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    What ever happened to hunting presentation????!!!!

    Certainly not our pack, The Burne Bloodhounds, check our web site and FB page we give riders an idea of what is expected...
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    How do I go about starting to hunt? a good place to start!
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    First time - Leicestershire based

    I am the field master for the Burne Bloodhounds our kennels are Seagrave Leics and cover as far west as Stafford and to the East Melton a very friendly bunch! next meet is 26th Jan near Stafford ST18 9AQ cap £35 for adults U16 £20
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    Would like to try hunting but don't own a horse!

    I am the field master for The Burne Bloodhounds we hunt as far west as stafford and as far east as Melton Mobray our kennels are Seagrave Leics. Our hunt cap is £35 for adults and £20 for U16's. We are a friendly bunch so look us up
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    Hunt Mergers

    What mergers do, especially ones like AH/AWH is make sure those of us who love to hunt can continue to do so. I support all hunting whether it is a day out with the Albrighton or The Burne Bloodhounds. What we have to consider is the huge thanks we owe to land owners both those that hunt but...
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    TB ExRacer - Stable VICES

    Sounds like you have been treating him well! probably too well. Remember ex race horses love routine, if you are going to change anything do it slowly, if he is hacking out and decides he wants to go in a different direction then don't let him, even if you have to get off to lead him, don't...
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    Hunt Mergers

    Hunts that merge generally do for the greater good, its always a shame to loose a hunt and with the current climate hitting everyone hunts are going to face lots of financial pressure. My concern is the loss of hound blood lines, as long as the packs are merged at the same time it can only be...
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    RIP Albrighton Huntsman Ray Shaw

    Very sad in deed. Our thoughts go out to his family.
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    Hunting an ex P2Per

    I have a 20 year old ex p2p horse from Ireland, he is fine out with blood hounds or drag hunting but totally insane hunting with fox hounds, he can,t stand still too long waiting for hounds to flush. You are right to a degree that hunting in Ireland can be hard core but if I am honest I have had...
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    Good Farriers

    Richard Mathews is ours, probably the best farrier I have ever had near a horse of ours, always does a good job never cuts corners and takes his time. Based in Staffordshire.
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    'My' Racehorse on the gallops

    Its such fun whether you own a tiny share or the whole animal, I hope you have fun Mr Dunlop is a super trainer.
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    What weight can a horse carry?

    Its difficult subject, I ride everything from 14 hands upwards, its a dependent on breed really. Take a sec D Welsh cob, now they can carry exceptional weight, but cross it with something a bit more lightly boned then the weight it would carry healthy wise would dramatically reduce. I would...
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    Best Feed for weight gain ?

    We feed calf nuts to one of our TB anything elses sends him insane! cheapest horse I have ever owned to feed bless him!:o
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    Best Xc hat silks Gibsons OR Treehouse

    Either but I would say as Gibsons Newmarket have been making silks for ever! then you can't really get much better. HRH The Queen has her silks from there!
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    How big a crime to not clip a pony for the opening meet?

    Its not important to have your horse or pony clipped, what is important that both horse and rider are turned out to the best you can and that you behave in a polite and friendly way to those who are out with you and those who are good enough to allow you to hunt on their land. My only advise...
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    Ex-Racers. What is the so special about them?

    I have been involved in racing and horses all my life, like all horses ex race horses have their place, its just very rewarding when you see them in use past their race days. Its often those who have no real understanding about the racing industry who feel they are all abused. Like all equine...
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    Dropped onto my head today...

    Well if you had not told me I would have guessed, I break/ride/school and show section D's. Right point one she will never forget what happened, thats sec D for you, they have incredible brains! you just have to make her feel safe. Point two, if you did not pull her legs forward to stretch...
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    Dropped onto my head today...

    I have lots of difficult situations that come about for no reason, but one thing I will ask is what breed is she? Its really important to understand her mind and thought process.
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    Recommend me gloves for the winter

    Gibson Saddlers Newmarket sell racing gloves, ideal lightweight gloves, I swear by them! just bought a new pair, 22 squid but well worth it!
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    Clipping in Derbyshire/staffs.

    me! in box me if you like
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    Saddle slipping

    well one thing is for sure if jockeys didnt have a non slip sheet on under race saddles then there would be lots of jockeys under horses! a little tip: buy a chamie leather from halfords, dampen it put it on the horses back followed by the saddle pad followed by the saddle. or go on line...
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    What Breed/Sire would you recommend

    Why not try Welsh Sec D! I know one stallion that sires amazing jumpers!
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    Wood pellets

    wish I can get some in Staffordshire, its a night mare!
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    Urgent Home Sort Walsall West Midlands Area

    His Name is Tommy 15 hands bay gelding, very quite but in need of a good home, contact Mark on 07581235243.
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    Urgent Home Sort Walsall West Midlands Area

    We have been asked to urgently rehome a 7 year old medium weight geling any who can help please in box me
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    Who is your favourite racehorse of all time?

    Shergar for me his Derby win was awesome, and hurdler would be a horse called Sprowston Boy, chaser has to be Red Rum, massive heart strong and a dream to watch!
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    Young Horses TB When Do you Start them off

    Just out of interest what age do you think is an ideal time to start a young TB off show jumping? I have a three year old filly driving me mad, she is itching to do more but I am a bit old fashioned and want to wait until next year, what do you think? BTW she is broken.
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    How much do you pay?

    Try the cap is 35.00 no subscription!
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    I'm scared of being bucked off...

    Go for it! just take it slow. Dont over lunge as it will get him fit before you get on. Maybe ride out with company but stay positive so your horse can feel that you are safe and know what you are doing! And have fun, good luck you can do it!
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    Ragwort Please Help!!!!

    Thankyou for these sites, our concern is the uncontrolled spread of this weed will start causing issues, taking action now will stop it becoming a bigger issue so I think its right to do something now. Thanks for the support!