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    Hedgerow foraging

    Do you do this? Collect plants from hedges to feed your horse? Sometimes my ponies will do this for themselves. They particularly like gorse, also a dried nettle. I have one who will go out of his way for a fresh juicy thistle. Cleavers too. The one thing I don't pick is cow parsley as I am a...
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    Droppings not normal

    One of my ponies has been producing loose droppings since yesterday afternoon. Not liquid, but not in lumps. I have just been round the field to pick up last night's offerings and they were loose also, apart from one which was soft lumps. He's in for the day atm and what he's done inside is also...
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    Pasture management and dock plants

    I've got a small field which I use in the spring & summer for my two ponies. The ponies are very good doers, and one of them has Cushings, so I use a lot of electric tape & divide it up for strip grazing. The pasture itself is a mix of poor grass, and weeds, which suits them very well. Obviously...
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    Have you ever organised a pleasure ride for a group of people?

    I am trying to do this and am at the stage of writing a risk assessment for it (it will be in a National Park so they require this). I'm trying to think of all the things that could go wrong, and make a plan to deal with it, and one of the things that could happen is a horse injury. I'm thinking...
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    Shavings - a small whinge and recommendations wanted

    I've been using Woodpecker shavings for years. I liked them as they were flaky enough to be comfortable for the pony to lie on, and more absorbent than the larger flake ones like New Flake. But this year I have been really disappointed in them. They're more like the economy cattle grade shavings...
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    Third party insurance

    Hello all, For the past 20 years or so I've had BHS Gold membership, mainly for the insurance offered. For various reasons I would like to change providers and I've been looking about. I know I can get this through WHW but have also discovered that Harry Hall do it too. I need to decide before 9...
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    Lorry MOT testing

    I'm trying to book a test date for my horsebox. I started by looking for the VOSA website, but apparently they no longer exist, as they amalgamated with another agency and are now DVSA. So off I went to the DVSA website but couldn't find anything on there about lorry MOTs. I went back to google...
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    A rant about horsebox insurance

    My insurance renewal came through, and I had a query. I emailed the company but no-one has yet replied. I did ask another company for a quote but nearly a week later they haven't bothered to come back to me. I had similar issues when I first insured it. It's the reason I chose the company I've...
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    Advice on towing cars

    I think I might sell my lorry. I can't afford to drive it often enough to keep it running properly, things keep seizing up, then I have to spend more money on fixing it, and have even less money for diesel. I still have a trailer but would need to get something to tow it with (and also sell my...
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    Shires Hi Lite synthetic saddle

    Has anyone here got one of these? Know anyone who has one? I would be very interested to hear your opinions of this saddle, and if anyone does have one, could I be really cheeky and ask to you post a pic of the underneath so I can see how flat or curved the panels are? Thanks!
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    I spy...something beginning with R

    Ribs! My pony was standing with his back to the sun yesterday, and now that his winter coat has finally shifted, I can see the shadow of his ribs when the sun hits his side just right. He is a very good doer so I am thrilled that his ribs have made an appearance.
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    Fat deposits on neck

    I have a small pony who got laminitis three years ago. It was entirely my fault as I had let him get too fat. His neck was rock hard from withers to poll. He went on a diet and over the following months he lost a lot of weight. Since then he's been kept slim (on a permanent diet), so he has no...
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    travelling a pony loose

    Is this legal to do? There is no way he can get out of the box, all fittings are solid so no bars for him to slither under (he is 11hh) and he is too small to jump the bulkhead. He is a bad traveller and I feel it is to do with his loathing of being restrained. He leads well on a loose rein...
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    Riding therapy for injured servicemen

    I'm pretty sure I have read an article in H&H about this, sometime over the last year maybe? I've searched the H&H website and googled - got loads of stuff about what they do in USA, but I think I was reading about it happening here in the UK somewhere. Does anyone else remember this? And can...
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    Badminton question for those in the know

    I'd like to go to Badminton this year to watch some of the dressage, but can only go for one day. I'd like to make sure I see some of my favourite riders. Could some kind person give me an idea of when I can find out whose riding dressage on which day?
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    Horseboxes and hen's teeth

    I am thinking about buying a small horsebox, if I can find the right sort. I need a box which can carry two hefty native ponies. Neither is over 13.2 but both are very solid and I am working on an estimate of 1000kg for the pair. Possibly being a little unkind to them as I'm sure they don't...
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    North Devon Riding Club Show

    Does anybody have a schedule for this? Can you tell me when the M&M in hand class is please? And does anybody know where the show is as I have been told it isn't at Arlington Court this time around. Sorry to bombard you with questions. I might be taking my new pony and he has never been to a...
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    Marking tack with postcode

    There was a post in Latest News about tack theft, post seems to have disappeared. One of the things mentioned was getting tack postcoded - is there a company that does this? I want to get mine marked, is there anyone who can point me in the right direction please? Thanks.
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    horseboxes and weight limits

    Does anyone know where I can find out what the maximum load would be for a horsebox of a certain size? I have read a few posts on here about it but I am more than a bit confused. I haven't got a particular vehicle in mind just yet as I am still looking around but want as small a box as possible...
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    When does hunting finish for this season?

    Like it says in the title...
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    hip dysplasia

    I am posting this on behalf of a friend whose two-yr old dog has just been diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Does anyone else on here have experience with this? Are there any dietary supplements which can help a dog with this condition? My friend is also investigating this but I thought, there are...
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    faecal egg count - I was surprised and shocked

    Have just done my first egg count and I was shocked by the result. I have two ponies living together. Both are wormed at the same time. The droppings are picked up every day without fail. The pasture is rested regularly. The ponies are the same age (within five days of each other) and are...