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  1. FabioandFreddy

    Knee blocks for jump saddle

    These are fab: I swapped them on my jump saddle for these as hubby as a Farrington International event with these blocks and really comfy and secure.
  2. FabioandFreddy

    Karidox... How the heck do I get pony to swallow it?

    We added a black flexible tube to the end of a syringe, secured with a jubilee clip, when we had to give Karadox..and then Fabio. You can then get the tube in far enough then syringe in. He accepted that more - possibly as it went straight down and missed his taste buds?! I don't...
  3. FabioandFreddy

    Dangerous horse

    How long have you had the horse?
  4. FabioandFreddy

    Duct tape on plastic Jump poles?

    I have some red and white jump poles from Poly Jumps that have severely faded in the sun. Would it work to use coloured duct tape on these to smarten them up?
  5. FabioandFreddy


    If its for a potential share and the horse is only a mild shiverer i wouldn't have any issues. However i would never buy another with shivers. I had Fabio from a 4 year old and he had very mild shivers. We done everything, dressage, jumped, hacked. He was fantastic until he went downhill rapidly...
  6. FabioandFreddy

    Another haynet question

    I got a load of these - they are huge and hold a load of hay/haylage but small holes. Half price...
  7. FabioandFreddy

    Winter faecal water syndrome

    I can't have my boy on haylage - even though ours is drier and more like wrapped hay, it makes it worse! Have to have separate hay for him as all our others are better on haylage (one with COPD). I have found that adding activated charcoal and brewers yeast has helped a lot. I was feeding...
  8. FabioandFreddy

    How do you clip your horses quarters (trace/blanket clip)?

    For the half circle i use a flexi curve as you can literally guide the clippers around it to get a nice shape and replicate the same size on the other side.
  9. FabioandFreddy

    Need a cuddle and someone much braver than I to tell me what to expect/do

    Really sorry. You are doing the best for him so he doesn't suffer. I'll pm you if you don't mind? Would like to offer something. x
  10. FabioandFreddy

    Wychanger Barton saddles

    Well will soon see as ordered the Wychanger Barton saddle ready for saddler coming out to fit next Thursday, can send back if not right. Spoke to the lady at the saddlery that has the saddle before i bought online, she said has had a few of them and identical to Farrington which is good! Have...
  11. FabioandFreddy

    Why do people buy dogs with potential welfare problems related to extreme conformation and inherited disease?

    Sadly 101 Dalmatians done them no favours with people buying them without researching the breed. They need LOTS of exercise, on a par with collies and springers, they never tire!
  12. FabioandFreddy

    Why do people buy dogs with potential welfare problems related to extreme conformation and inherited disease?

    *Dalmatian* - I had 2, nicest natured dogs ever. Adored people. However a lot of people get them and underestimate the amount of exercise they need so sadly you see a lot of overweight ones around. We lost our last boy in May at the age of 15. My friend has an English Bulldog - although was...
  13. FabioandFreddy

    Wychanger Barton saddles

    Thanks anyway!
  14. FabioandFreddy

    Wychanger Barton saddles

    Thanks Baywonder Essentially, i've been looking forever for a Farrington International Event in Wide. This saddle looks identical. Know some saddlers put their branding on other saddles and wondering if...
  15. FabioandFreddy

    Wychanger Barton saddles

    Does anyone know if there's any way to get info on these saddles? I've seen one that may suit for my boy, it has a serial number on it. I have called the shop and the lad i spoke to said they wouldn't have any info on them anymore. Just wondered if there was any other way i could find this/contact?
  16. FabioandFreddy

    Lincolnshire tack shops

    R&R at Melton Mowbray is probably the best near us, or Sheepgate tack and togs in Boston
  17. FabioandFreddy

    Arcequine - using on yourself!

    Started using this on myself to try and alleviate some back pain as obviously can't go to the chiropractor with the lockdown. Been putting on side of calf - is this right? Does it matter where you wear it? Could I put it on my arm too?
  18. FabioandFreddy

    Mud I doing things right?

    Have you tried just using Sudocreme and leaving it on? That seems to work best on ours.
  19. FabioandFreddy

    Pets Instagram

    Followed :)
  20. FabioandFreddy

    Pets Instagram

    As i've recently had to retire my horse, i clearly have far too much time on my hands!! I've made our dachshund and springer pups an instagram account! Any of you have pet instagram accounts? This is ours if anyone would like to follow their antics x
  21. FabioandFreddy

    Is any time the right time for another dog??!!

    We had been pondering the same for a few years. We have 2 Dalmatians who are both 13 1/2....had to face the fact that sooner or later 1 will leave the other behind :( They've always been together and the healthier one of the 2 is now deaf, i don't think he would be happy as an only dog. So...
  22. FabioandFreddy

    Hard standing turnout

    We put a turnout pen in for our horses - our land is clay so gets really bad in the wet weather. The field shelter was already positioned there handily! If the fields are too wet then they get the time split between the stables and the pen so breaks the day up for them a bit too. We ended up...
  23. FabioandFreddy

    Following on from nightmare start to BE season...

    Horsequest ad 212402 Being aimed as an allrounder. Appreciate it says no nervous/novice but aside from that sounds like a saint. (Neither me or hubby are either but equally think this horse would be totally not suitable)
  24. FabioandFreddy

    Following on from nightmare start to BE season...

    I'm so glad I read this forum!! Currently looking for a new horse for my hubby as his horse has half retired and just hacking now. Scrolling through ads to find the 'perfect' sounding horse for him....however the name rung a bell and on checking BE record realised why. Was this chap who would be...
  25. FabioandFreddy

    Horse with Shivers/ Very Stressed Horse!

    The most cost effective vit e i found was Progressive Earth. 10,000 iu as a minimum for a horse with Shivers (my old boy had it). As above, the normal equestrian vitamin e supps have selenium added which can be toxic if overdosed and would be if feeding the required amount of vit e from these...
  26. FabioandFreddy

    Saying Goodbye

    Really sorry to hear that. Sounds like he's had a lovely retirement with you though, even if his ridden career was shorter than anticipated. Will be thinking of you tomorrow x
  27. FabioandFreddy

    Vit E oil

    I used to use it to help my old boy who had shivers. For that it was recommended in large quantities, i.e. over 10000 iu per day for any benefit. I used to get mine from progressive earth if that helps as was the cheapest most cost effective when feeding the high doses.
  28. FabioandFreddy

    Anky climatrol boots sizing

    Hi, Can't find a size guide for these online - can anyone tell me how they come up size wise? It would be for a 16.1 TB with skinny minny legs
  29. FabioandFreddy

    Tell me about shivering, please?

    Unfortunately its a how longs a piece of string question as it affects each horse differently. Fabio was a shiverer. He was fine for a number of years, i had him from a 4 yr old and done a bit of everything with him. Had to have him pts at 12 as the last year his shivers worsened considerably in...