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  1. Durhamchance

    Pictures Pony Thief Child- Is there any hope?

    My five year old has caught the bug, the trouble is she has no fear! She will grab a ride on anything no matter how big or wide and tack is an optional extra :) I cant school my share pony without being constantly asked if I've finished and can she have a turn. I fear this may get expensive...
  2. Durhamchance

    Crossbreed Names

    Can you imagine if we started naming crossbreed horses like they name crossbreed dogs (such as Labradoodle and Springador) I'm loaning a lovely Frisian x Connemara - Would he be a Frismara? or a Connesian? A Cob x Thoroughbred - a Throb? An Appaloosa x Warmblood- an Appablood or Warmloosa...
  3. Durhamchance

    WWYD Husband doesn't want me to jump anymore

    I had an accident this weekend. I ride for a friend and we were at our first ODE (UA) Everything was going fine until the cross country, when the pony seemed to have had enough and threw in a dirty stop halfway round. I came off into a solid table and I've broken my finger. We're looking into...
  4. Durhamchance

    Competition report

    What a day! To give a little background info, I got back in the saddle back in March after a 17 year break. I had some lessons, then I found a pony that needed a rider on Preloved. His name is Prince and I started riding him in May. Fast forward to today and we took him to an arena cross...
  5. Durhamchance

    Care of new leather boots

    I've just received my first pair of proper leather tall riding boots and I'm not sure how to care for them? I'm thinking I need to get some leather conditioner and some boot trees to keep them in good shape? Please advise! I'm currently wearing them around the house to break them in, but I...
  6. Durhamchance

    First ODE, six weeks to practice on new pony, Tips?

    I've been able to secure a ride on a lovely competition pony and his owner has persuaded me to join her at a local low level (60cm) ODE in July. I've never done any dressage before and whilst I'm excited to have a go, I'll be mortified if I muck it up completely:D The test is intro C, I've...
  7. Durhamchance

    Is a stock/tie essential?

    I've searched to no avail, so I need to ask the question. If using a technical competition shirt under a navy/ black jacket, do I need a stock, or can the shirt be worn alone? This is for UA dressage and showjumping. TIA :)
  8. Durhamchance

    I've just won Badminton tickets!

    I'm thrilled! I entered a few Facebook competitions to win tickets and this morning I received a phone call from Naylors Equestrian to tell me I'm a winner :D It's for the Thursday, so there's dressage to watch and shopping to do! My partner can't get the day off so I'm taking my dad and the...
  9. Durhamchance

    Does my body protector actually fit?!

    A couple of weeks ago I had a fall in a flat work lesson, I landed flat on my back, laughed it off and got back on. Once I got back to my car I realised it hurt, and the next day I was counting the bruises in the shower. So within the week and before my next lesson we visited a well known...
  10. Durhamchance

    Summer camp for non- horse owners

    I was a student at Brackenhurst College in Nottinghamshire 17 years ago and it came up on my Facebook news feed this evening that they are holding a non residential summer camp for non owners in June And I'm going!! I'm ridiculously excited, it's over three days, with two hours of lessons...
  11. Durhamchance

    Belton Horse Trials

    Who's going? Me and OH are taking the kiddies for the day tomorrow, I get to watch amazing ponies and shop while the kids get to play. Everybody wins.
  12. Durhamchance

    Light, comfortable breeches/Jods on a small budget?

    As the title really, I'm after some comfortable stretchy breeches or jods for everyday riding for £30 or less. What would you recommend?
  13. Durhamchance

    So much changes when you're out of the loop!

    I've mentioned before that I'm getting back into horses/riding after a lengthy break and I'm currently reading and digesting anything and everything 'horse' to bring me back up to speed while I'm waiting for my lesson to come around. So much has changed in the last decade! First of all I...
  14. Durhamchance

    Returning to riding

    I'm back :) Some of you may remember me from a few years (8!) ago. I was looking to return to riding but really needed to lose some weight. I had sat on a friends pony a few times and the lovely MrsM met up with me and let me ride her lovely coloured coblett, but for some reason I never booked a...
  15. Durhamchance

    Shopping trip! excited :D

    Me and my bestest best friend are going neddy shopping tomorrow at the Robinsons superstore at Cannock We've both never been, and have always wanted to, so we're both dead excited OH isn't coming so he cant see how much I spend Happy Happy Happy
  16. Durhamchance


    Just after some advice really. I might be looking at getting a loan horse later in the year and when talking to my OH about it a few questions came up. First is on insurance- does the owner or the loaner pay for this? Then it got me onto thinking, do you have the horse vetted before agreeing to...
  17. Durhamchance

    Anyone going to the British Open at the NEC?

    Cos I've just booked my tickets We're going on the saturday daytime. I cant wait
  18. Durhamchance

    British Dressage

    I've looked on their website, but I still cant find the info I want. What are the rankings in BD and in what order? I keep hearing things like pre novice, elementary and prix st george, but I dont know what order they come in Can someone list them for me please xxx
  19. Durhamchance

    >>>>> 15.2 (x2!) >>>>>>>

    Why cant I be in a position to buy?! *sob* both the chestnut and the coloured are just the sort of thing I would be looking for and at the right price! Not fair not fair.... *grumble*
  20. Durhamchance

    Whats your favourite colour horse?

    As title really- what is your favourite colour? (humor me I'm bored.... ) Mines Palomino! its a shame its one of the 'rarer' colours.
  21. Durhamchance


    I keep seeing pictures of people wearing some snazzy socks that come halfway up your thighs- where do you get them from? I cant seem to find any that long and I want some
  22. Durhamchance

    Riding schools Notts/Derby

    I'm trying to find a good riding school for my OH to learn to ride. Hes a complete beginner, about 5ft 10 and approx 13 stone. Can anyone give me some recommendations for this area? Thanks
  23. Durhamchance

    I'd better introduce myself

    Hello everyone, My name is Berni, I'm 26 and I live in Derbyshire. I've joined the site because its time I got back into the saddle . I spent all of my teenage years working for rides, stewarding at local shows and looking after other peoples ponies. Then at 16 I went to Brackenhurst and did...