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    Mare Site

    For thoses who love the experience of seeing new life or want to learn, go on this site, ive only been on it twice and already seen some births which was great. Just remember these people have kindly brought cameras into their stables for us to watch and enjoy
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    Too tired to type!

    What a warm day even though i think my legs are goin to fall off! Ive been walking along (more like running)with my friend on Honey along the railway track and running as fast as i can to get the pony cantering! But we had a pinic which was yummy, so with a bit of energy left i managed to...
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    Dont know if anyones psoted it yet But keep watchign the moon now!! 'The eclipse begins at 2018 GMT, with the Moon totally immersed in the shadow of the Earth between 2244 and 2358 GMT. '
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    Horse shops

    The big popular shops, i need to look for more rugs! All i can think is Robinsons
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    Is Rodbaston On today?

    Anyone know? We've tried contacting! but theres nothing that says if its on or not?
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    Help Confidence!

    Heya, i need some advice, this girl has got a pony on a trial and ive been helping her ride. Shes really nervous, shes ok at controlling in walk but scared to do anything else. How can i boost her confidence? Please help! xxx
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    Stolen Rugs etc..

    Heya, Warning everyone! Friend told me thieves had stolen nearly everything from a yard including rugs even off the horses backs, buckets, brooms basically anything they could get off the yard! Does anyone take their rugs back home? We keep ours at home as thieves have broke into cupboards by...
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    Howz everyone coping with snow and hows all your horses? I got day off school yesterday but had to go in today. We kept both horses in yesterday but let them out today although lil Gunner was waiting by fence screaming to come in at about half 3
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    Why White?

    Ok, this is a werid kind of question, Why do horses have white stars, stripes, blazes, why white? Are they any horses that have a black blaze or chestnut star? I dont know if i sound stupid asking it ! :S
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    Oh ickle pony!

    Heya! My 12.2hh pony which i sold 5 years ago is now up for sale, and some people from my place are interested. So i hope they have her, it would be lovely to see her little blaze again. Going to see her today just incase she is sold somewhere far away. But ive got my fingers crossed!
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    Heyaa! I've never jumped so big with Danny before! the jump started at about 2ft 9 and went up a couple of holes each time. And i think it got to about 4ft, my mom took a piccie of me on danny with little gunner next to it to shwo how big it was compared to him lol!
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    Goodbye Tom..

    Our jack russel Tom who was 14 hadto be put down this morning, hes had big tumer on his shoulder and he had the fit and seen then hes got worse, slowed down a lot and the last few weeks hes been having coughing fits and wheezing, so sadly we thought as a family it was time as he was getting...
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    Tooth out

    Aww, Gunner had a big shock this morning, went out in filed like usual, but we went back down half 10 and brought him down to stable, then he saw the vet, Oh the look on his face! hes so clever!lol That totoh i said before, on the bottom nearest to the bit, we decided it was time to come out...
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    Happy!! A great comeback!

    Wooo i'm so happy of my horse Danny, Last time we show jumped, we got eliminated which is soo unlike danny (he stopped at first 2 jumps) and time before he knock aload down and wasn't going forward. He's normally very strong and a bold jumper and very keen. So we decided to rest him and...
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    Printed Horse pillow?

    Heya, Does anyone know if you can have a photo printed onto a pillow. As my bday and xmas coming up, i gotta think of pressies lol. So i really want a pillow with a photo of my pony on. If you can do this which shops would? Oh and anyone know which shops sell the disney numnahs?
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    Evil Horse Alert!

    Danny... my moms had him since he was 3 and he is 15 now. I was about 3/4 years old then lol! I never really bothered with him whe ni was younger as my mom told me to keep my distance and stay away from the field. But when i had my pony at 8, i would help do the hay, muck out and Danny is such...
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    Heya everyone Just felt like saying it was the first time i clipped my pony today! well the part around his legs and belly my mom helped out, but i did a nice neat line with the help of the chalk, i think my mom was worried as last time i went over the chalk :S but this time i did it a nice...
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    14/15th October Broadway BE

    Anyone go there? i went their with family to watch Matt ryan go round, ive never seen a BE course before, and the Intro 2ft9 looked a lovely nice course, i was thinking of having ago on Danny aswell as BSJA!
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    A week and abit ago, i was getting ready for school, our oldest jack russel -Tom about 14 now, came in the bedroom wagging his tail like usual, suddenly he collasped and was trying to get up, at first i thought he jsut slipped and couldnt get up bcuz its a laminent flooring, but his legs were...
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    Untamed Mane!

    Argghh i need help well my pony does... He has thick horrible mane! yack ive grown it hoping it may go thinner or stay at least on the correct side (all the mane by his withers stick up after it was rubbed by his neck cover) Then it was thick and long and looked a mess, so i pulled it again...
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    Show Jumping - Scope

    Has anyone heard of Scope? This guy was telling me theres an event called Scope and its Show Jumping where all the top riders go. Anyone know if it exists when its on? As i would love to go and watch
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    How do you move up in SJ?

    im kind of gettin a bit bored of doing my local shows, i want to move on abit, do more challenging courses on my horse, is the only option BSJA? because my mom said if i did the BSJA SJ i would have to travel the coutry but its too much though i would love to but i dont think my parents dont...
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    Lincoln 10th September

    Anyone going to Lincoln in their teams show jumping or equtation or dressage? its when you had to win your area and then you qualify to Lincoln, only a month to go! but im going on my own as at my area jumping, our team didn't win but i came individual 1st so i still get to go!