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  1. maxapple

    Riding centres (for hacking) near surrey / Berkshire

    wow thank you - that is exciting! Def off to look this one up!
  2. maxapple

    Riding centres (for hacking) near surrey / Berkshire

    I want to get back into riding again (my horse lives at a retirement livery). Did have a flexible part loan for a while but i can’t commit properly as my partner works shifts some weekends so don’t want a regular day thing at the moment. can anyone recommend riding centres that do small group...
  3. maxapple

    Facebook equestrian pages for south west London?

    Have moved to this area a while ago and want to get back into riding / perhaps loaning. Does anyone know of Facebook pages (around Wimbledon / Richmond/ Hampton etc) Thanks
  4. maxapple

    Riding stables in SW London

    Thanks - will have a look at them both ����
  5. maxapple

    Riding stables in SW London

    Can anyone recommend a good riding school in SW London (I live near Wimbledon so in cycling / bus ride radius) Moved this way in Nov from the other side of London so don't know any places at all. Would like somewhere that does hacking as well as lessons. Thanks
  6. maxapple

    Hi. Thanks for the offer to chat. I'm going to see my dad tomorrow (he lives in Yorkshire and I...

    Hi. Thanks for the offer to chat. I'm going to see my dad tomorrow (he lives in Yorkshire and I live in london) and trying to stay positive while he is feeling well.
  7. maxapple

    Hi. Thank you for your post on my thread about my dad. I'm sorry to hear about your dad too...

    Hi. Thank you for your post on my thread about my dad. I'm sorry to hear about your dad too. Unfortunately they won't operate and are not even offering chemo - they don't think it will give quality of life. Just radiotherapy. It's very hard to get my head around. I don't know what we can do...
  8. maxapple

    Rehoming jack Russell's

    I live in London
  9. maxapple

    Rehoming jack Russell's

    I am having to look at a possible new home for my two dogs. I have contacted two organisations who are breed rescues but wondered if anyone knows of any others or ideas on organisations who may help (I'm in the south east) I don't need any advice on alternative ways of keeping them. This is...
  10. maxapple

    Short riding holidays?

    Can anyone recommend somewhere suitable for a teenager to go unaccompanied for a weekend. It's for my friends daughter who has been having lessons at a riding school for a few years. They live in Hertfordshire.
  11. maxapple

    Rule #1 of going to view a horse...

    I went to view a horse whose owner was very odd. She turned up at the yard in a denim mini skirt and sandals - so clearly didn't plan to ride first. I got on, had a nice hack (was just looking for a happy hacker at the time) and decided to buy him. Contacted her later in the day to arrange...
  12. maxapple

    visiting your horse at the vets

    My horse was at the vets for 10 weeks cross tied when he fractured his leg. I had a lovely sharer so between the two of us, one of us would visit most days. Never to check up on him or the vets however, as they are much more knowledgable than me. I just wanted to see him, give him a groom and a...
  13. maxapple

    What do you call "big"??

    I'm quite short and mostly ride ponies (14.1 ish). I think 16hh is big - in fact when looking for a part loan (as mine is now retired) I wouldn't consider a lovely horse who is 16.3 just because I'm a scaredy cat! I'm currently riding my friends 4 year old con who is about 15hh - and growing. So...
  14. maxapple

    Non horsey but would this offend you?

    I'm a secondary school teacher and this is a common boy thing! Nice to hear some don't grow out of it 😃
  15. maxapple

    When to retire?

