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    bef futurity at grange

    i sent my entries off a few days ago thinking i would be fine as its not untill the end of the month, and my frined rang today to see if they were full as she has got horses to enter and apparently they have been full for weeks.... its my own fault not for entering earlier but im doubly...
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    roo pics at two weeks old

    well on sat roo was two weeks old so thought i should take some more piccies of my boy!!! hes a bit squiffy in a couple so ul hav 2excuse him!!!
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    Who is your mare in foal2??

    curiousity really, who is all your lovely mares in foal2 for next year??
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    bef futurity at Arena UK

    DID anyone go??? was it any good???
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    What stallion Next year!!!!

    well we were goin2 retire my girl from breeding after this foal, for one i couldnt afford to put her back to stud as well as my other girls plus we thought well shes getting older now, HOWEVER dad has kindly offered to pay her fees next year and she has coped so well with this last foal and she...
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    My baby arrived!!!

    my girl finally foaled down on sat morning after checking her all night, dad checked her at 5.30 so when i went to turn her out at 7 i was shocked to find a dry colt drinking and walking around like he had been there all along!!! he is absolutely stunning imo, chestnut with 3socks a star and a...
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    cant wait for her baby now!!!

    very pleased today spoke to stud owner about a query over my mare and asked him what his foals by Cobra was like this year and he said they move unbelievebly!!! so now even more excited about the arrival of my own littl cobra baby jus a shame that hes back in holland so it will be back to frozen...
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    bagging up

    so lu's foal isnt due till 22nd july (345days) however she has started producing milk already and im jus abit worried as shes got a caslick, so i was wondering how many weeks prior to foalin do mares usually start producing milk??? i know i should know this
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    breeding experts question bagging up!!!

    how many weeks prior to foaling does a mare start bagging up?? i should know this i know its jus lu has started to get some milk in her teates but i jus wanted to know as i got to make sure she has her caslick done intime. her 345day mark isnt untill 22 july
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    Need Help, shopping addiction

    since about last october i have become out of control whith silly compulsive buying!! im now on ebay trying to salvage some money by selling some of my untouched purchases, its gone beond a joke and now when i actually need some money i have none!!!! grrr!!!!
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    Help!!! stallion clint eastwood

    does anyone know of or about the stallion clint eastwood ( clintino x cordial medoc) ???
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    well finally decided what stallion(S) im going 2use

    after much deliberation decided at last which stallion(s) im goin 2use this year! im going2use kantje's unicolour (dutch sports pony) and atm trying to find another mare with jumping lines to use with karandasj (keur dutch jumping horse who showjumped internationally, but is in the uk this year
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    Anyone using him this year???
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    TANTRUM!! Signatures

    after some of you kindly helped me last night with my signature i still cant do it!! got vey cross with it now!! n another question i have now is how do i get a little picture to the side of my post??
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    how to make a signature

    can anyone help me how on earth do you make those signatures really wanted one for a while now n not got any idea of how to do it!!
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    spotted minature yearling colt for sale

    as title really i have one for sale but not really sure where i should advertise such a pony?? would make a lovely pony for some one or to keep as a stallion... and how much are they worth??? hes very attractive sorry no piccys as of yet... hes 38inches atm and his sire is only about that to so...
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    NEW pony

    bought well was pushed by mother into buying a british spotted pony colt today hes only a yearling so he can keep my other yearling company for the time being but he would make some1 a fab stallion for showing will post some pics soon and u can help me with names
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    What horsey qualifiactions do you have??

    just out of interest wondered what horse related qualifications you have and what jobs you do now???
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    got to the point where i may call the horse game a day

    today was the last straw, horse passes the vet with flying colours, purchasers try and haggle price even more, i knocked £200 off asking price as it is, then rang and said weve changed our mind as your being un reasonable about price!! after a painful few weeks showing horses to customer after...
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    How much??? Sorry but desperate!!!

    Well think my little girl maybe the next one in line for selling so the inevitable question... how much??? She is coming six, just broken going on sweetly, 15hh brown full tb, not verfied breeding due to dam dying at foaling. Bred a fabulous foal last year. Been placed at county level as a...
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    the stress of finding a NEW JOB!!!

    MY contract ends at the end of july and been looking for a new job but its such a mindfield out there and i dont want to move away but looks like il have 2 especially for a decent job.
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    Advice- selling horse, dodgy purchasers??

    im sooo very lost what to do, well im selling my boy and a lovely family came and tried him last week and hes supposed to be vetted on friday, HOWEVER i continued showing him to ppl jus incase anything went wrong and a i emaIled some pics of him 2 2ladies who live along way away, now they rang...
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    Saddles spoilt for choice!!

    went to saddlers today, and i was just aww struck by all the saddles, looking to buy three, 2jumping / event saddles and a dressage saddle and they were all gorgeous but didnt no where 2start!!! one jumpin saddle is 2my 16.2 colt and the other is 4my filly whos only about 14.2 /15hh both are med...
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    Iv been offered te ride on a horse to try out for BYRDS squads, and iv been told i would have to do one of thre specific BYRDS tests rather than a BD test, does anyone know where i could get these tests?? and has anyone got any experience of BYRDS iv only ever done straight BD and BYRDS sounds...
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    worse day yday!!!

    well yday was awful, it started off well then at lunch time it turned horribly!!! went out riding on the colt on my own cantered up this little track as always just brought him back to trot and a f****** dog jumped out he galloped towards a tree where a branch caught hold of me cutting my arms...
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    in hand showing yealings

    we have never shown any of our yearlings before but we have decided to show one of our yearlings this year as looks as if hel be sold this year so obviously we want to do our very best this year with him, so does anyone have any advice tips or anything for us please??
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    does anyone know of / used any websites or businesss' who sell particularly nice show browbands, looking for one for the yearling so needs to be quite dainty for his head, did try the pretty ponies website but the pics of the classic browbands would not work
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    British Breeding Futurity Scheme 2007

    Just summising whether or not to do British Breeding Futurity Scheme this year or not?? and wondered whether anyone else is doing it this year??
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    Covering certificates

    jus wondering as a matter of interest if you have all recieved your covering certificates yet?? for the second year in a row im still waiting for my covering certificate
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    OMG!! Iv actually advertised my boy!!!

    After putting it off for about 18months i have gone and done it and advertised him for sale!!! so many reasons rly lack of time hes too small for me and iv got a yard full of babies which needs backin!!! good vibes needed cuz im dreading ppl comin to try him!!! pretty sad really as i work in a...