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    Looking for Baron - 16.3 IDxTB

    I have poseted full info with pics in photo gallery. Baron is a 16.3 12yr old Bay IDxTB with small sock to near hind. I had him since a 5year old and made hearbreaking decision to sell him in November 2010. He was sold to a girl called Laura in Ormskirk, I kept in touch while she had him...
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    Please help - very sick pony

    Can anyone that does not usually visit the vetinary forum please help.....horsey is critical and we have hit a brick wall.
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    Facial Paralysis/Neuro probs - PLEASE HELP

    My loan pony Sam is currently in Leahurst Vetinary Hospital and has been since yesterday afternoon. He is suffering from paralysis to right side of his face, large cyst in right eye and swollen left one mainly. I will start from beginning. Sunday before last we went down first thing and he...
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    Olympia 2011

    Can anyone tell me the best day to go to Olympia? I am looking at booking hotel asap to get it a bit cheaper (more shopping money for me). I am looking at getting a bit of a mix, but would prefer to watch the showjuming or prisance if possible. Also I am looking at day performance rather than...
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    Dogs hind legs giving way - please help

    My dalmatian is 12 and was in perfect health until a few weeks ago. I took up running and decided to take him with me, went 1k slow jog maximum. The next day he seemed stiff so rested him. Took him again 1 week later and he was 10 times worse. he is not at all overweight. He is reluctant to...
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    Overbending Solutions

    This is about my friends new horse. When she got him a few weeks ago he was quite hard to ride into a contact. Now all of a sudden he is very overbent. He is ridden on a normal eggbutt snaffle with plain cavesson noseband. He is quite a forward horse and works nicely from behind. She used draw...
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    Which paint for wooden stable?

    Which is the best paint to paint the inside of a wooden stable with? It just needs tidying up a little. I am after something that would seal the wood as I put huge straw banks up which I only usually turn twice through the winter. Can I just use something like Ronseal? The stable will not be...
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    URGENT Towing Question

    When towing a single horse in a twin trailer does the horse go on the left or the right? I know this has been asked loads of times before but I usually use a box so havent really taken much notice Thanks
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    Which 4x4?

    I am really considering swapping my car and box for a 4x4 and trailer, I have done all the maths and think it will work out better. Anyway I am a little stuck as to which 4x4 to go for. All of these I would be looking at getting a 1996-1998 one (that is the budget). Ideally I think a Shougun...
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    Trailer v Horsebox (cost wise)

    I am debating whether to sell my little box and get a trailer, so I thought I would ask you lot. I am after the cheapest option (as in day to day costs i.e petrol, maintenence etc). I currently have an E reg transit box 2l petrol. I usually spend about £200-400 to get it through its MOT, last...
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    Tucked up - ideas please

    I got Baron in yesterday and he appeared very tucked up behind. The only time I have seen him like this before is the day after I took him on a fun ride - it was a really hot day, he got very sweaty and would not have a drink afterwards. Anyway he went for a lesson on monday as usual, I gave...
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    Loose Droppings

    I did post about this last year but as nothing has changed I thought I would pick your brains for more ideas. Usually Barons dropping are ok (although last year they were always very loose). I have discovered apples make them very loose, not found any other causes though. No matter what time of...
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    Sharer - Contract?

    I am getting a new sharer for my horse and wondered if I should have a contract? Also are there any templates of what I should include in it? I have had my best mate share my horse for almost 3yrs but she is now pregnant so has given him up. I never felt the need to have anything it writing as...
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    12 Metre Circle (diagram please)

    Sorry if I sound a little think but can someone do me a to scale drawing of a 12metre circle at either A or C, or explain exactly how far between the letters I need to go. Or should I just aim for a 10 metre one and go a little bigger? It is for the Novice 20 test which seems so much more...
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    Low energy feed that will keep the weight

    My horse has recently become a little naughty. He has been very ill with strangles and came back into work about 8 weeks ago, all going well until recently. He does not hold his weight well, and as he was doing more work I have gradually increased his feed again. However when he is in the...
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    Boiling barley overnight (URGENT reply please)

