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  1. echodomino

    Looking to catch up

    Just a hello and what have I missed? Not logged on for 12 months, lots going on and about to move house. Still have the two wire vizslas and the 4 Jacks, we took on a 5th Jack in March although think she's got some Chihuahua in her. Can't seem to post pictures through my kindle or at least if...
  2. echodomino

    ultrasonic anti bark box

    Have had one of the neighbours complaining about the dogs barking when we're not in, it's a bit of a tricky one as when we're at work my parents pop in and have said the dogs are quiet when they arrive and when they leave and the same is the case when hubby and I come and go. I know they...
  3. echodomino

    Bridget's Midgets update

    Been meaning for a while to put some up to date pics on, I am useless lol. They're 4 weeks old now, weaning well onto nature diet (think that's what it's called) and developing their own little characters. Got my registrations through yesterday, they're named after Beatrix Potter characters, I...
  4. echodomino

    Bridget's Midgets

    Well yesterday was eventful, I got a phone call from my brother at 0830 which I missed, I rang him straight back and asked if everything was ok to get "errrr....noooo....Bridget's just brought me a puppy in her mouth!!!" Shot round to find he'd put Bridget in the whelping box and she was still...
  5. echodomino

    Took the python out in the sun

    She wasn't sure what to make of it at first and then I couldn't get her out of the flower bed lol
  6. echodomino

    Need to catch up...

    Not been on here for aaages, we moved in April and it's taken untill now to get the internet up and running!! Soo....what have I missed? I've moved, got another job and started agility again. Mouse got a second at the weekend :D Dora is not doing so well, she keeps running off lol. Bridget...
  7. echodomino

    Keep an eye out for this man but stay away

    His dog attacked a CKCS, it's a Staffy type/Staffy cross and was off the lead with no collar. The CKCS is badly wounded but home now. It's circulating Facebook. Also, it's the guy in the blue coat and his gf, the one in the hat was helping to get the CKCS free.
  8. echodomino

    Any Staffy owners or Cayla?

    Have the possibility of rehoming a 12month old Staffy male. He's ok with other dogs but a bit wary of males after a Yorkshire Terrier went for him. He has his plums but I'd have him castrated. What I wanted to know was if any male Staff owners keep them alongside male dogs of different...
  9. echodomino

    Vibes for my Tokay please :(

    She's not been right for about a week, she shed then stopped eating and is barely moving. She's going to the vets tomorrow see if we can find out what's wrong with her. She could do with some famous H&H vibes if there are any floating around. The most shocking thing is that normally can't...
  10. echodomino

    This will make you smile.....
  11. echodomino

    Those who remember Bridget's Midgets..

    Remember the little runt Homer who went to live in Hollywood? Well...... Should have kept him lol he looks like he's going to make the size too :D He's the spit of his daddy He's the one sitting down
  12. echodomino

    "Urgent" Notice

    Urgent Notice: Potential Danger of Dog Hair In a press release today, the National Institute of Health has announced the discovery of a potentially dangerous substance in the hair of dogs. This substance, called "amobacter caninii" has been linked with the following symptoms in females...
  13. echodomino

    Puppy update

    Still need pics, not forgotten! Little lady goes in a couple of weeks and is now Bella not Trudy thank god lol. And Homer dog has outgrown his heart murmer, been given a clean bill of health and is going to live in California!!!! He's going to be a West Hollywood HWV!! He's going to live with...
  14. echodomino

    Buffy update

    Well little lady went to her new home today :'( :D She's gone to live with a policeman and his family in Surrey. Not sure I like her new name, he's thinking Trudy :s but it's a fantastic home and she'll be spoilt rotten. He lost his Weimy at 12 at the start of the year and had seen a Wire...
  15. echodomino

    Baby dogs

    Still not one of everyone but some recent pics of B's babies :D Ria Buffy (the little lady mentioned in my other post ;) ) Milo Still need a pic of Homer (the smallest, who's heart murmer the vet couldn't hear at all yesterday!!) and the other boy who's name I can't remember...
  16. echodomino

    Grr people only after puppies for one thing!!

    I've got a girl HWV puppy left after 2 homes pulled out last minute and mum had someone contact her yesterday interested in her. She wanted pics and to know if she could leave a deposit as she was in Afganistan until the end of the month. Not a problem as we're already running one on for another...
  17. echodomino

    Putting a horse on loan

    I'm umming and ahhing about putting one of my horses out on loan as I don't have the time for two any more and not sure I can bring myself to sell him at the moment. Where's the best place to advertise and what sort of things should I look out for to make sure he goes to the right person...
  18. echodomino

    Can I have some famous AAD vibes please?

    For my beautiful Millie dog? She's going in on Friday to have a lump in her bladder removed, they don't know if it's a very large stone or a tumor. Fingers crossed please it's a stone. And will post puppy updates at weekend when I go to mum's, we moved 2wks ago and no internet. Phone's ok for...
  19. echodomino

    Just bought 3 Pitbulls...

    Ah ha! Tricked you :D lmao!! They're Tokay Geckos but they are known as the "Pitbull" of the gecko world as they have .. er .. attitude :p I'm going to adopt the "deed not breed" approach and see if I can convince them not to try hanging off my fingers lol
  20. echodomino

    More Midgets 8-10 days old

    As I've been slack and not put any on :p We lost the second smallest boy at the start of the week, down to 7 but Bridget must have known there was something up as she kept pushing him out and as soon as he'd gone she settled down instead of being a stress head like she was doing. They're right...
  21. echodomino

    Bridget's Midgets

    Have arrived!!! :D Those who guessed 9 were the closest, she's had 10 *think* she's stopped!!! 6 boys 4 girls which is good because for a change there are more people wanting boys. The first was born at half six this morning, dad let her out for the toilet and thought she'd done a poo...
  22. echodomino

    Petite pois

    Or Pea puppies lol. Only got a few because she decided after 5mins that she was going to curl around them and make photo taking nye on impossible lol.
  23. echodomino

    Bridget's mummy tummy

    :D two weeks to go!! Not that she was cooperating lol Do you get the feeling she's very pleased with herself??
  24. echodomino

    Who's at Crufts?

    I know this was posted before but I can't find it and lost the will at 6 pages lol. Mum and I will be on the Discover Dogs booth with the HWVs tomorrow and going for a nosey on Sunday, my agility instructor's dogs are competing in Sunday's agility :D Stanley is entered on Friday - wish him luck...
  25. echodomino

    Stray Pitbull saves woman's life
  26. echodomino

    This is most annoying...

    Just thought I'd share this video, it's of Dudley, Dora's brother. He's further into his agility training than her and this was posted on Facebook on Saturday, bear in mind he's only 8months old and that's only his second day training to do this at a distance...
  27. echodomino

    New addition (not canine but still...)

    Meet Link my crested gecko :D
  28. echodomino

    Jumping on the band wagon: puppy pics

    Hard to believe Mouse's babies are 6 months old now, pics of Dora and Risk are from our holiday last month and I had the pics of Dudley on Facebook today, he's changed no end too Dora and Millie Risk and Millie All 4 terrier-ists and one of OH's daughters And some of Dudley...
  29. echodomino

    Finally got some pics of double trouble

    Can't believe how much they've changed - I'll put a couple of baby pics up at the end Risk, Dora, Jimmy Risk and Granny Millie Risk Risk and Dora Risk Dora Millie, Dora, Jimmy, Risk Naughty Millie
  30. echodomino

    Do we have a

    JRT Appreciation society?? If yes, I'm sticking a thingy ma bob in my siggy and if not, can I start one? As we seem to have an influx of them atm :D :p