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    I have just arranged to view a horse with shivers with the possibility of sharing. I have been told it doesn't affect him - but what should I know/ watch for. Also more generally as this will be the first tiime sharing (have had my own previously) is there any questions I sahould ask. Thank...
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    Instructor Insurance

    Have just been reading the thread on instructor qualifications and was surprised by the emphasis on their insurance. For competent adults, on their own horses - wondered what scenario's you would expect instructor's insurance to cover - rather than it being your own responsibility,
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    Breeding on adverts

    Ass I am starting to read the fore sale ads - I note that a number of the ads state the horses sire/dam breeding - to be honest this means nothing to me. Is there anywhere I can look this up and as someone just wanting a horse to enjoy (not compete) how much should I let this influence my opinions
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    teaching flying changes

    If you were thinking about asking for flying changes for the first time - both horse and rider. Would you ask your instructor who has only ridden the horse occasionally to try first - and then teach you. Or ask her to teach you both together. Also as Henry's prefers cantering on left - would...
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    I have read that following a burn from a plant such as giant hogweed - a human can get recurrent bouts of photosensitivity for several years afterwards. Does anyone know if the same would apply to horses. If so and you've had this experience - would you share the physical symptons - ways to...
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    How easy/ hard is it to

    My horse has a digestive issue which has resulted him in losing condition drastically and his topline. I am hoping that fairly soon I will be able to start some groundwork to start building him up - so in timehe I can start riding him again At this stage able to do very little - need to get...
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    Full Livery - How often do you visit

    Just curious having seen lots of comments about how often DIY liverys should /do check their horses. Wondered what the thoughts are for full liveries
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    Items for Sale

    Kieffer Bridle - Cob Size - Black - with Kieffer web reins - Never Used £70 / Frank Baines half rubber black reins pony size - New £30 / Harry Dabbs - Curved Dressage Girth 28" Used but good condition £30. Summerbridge / Harrogate Area (will post at cost)
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    Kieffer Bridle - size guide

    I have just purchased a new kieffer bridle from ebay. It was advertised as full - but is much smaller. (PS it's a lovely bridle) Seller is currently refusing to accept return - so will need to put a case before ebay. Just wondered if anyone knows of an official kieffer size guide online.
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    Crank Nosebands

    Having decided that I need a new bridle am surprised to see so many come with crank nosebands. What are the pros and cons. When are they appropriate/ inappropriate ?
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    Fal Pro Liners and Horseware Rugs

    Originally posted this as a question on the Fal Pro Sale thread on Equestrian Sales - asking if anyone knew whether the half-price liners could be used with my 'new' rhino rugs.
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    How often do you get saddle fit checked.

    Just wondering because bringing back into work a horse after an extended period of box rest - long period of walk work etc with a tendon injury. Am booking saddler in for adjustments every three months but finding that have to stop riding while waiting for visit as saddle going out of balance...
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    Turning Out after Box Rest

    My horse has been on box rest for three months after cutting leg/ bruising his tendon (field injury - suspect overreach). Got vet coming for next scan next week - hoping (but not counting chickens) he will be allowed to be turned out. Has been going on walker/ being walked in hand (mostly)...