    Sorry, im not the best cook so was just wondering..... I have added some Barley to my linseed (which has been soaking since last night) and it has been on boil for about 2 hrs. Im really tired and its nowhere near ready. So will it be ok to leave it on a really low simmer, as in not really any...
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    Boiled Barley v Micronised

    I feed my horse micronised Barley and have done for a year or so as it helps contribute towards maintaining his weight. However where I work (and have done for a few months) all the horses get boiled barley. We boil it in a huge coldren thing. 1 sack of whole barley and 2 scoops of linseed then...
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    Final Baron update

    Well had the best news ever swab is clear So we can now mark the end of the worst ever 2 1/2 months ever and enjoy the rest of our summer. Baron has been turned out miles away from other horses (with 1 horse for company) for last 3 weeks and had his swabs done. He will be...
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    Riding while pregnant

    My best mate and sharer of my horse is pregnant. She is happy to ride until its unconftable, her partner doesnt think its worth the risk. Did you ride when you were pregnant? He is a very sane horse in the school. She wont be jumping or hacking him.
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    How much to charge - sharer

    My best mate has been sharing my horse since I bought him. Shes now pregnant so wont be sharing him for much longer. Anyway, hes an 8yo 16.3 IDxTB. He has a lovely temp and doesnt put a foot wrong on the ground. He competes at Novice dressage and schooling around elementary level, quite capable...
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    Linseed - how to cook?

    I just wondered how do I cook Linseed? Do I soak for 4 hours then boil for 6 or have I got that totally wrong? Also how much should I feed and how often? It will be fed to a 16.3 who has been out of work and just about to be brought back into work, hes been very ill and lost his really shiney...
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    Bringing back into work

    My horse will have been off work for 16 weeks when I bring him back into work. First 4 weeks due to a minor cut on his leg, 10 weeks due to strangles and 2 weeks isolation. Do you think that bringing him back over 4 weeks is long enough or should I give it the full 6? Obviously I will see how...
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    For those who dont know Baron has Strangles, and he also developed Purpura hemorrhagica which is a compication. He has been ill for about 8 weeks now. Anyway - good news, he seems to be loads better Last week a 4th lump appreared just above his 3rd abcess just as I thought he was all better...
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    Bridles with Drop Nosebands

    Where can I buy one? I have a drop noseband for everyday use, but my comp bridle has a flash and the drop does not really match the leather. Do any companies make bridles with drops? I do not want to spend more than £100 really but would like nice quality leather.
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    Riding with a Roller & Stirrups

    I would appreciate opinions on riding a horse with a Roller with Stirrups attached please. I have not done it, my horse is way to bouncey anyway and would slit me in half if I got on bareback, but I have seen people riding like this. Personally I think it would put way too much pressure on a...
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    Seperation help Please

    I am asking for advice on behalf of a friend (the owner of Fancy) Recently all the horses on our yard went out 24/7. Firn has been in all winter and is now out with the others. Now Firn will not leave friends Section A Fancy alone. Both are mares. She treats it like a foal, follows it...
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    Baron Update - seems to be getting better.

    For those who have been following my posts here is a quick update. For those who havent - B has strangles, then developed the serious life threatening complication purpura haemorrhagica . He has been ill for about 4 weeks now. Anyway, he developed a 3rd abcess last week, which burst on...
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    Preventing Lami

    Can anyone either lead me to a good link, or give me some tips to help prevent laminitis? My horse is a very poor doer, however atm he has a strangles complication and is on steroids. I have been advised that he is at high risk of developing lami as the complication and the steroids both put...
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    Purpura hemorrhagica (Strangles complication) - RECOVERY TIME

    For anyone whos horse has made a recovery from this, can I please ask you to take a look at my post in vets, Thanks.
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    Purpura hemorrhagica (Strangles complication) - RECOVERY TIME

    I know I posted about this last week, but I am just curious as to how long the recovery period usually is? That is of course if he does recover. Speaking to vet last night who has put him on another 6 days steroids & antibiotics. He said deciding when to take him off the medication is the...