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  1. MrsMozart

    Where to advertise a retirement livery yard in Fife?

    Where do people look these days when searching for a retirement livery yard?
  2. MrsMozart

    Mains Energiser - recommendations please

    We got what is meant to be a goody, only we have what must now be many miles of ver'posh electric fencing, and I want to add more while I figure out where the new Tornado fencing's going. Ours was a good few hundred and I've seen them at just over a thousand. Happy (gulp) to buy if that's the...
  3. MrsMozart

    Electric Fence Posts - recommendations please

    I'm on the hunt for what feels like the holy grail 😳 I'd very much like posts that have a decent spike that doesn't snap off at the hint of a helping heavy footed OH, that stays straight and true and doesn't do a visual of a Beckham bend, oh, and isn't a fragile wee thing that will snap under...
  4. MrsMozart

    I had to say goodbye to my darling GSD

    Five and a half weeks ago. It feels like both forever and just yesterday. She was only eight. Sudden heart failure. From thinking she'd just twanged a leg as her backend went a bit wonky to losing her lying on the floor at the vets was about two hours. I forget how long. I think really she...
  5. MrsMozart

    Spayed dog acting as though in season?

    The wee dog, JRTxPatterdale, was spayed in April. Since then a couple of times I've wondered as there's been odd signs of being in season. I ignored the first as being hormones settling. However the last few days she been humping everything in sight, I've seen three drops of blood (there's no...
  6. MrsMozart

    Anyone taken in end of life / old dogs from rescues?

    It's something I've wanted to do for a long time. We're not currently set up for it, though should be by next summer, as I'd like to have a secure spot where they could be peaceful if they wanted. A bit of a sun spot and some shade, with good warmth when the colder months come. Trying to think...
  7. MrsMozart

    Things your dogs do that aren't funny at the time...

    ... but are funny really πŸ˜‚ I have an electric bed. The control lives hooked on the side. In the morning the dogs all like to come in and say hello and have a head rub and a fuss, which is lovely, but can you see where this is going? πŸ€” One in particular likes to get a good lean on the side of...
  8. MrsMozart

    Sneezy Coughy Wee Dog

    I think the wee dog (JRT cross) has a cold. Not had a coldy dog before, is it a vet job? Or a ride it out for a couple of days? She's eating and drinking fine. Perfectly happy bouncing around field.
  9. MrsMozart

    Saw these treats - Christmas idea? I don't know anything about the seller, other than what I've read on the site, but worth a looksee :)
  10. MrsMozart

    Raised Dog Bed - Recommendations Please

    Looking for a raised bed for the GSD, though a Grottie is likely to borrow it every now and then so must be reasonably strong πŸ€”πŸ™ƒ Any recommendations folks?
  11. MrsMozart

    How to treat a flea infestation?

    Life has been a bit testing for someone close to me, and someone else, also close, is trying in her own sweet way to sort it out, only now there's cat fleas to be dealing with. Ho hum. A friend is scaring the bejeezubs out of them saying the council will have to fumigate and they'll have to move...
  12. MrsMozart

    Trailer Test to be Abandoned
  13. MrsMozart

    Best food for itchy Labrador?

    Vet says dermatitis and suggested antihistamines. He's been fine on them 'till now when he's started scratching again. He'll go back to the vet, but I was also thinking of grain-free food to try and help.
  14. MrsMozart

    Best Ice / Cooling Boots?

    What's good out there folks? I actually need them for me as I've bobbered a couple of bursars doing too much training, but as my need will be short-lived I'll get them for the yard, jic, and borrow them for now πŸ€—πŸ€ͺπŸ™ˆ Had a Google and got a bit bamboozled about what's best... The annoying thing...
  15. MrsMozart

    Best 2-Wheeled Wheelbarrow?

    I'm after wise words and recommendations folks. Need to clear a deep-littered shelter and I think I'd like a 2-wheeled beastie. I have the mighty D to push it so full weight isn't an issue per se, but stability and all round workability is a must. Oh, and if it comes in a pretty colour even...
  16. MrsMozart

    Trackers for Dogs

    After having to retrieve the small thing again from the neighbour's, who thankfully are very understanding, despite having put up chicken wire all over the place, I'm thinking a tracker would be a Very Good Idea indeed! I know I mooted it a while ago. but then she stopped going walkabout and I...
  17. MrsMozart

    Ruined (Wet!) Round Hay and Straw Bales

    Any ideas on what to do with 1x hay bale and 3x straw bales? I found out the hard way that the tarpaulin wasn't as waterproof as I thought it was... It was just a temporary thing whilst waiting for the barn to be emptied and then they could go back in there, only as with so many things in life...
  18. MrsMozart

    Setting up a new muck heap - Scotland

    I'm after your wise words folks. Setting up a new muck heap. Horses all out 24/7/365, so will be shelters muck and any paddocks poo picking. Have figured out where to site it, just not clear, at the moment what base, if any, it needs. Not near a watercourse and I'd like to either bag up and...
  19. MrsMozart

    Any Recommended Cool Coats?

    I have two hot black dogs at my feet and it's not as warm today as it was yesterday, gawd knows what they'll be like when the summer comes...(!) They have cool mats, which they studiously ignore, and I have a Dyson air cleaner fan thing running, which makes it fine for us as a general rule. We...
  20. MrsMozart

    For anyone who's ever loved a ride

    Please sign.
  21. MrsMozart

    Dogs Found - anytime recognise them?
  22. MrsMozart

    Oh Sweetpea
  23. MrsMozart

    Dogs' behaviours when their person is poorly

    I have a head cold. It's definitely a sinus thing going on. Anyhoo, I'm lying on the sofa being pathetic and the Grots are worried. They're taking it in turns to look after me... πŸ˜³πŸΆπŸ’— I'm alternating between being licked, quite possibly to death, and being head butted into oblivion. Lil'dog...
  24. MrsMozart

    At the vets with a Rottie with a poorly paw

    He was limping yesterday and today it's swollen. This is the Rottie who gets worried and so far, despite demanding cuddles all afternoon, has not let me look at it properly, just a cursory look. I've no idea how the vets are going to do it without me there. I tried to explain on the phone but...
  25. MrsMozart

    Babygro as a Dog Coat?

    Was just contemplating this idea off the back of another thread. The wee terrierist is getting out of her coat at night. I've tried the padded-with-a-zip-along-the-back and the sweater kind, neither of which stay put. She has a self-heating bed and her crate is covered with a thick fleece...
  26. MrsMozart

    Lil'dog has infiltrated

    There I was, quietly browsing t'internet looking for good field hay holders, when suddenly I notice a creature has appeared and made herself very comfortable. The stealth factor is high with this one! πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚ But ne'er mind, she makes a good armrest πŸ€—
  27. MrsMozart

    Frequency of Seasons?

    Lil'dog would appear to be in season again. No physical signs as such, just a distinct interest in the other dogs (much to their confusion) and being very keen on shoving her bum in their faces, and whining. She's perfectly fit and happy in herself. It's only two months since the last one...
  28. MrsMozart

    Anyone bought or made insulated covers for indoor dog crates?

    The Rotties are crated at night as the blighters still chew, though much improved on what they used to do. All is fine and they like their crates, especially now they can have a dog mattress in them (see more above about then having improved on the chewing front!), however if they can reach any...
  29. MrsMozart

    Anyone use Yumove?

    They have a sale on:
  30. MrsMozart

    Lil'dog Update

    Thought I'd do an update on the Lil'dog. On the whole all is grand. We have the odd moments where terrierism overrides good sense, manners and training, but she is so different to when she first came. These days she rarely growls at any of the others and never at humans. Her recall is...