    My horse is 22 this year and was retired 2 years ago. He broke his leg when he was 18, recovered after a long time at the vets and on box rest and came back into gentle work. We were hacking gently and even did a little walk and trot dressage test. He was never lame but started to stumble a...
  16. maxapple

    Struggling with PTS

    You have done the right thing for your horse - without a doubt. It's such a hard thing to do and they leave such a gap. Give yourself lots of time to find peace with it all. When I had my horse pts I gave up riding for the first time in 30 years and mine had been on DIY, so it was a total...
  17. maxapple

    Erm delicate problem

    If try the bath approach - that might help the poop be easier to get out. I think if you try the pin her down approach you'll be creating a bigger issue next time. Then take to the vets to see if there is a reason she's unhappy with u touching her bottom. Get her used to a muzzle. I have to...
  18. maxapple

    Dog walking business

    We have two dog walkers - one local who does every day and another one a bit further away for emergencies and holidays! Our holiday lady walks in groups of 6 plus but it works fine. Most are off the lead and they all have amazing fun hoolying around together. Mine come home tired out. She...
  19. maxapple

    Sharer - would you consider someone under 18?

    I had a 14 yr old sharer for my pony, but she always had her mum with her. (My pony was quite a wally so I wouldn't have wanted her hacking out on her own) She was fantastic - had lessons, looked after him well and they were great together. She only gave up when she wanted to start jumping...
  20. maxapple

    if you didnt have a horse (horses) what would you do?

    I've had a break for 16 months so far after retiring my horse (he lives at retirement livery now) and having my other one PTS on the same day. I could face getting another one and even riding friends horses didn't feel right for me. I took up running, did two half marathons and do lots of yoga...
  21. maxapple

    Fleece dog bags - or whatever they are made of

    Another equifleece fan. I have the polo neck one for my little jrt. He loves it when he is cold and wet and it dries him off so quickly.
  22. maxapple

    Tail docking info please

    One of my JRT was docked as a puppy (I got her at 9 months old) She just has a tiny 1-2 inch stump which I don't like. She can't wag it really and it looks odd. My other dog is 2 years younger and has a full lovely tail. He look so much nicer with it and wags it none stop. I can see why...
  23. maxapple

    Update on the out of control terrorist!

    Well done. My jrt gets a half hour walk before I go to work, then goes out with a dog walker in the daytime for 3 hours and gets another half hour walk when I'm home. Any less and he goes loopy. He's 9 too. My other one is 10 and won't be left at home alone so comes along on all the walls but...
  24. maxapple

    Work and horses!

    I used to get up at 5am to get to the yard for 5.30. Turn out and muck out then leave to get to work for 7.30. I'd leave work at 4 / 4.30 to get back to yard at 5/5.30 to bring in / ride etc and do hay and Feeds. This is 10 years ago - there is no way I could do that now. I don't have horses at...
  25. maxapple

    Selling - feeling guilty...?

    I am currently horse less (well I have one on retirement livery that I see once a month) I had to down size and sell another one a few years ago. It was really hard but when you are not enjoying it anymore it's time for a rest. I miss riding sometimes but have lots of friends with horses so...
  26. maxapple

    Petplan - appalling!

    Me too. 5 years ago my horse fractured his leg. Pet plan paid up to my limit (5k) straight to my vets in the instalments I claimed in. It was totally hassle free and they were really helpful on the phone about exclusions etc. My horse survived and is now 22 and happily rerired. He's not...
  27. maxapple

    Mini carrying dog - am I mad?

    He's going to need a little riding hat and Hi-viz to wear! I look forward to pictures 😃
  28. maxapple

    FIREWORKS Why oh why!!!!!!

    It is definitely getting worse. We live in London and they have been going off until midnight since Thursday so far. Walking the dogs this morning there was firework debris all over the place. Also driving home on my scooter last night through London (11pm ish) a firework just missed hitting...
  29. maxapple

    She's gone :(

    Sorry you have had to say goodbye to your girl. It takes a long time to get used to life without them. I had my boy pts a year ago now and felt ok at first but found it got harder as time went on. In the lead up to the summer I found myskef missing him terribly - so much so I don't ride any more...
  30. maxapple


    My 22 year old TB lives out year round at a wonderful retirement livery in Kent. He wears a lightweight rug in the winter when they come into big hay barns, but apart from that he is thriving. He looks younger, brighter and happier than he ever did when I had him in work and has never got bored.