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    How much is too much? My poor boy

    Great news! You made the right decision! Did you check for Cushings as abscesses are one of the symptoms, as is weight loss. Of course could equally have been caused by being run down after the reaction to the Liverpool cream (hope that vet feels suitably ashamed.) Cherish your darling oldie...
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    Horse and affording

    The words ‘dangerous’ and ‘rear’ and ‘ulcers’ unfortunately aren’t conducive to being a good loan candidate. The only options that I can see are retire if practicable, or PTS, which is harder for you, kinder for her. Sorry to be rather blunt - it’s a horrid decision to make.
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    Another 'which yard?' post

    Yard A all the way for me. An established yard is worth its weight in gold if it’s good, especially if you already know someone there. New yards are an unknown entity. There are almost always teething problems, and who knows what the YO/fellow liveries might have up their sleeves?
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    Oh no ! not another worry

    So very sorry. Oldies leave an extra special hoofprint on our souls. Yours will be together again now. Look after yourself.
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    Falling out of love with horses

    You’re me!
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    Livery problems

    How horrid for you. What is it with livery yards and toxic YO’s? Why does it matter if someone would prefer to move on - assuming the livery moving is all above board? If the yard is good, surely they’d fill the space again quick enough? I had a horrid experience several years ago, and it...
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    Falling out of love with horses

    I fell out of love with horses due to burn out. Two out 24/7 with zero facilities, aging parents, working with horses, foul weather, turning 50 - all those factors combined to make me resent keeping horses. I loved my two, don’t get me wrong, but it was an uphill battle. So when I lost them...
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    Livery problems

    Sounds like you’ve made the right decision to move - YO sounds appalling, and even if she did compromise on this occasion (can’t actually see where she did, however) I wouldn’t trust her with a barge pole. Bonkers person. Good luck with your new yard.
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    Main road drivers and crossing

    We had a hideous road crossing too. A narrow A road, 40mph, but the visibility crossing in one direction was awful and we had to lean over the horses’ necks to see. No-one ever spotted us, or even if they did, they’d never slow down. Both of my horses were well behaved, although the smaller...
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    Working with horses- yay or neigh?

    I used to work on a veterinary yard and had my own two horses. It burned me out and I ended up enjoying neither. I was older though - 50ish at the time - so that probably didn’t help.
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    Loss of grazing for old horse

    What a sad situation, but your beloved oldie would be happy, pain free and at peace if you let him go. Imagine how you’d feel if he was unhappy in a herd, or worse still, bullied. He sounds like a sweetie. It’s a tough decision, but if I were you I know what I’d do.
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    Thanking drivers

    I used to thank everyone with varying degrees of sincerity. Now I no longer ride so I’m always the driver in the equation, and it really doesn’t sit well when I pass riders safely and don’t even get an acknowledgement. I totally understand how some drivers think riders are arrogant because some...
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    Things from the past

    I had a separate harness to wear over my riding hat to reinforce the very unsafe elastic! The plastic chin cup was especially unattractive when it was worn slightly to one side .......
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    Sharer dilema

    Perfect. Hope it works out!
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    Sharer dilema

    If your current sharer really is perfect in every other way, why not say it as it is? Tell her you’re having issues maintaining your horse’s topline and you'd appreciate help on her part. Show her what you do and help her yourself, or suggest lessons. It would be a shame to lose an...
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    How do you afford your horses?

    Yes I thought exactly the same. How refreshing.
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    Am I being too sensitive?

    You’re the customer, a valuable part of her livelihood. She should treat you like gold. It reflects on her if you’re not the standard she expects without needing to wear a body protector or if she assumes you will have had stops. As someone already said, she sounds like one of those...
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    Does anyone feel like jacking it all in?

    I haven’t owned a horse since Feb 2017 since my last boy was PTS. I’d had horses for close to 40 years and had ridden for longer. The last few years was stressful (lameness, field accidents, shocking turnout, ever decreasing hacking, worse than bad yards) and whereas I’d have my oldie back in a...
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    Livery Yards: Time/Cost vs Facilities?

    What about fellow liveries? (Sorry, haven’t read all the replies if already covered.) I wouldn’t sacrifice a friendly, easy-going yard for the sake of being closer to home but with unknown liveries. Likewise, and probably more important, the same would apply to the YO/YM obviously. If all...
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    "Riding is not a sport"

    Ignore them. Lots of sports aren’t perceived as being sports in the eyes of those people who don’t understand/follow them. Not sure it’s worth getting angry about.
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    Advice please on what you would do with this horse PTS?

    Lovely kind and selfless owner. You absolutely did the right thing and now your horse is resting in peace, pain free. Hope you’re ok, OP. Look after yourself.
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    Is it just me or is this the worst winter for years?

    I no longer have horses, but I feel for all of you who do this winter. I have absolutely no desire to go back to owning them again - I had 40+ years of them and this winter must be up there in being of the worst. Thinking of you guys!
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    Livery Rights Question

    Wow, OP, how awful. Before I read that she is in her 60’s, I wondered if she was the same YO as I had the misfortune of knowing a few years ago. I hope you report her. She is a bully, and that isn’t ok.
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    Doing a u-turn on selling?

    As mentioned by others, yes you should still uphold your ‘first refusal’ offer to the loaner, but contact her now (phone call/visit//text/letter - all of the above, basically whatever method it takes to get hold of her), and state your intentions. I’m not sure whether the amount you initially...
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    Silly pellet bed question

    I used to water White Horse wood pellets until the water began running out the front of the bed. I’d scrape back the top pellets daily to expose the wet and remove it. I’d put a new bag (sometimes 2) in weekly, and put it at the front of the bed and just water that. I know Aquamax was...
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    A 'dunking' bucket for hay?

    My oldie loved to dunk. And as he used to crib - or rather lick (!) the top of his stable door, there’d always be little bits of hay stuck to it, or frozen on! He had a giant trug for the purpose and he had such fun. Like a poster above said, he seemed to know which bucket was for drinking...
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    What do you sacrifice to ride/train/compete

    I suppose I’m a little better off now that I no longer have horses, but not as much as I thought. I clearly spend the farrier/feed/vet money elsewhere. I never competed or ran a 4x4 or lorry so I don’t think I sacrificed anything really. My husband still has a time consuming sport so nothing’s...
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    Telling someone they can no longer use your horse

    Very well done OP! You have your horse back.
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    How do you tell your yard owner you are leaving?

    Absolutely say nothing until you have a definite space.
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    How do you tell your yard owner you are leaving?

    My friend and I gave a month’s notice to our ‘friend’ who was YO. We told the absolute truth and all seemed to go well. We discussed still meeting up, riding together etc. She appeared totally ok. Next morning we were greeted by her enraged red-faced father, accusing us of stealing, treating...