lesser educated poster with poor spelling and grammar. Nice try Rachelle.
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    Overnight charge for keeping little dogs at my home

    Short of the low life in the back streets of towns and cities, no one intends the dog in their care to bite anyone, yet, it happens on a regular basis according to the news, which only reports the serious attacks, and frighteningly they are all to many. It doesn't need to be a pit bull, a nip...
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    Overnight charge for keeping little dogs at my home

    Bonkers, I'm not surprised you struggle to earn enough to be liable for tax, I'm only surprised you have any customers at all. Gardening is one thing, but I can't understand why anyone would leave their pet in the care of a **** and tintacks set up with no insurance and an obvious dislike of the...
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    No, you do not 'love' your horse if...

    Absolutely, completely, 100% agree
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    If you could get rid of one Olympic sport, which would it be?

    I'd hate to see the traditional dressage attire changed. It fits perfectly with the grace and harmony of the sport. I really think the helmets spoil the overall appearance, a bit like riding side saddle in jods. I do however, completely understand the safety aspect. I wonder if some one could...
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    Cooking linseed in a slow cooker

    As above, why cook it these days when you can get micronised. Any price difference will soon even out with today's energy prices, even without considering the faff and mess of cooking it yourself. This conversation made me smile and grimace at the same time, remembering the snotty horrid job...
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    Why I'm giving up - a YM's perspective

    Been there, done that, never again. Our yard houses nothing but my own horses anymore. This means several lovely boxes standing empty, grazing acres cut for hay and sheep pasture. I will never have liveries again. A tiny fraction of people actually appreciate the use of someone else's...
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    Pygmy goats are even more trouble than regular sized goats. I have know idea how they manage some of the mischief they get into. They are the masters of escape.
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    Overlapping insurance.

    Then surely that is not life insurance, but some other type of cover. Or maybe an option offered at time of taking out the policy ?
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    Overlapping insurance.

    I'm guessing the difference is that car/horse/ house/contents are insured for the unexpected whereas life insurance is for the guaranteed (we all die eventually) so one is for if, the other is for when. Life insurers know they will pay out one day and calculate premiums on that basis. Others are...
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    When would you expect to pay for a horse.

    This is how we do it. Horse is still available for sale until deposit paid subject to vetting. Once vetted I expect customer to either pay balance or walk away (deposit returned if vetting problem, retained if simply a change of mind) Once balance paid, horse is kept free of charge for 24...
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    Full livery. Are they cheaper in summer?

    Unlikely. The charges will probably be worked out on a pro rata basis. Otherwise they will be flooded with livery customers at certain times of year who then move on when prices change. If they are a good yard the workload won't change a great deal anyway. More Poo will be picked from...
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    what's one more pony?

    They get jealous that's the problem. The more equines you have to care for the less time you have for pandering to their needs😏. Its only on loan for the summer isn't it? Just get it and tell him to lump it. 😆
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    Mixing Raw With Kibble

    I've always thought the theory that kibble takes longer to digest than raw made no sense at all. The kibble has had the job half done regarding breakdown, by the processing and cooking. Similarly the theory that a horse is colder in a no fill sheet than nothing at all because its hair can't...
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    people ‘helping’ with loading

    And when they've wound the horse up with their whips, lines, bags and shouting, they melt back into the barren desert, leaving you with a quivering wreck and no chance of persuading it on board. Half wits with huge egos and no equine understanding.
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    RSPCA shoots 11 HEALTHY horses but claimed keep fees for months

    Madlady, if you or anyone else wish to offer help and support to those who are not prepared to let this horrific situation drop, you can do so by going on to Arabian Lines. The thread is titled 'anyone have a date' on page 16 is a post from Edgevale asking if anyone wishes to help then contact...
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    RSPCA shoots 11 HEALTHY horses but claimed keep fees for months

    It wouldn't be the first time an animal in RSPCA care gets into worse condition than when they were seized.
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    RSPCA shoots 11 HEALTHY horses but claimed keep fees for months

    The RSPCA is the only animal welfare organisation that I can find that after rehoming a horse, they keep control for a mere 6 months. After that the new owner can do whatever they like with it. All other rescue groups retain ownership for life, the horse can never be sold or passed on...