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  1. J

    With Deep Regret, RIP Hippolyte No words, such a shame. RIP x
  2. J

    LOL Sam Watson's latest Eventing diary!

    anyone else laugh out loud?! I can't remember the thread it was mentioned on this week but I've just read it and my gosh there were two particular moments that I nearly cried! so good :)
  3. J

    Is this our Tentpegging friend from HHO!?

    Sorry, I can't remember your HHO name!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
  4. J

    Anyone have today's h&h yet?!

    pleeeease may you tell me if Zeb has made it in to the "starting box" feature!? I am desperate to find out but I won't get mine until I've driven 100 miles home and that's if my mail has been redirected in time! Eeeek!
  5. J

    Another "small" Zeb update!

    He WON the Novice Section H at Goring today! 30 dressage and a clean sheet double clear. Don't know whether to laugh or cry, after everything this horse has finally proved himself as a truely awesome horse. Although having had 2 wins in as many weeks, I'm hoping the season doesn't go...
  6. J

    Small Zeb update for those who remember him...!

    I'm sure his fans would love to know that King Zeb won the Prenovice Plus at Munstead this weekend :) He was very well behaved (as though butter wouldn't melt!) and the excitable leaps and bronchs (which he has learnt recently) didn't materialize, fab! 2nd after dressage, and then a...
  7. J

    Reasoning behind Chilli Morning move I had an incling it wasn't to do with Olympics as Mary surely wants either Tess or IC to go! Nice of the owners to inform everyone why, puts speculation to rest :)
  8. J

    How to go about this? (Volunteering)

    So for 2012 I would like to offer most of my weekends to BE in the Gloucestershire or Dorset area (depending on the time of year) to help out, as I am not competing myself currently but have lots of spare time at Uni and want to fill up some time. I have been a secretary, sj/dressage steward...
  9. J

    My Other Claim to Fame!

    Is that Zeb is on the back page of the new BE mag! :) (ginger one in the middle, posing!)
  10. J

    Claim to Fame!!!

    Just flicked through H&H and just read that Ben Maher's Tripple X's granddad is Zeb's dad! :) ...that is all :D
  11. J

    Oh no, read this :( Shame, I love this horse!
  12. J

    Running list for Olympia World Cup Dressage tonight?

    Anyone know where we can find it? Want to watch this and the Royall Variety?! Am hoping my useless (but pretty) tv will let me watch it!
  13. J

    How's this for Matchy Matchy?!

    taken from a few seasons ago... :D legend
  14. J

    BE Meeting Minutes - quite interesting

    Although not eventing I do like to have a good nosey! Some interesting points: points: 2 - another increase...great 6...
  15. J

    Awesome iphone app - Coursewalking What do you guys make of it? Personally wish there was an android app for it! Brilliant idea :)
  16. J

    Milton Keynes 3 day anyone?

    :D :)
  17. J

    BE Sports Committee Meeting Notes Some very interesting points (sorry I couldn't link straight to pdf) First come, first served entries Review of Intermediate courses...
  18. J

    Goodbye Fernandez

    Thought this was well written act He's off to a Norwegian rider
  19. J

    Speaking of Tweseldown, I'm sure I saw....

    A HHOer with a pretty chestnut? Green and Black colours? I was admiring your pone as I drove past in my little grey Peugeot!! (missing the rain, of course! I don't get wet, I'm an owner! ;) ) Just thought I would say HI! I can't remember ur name but I remember your horse!!!
  20. J

    BE = spelling fail spot the mistake....want a clue?
  21. J

    Polly Stockton at the Euros - WD

    Anyone know why?? :( she's not having a lot of luck is she
  22. J

    How to Record off Red Button?

    In preparation for the eventing euros next week - am at my grans with her Sky + hoping to set it up so I can watch it at a later date as I'm away next weekend! Can't find the right channel anywhere but am pretty sure there is a way to do it??
  23. J

    Anyone finished all the!

    Because I have! (well, maybe a few days ago ;) ) Does that make me a super sad eventing geek with too much time on my hands and not enough to do at work?! :)
  24. J

    Chilham Castle Photographer?

    Can't find a link anywhere! Anyone know who it was? Ta!
  25. J

    RIP Woodburn :(

    Sad news, again taken from Eventing Nation "It shocks saddens me to write that one of the best athletes in the history of eventing has passed away. Phillip Dutton's World Equestrian Games mount Woodburn passed away on Tuesday at the New...
  26. J

    Eventing people - Euroridings Butts Leon

    Taken from today's Eventing Nation: Probably the most exciting news of the morning is contained in this article from a German Eventing site, stating that Andreas Dibowski's top mount, Euroridings Butts Leon, has been sold to US based Thai Eventer Nina Ligon. Butts Leon is certainly one of the...
  27. J

    When were studs invented?

    Watching old eventing videos has got me thinking! Sorry if it's a daft question!
  28. J

    If you are bored at work.....

    go to (think that's the link) as it reopened today! Am currently watching the whole of 1990....!!! (they must have uploaded the DVDs?) :)
  29. J

    What on earth? Michael Whitaker

    Also on News what on earth happened I wonder!?
  30. J

    What on earth? Michael Whitaker

    what on earth happened I wonder!?