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    Royal Windsor Platinum Jubilee ITV coverage

    The Queen is a staunch supporter of native breeds but I am not sure she actually breeds any of them other than Highlands and Fells. She has been the patron of the Fell Pony Society for 40 years. I did wonder if her black mare was put in as a surprise for her. She looked so surprised and excited...
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    I found something worse to ride in than my saddle!

    I quite like not having knee rolls. But then I am old and grew up riding on saddles which were completely flat front to back and on the sides.
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    Having a horse put down - Injection or Gun ?

    I've only had to do this once so far and that was also an injection. It was still awful, having to say goodbye, but there wasn't any mishap and it went as well as could be expected. I didn't watch while the body was moved.
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    Dog owner being sued for £5m after rider was thrown from horse

    I've done a bit of beach riding and have had many encounters with dogs. Yes, I would usually stop as this person apparently did, but there was one time we all got caught out by a sand-coloured dog. None of us saw that one coming! When we came back along the dunes above the beach we could see...
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    Getting up like a camel..

    I've got one that will do what vhf's horse does, even though he is perfectly capable of rolling right over and doing the other side. The other one will roll, going over several times, then sit up and rub his belly on the ground before getting up. When I first saw him do it I thought he might be...
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    Fat horses

    I'm sure I read somewhere that a fat broodmare is less likely to get in foal than a slim one.
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    Fat horses

    The only time I would listen to anyone telling me 'don't let him lose any more' is if it came from the vet or the farrier. And that's only happened twice in many years! They are both good doers so it's easy for them to gain weight, and it can happen very fast if I don't watch out. I am happy...
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    Fat horses

    I did once let a pony get too fat and he got laminitis. It was a hard lesson - for me - and I've kept him slim ever since. I was ashamed that I'd let that happen. He weightapes in at 200kg these days and looks like a mini-racehorse. When he was at his biggest he measured in at 283kg, so he has...
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    Fat horses

    I was at a show on Sunday and the judge was giving feedback to a class I was watching. As the lady who was at the bottom end of the line came out she said, 'he's too fat, that's why he was last'. Pony who was first was nice & slim. That's the kind of judging I'd like to see more of.
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    Horse treats low sugar … treats brands

    I get NAF Hedgy treats for mine. I spent 20 mins or so reading all the ingredients lists on the packets in the shop one day, and this was the only one with no added sugar. So that's how I choose horse treats.
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    Hedgerow foraging

    Mine do have hedges to pick over but they tend to clear out their favourites rather quickly. We have just in the past few days got our first new beech leaves - I never have to trim the beech in the hedge thanks to the ponies :)
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    RIP Caroline Silver

    I too love 'Summer with Tommy'. This is sad news.
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    Hedgerow foraging

    Do you do this? Collect plants from hedges to feed your horse? Sometimes my ponies will do this for themselves. They particularly like gorse, also a dried nettle. I have one who will go out of his way for a fresh juicy thistle. Cleavers too. The one thing I don't pick is cow parsley as I am a...
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    Nettles management

    I just leave them in the sun for a day or so and dole them out a few at a time.
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    Nettles management

    I can't help you with a recommendation but I have got rid of a nettle patch that was in my field (don't worry, there are plenty more, this one was just in an awkward place). Pulled up all the growth first, then dug over the patch to get the roots out. I did have to go over it again the next year...
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    High vis tabard for picky person

    I have done the L-plate thing. I made some with some red letters stuck to white paper, laminated them and punched holes in the tops. I tied one to a plait in his tail, and hung the other from a neckstrap. I feel sure it made a difference in how motorists approached us, in a positive way that is!
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    490kgs on weight tape

    I've got one here who used to be that shape (albeit a few hands shorter). Yours looks to have a fat pad just around the tail head and also a cresty neck. Mine had those too and despite a strict diet, the fat pads around the tail & neck just would not shift, even though the rest of the pony was...
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    How to eradicate mite infestation?

    I've had a selenium-based shampoo from the vet before now, but she said only to bathe affected areas, so I didn't have to take out a 2nd mortgage to buy enough! That would get the mites under control and after that I'd apply pig oil & sulphur once a week, which stopped them coming back.
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    Can you dye Sheepskin?

    It depends what sort of dye you use. Wool doesn't take dyes the same as cloth does. If you want a good strong colour then I would suggest you get an acid dye. However, you might find that with the amount of dye you'd need, it might be cheaper just to buy a purple one! I have tried many different...
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    The price of trailers 😳

    A neighbour of mine has one of the long flat open Ifor trailers (to carry his mini-digger) and he told me the other day that although he usually trades in for a new one every few years, he can't as there is a two year wait time for those ones at the moment.
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    Hunting is in a spot of bother

    Otterhounds have been used to hunt mink, but now I don't suppose that happens. Here's a pack of otterhounds parading at Dunster Country Fair back in 2004. I thought they looked quite nice until I got near enough to smell them!
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    Hunting is in a spot of bother

    If you have facebook you might want to take a look at the post from Jamaica Inn, on the subject of hunt meets at the pub. It seems the local hunt have upset the landlord by inviting in the Beaufort. Now there will be no more hunt meets at the pub. Hunts in Cornwall seem to be particularly...
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    Whip/crop/stick - Outdated or legitimate aid?

    Yes, a long bendy dressage stick will even reach around my pony's enormous belly to scrape the ones off under there :) Also handy for going up brambly tracks, so you can lift the spiky stems above you & your pony.
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    Horse frightened of tractors

    We met a tractor on my first ride out on my pony, after he'd been broken in. He was a bit anxious about it, it was a fairly narrow lane, but he had a buddy to hide behind. The tractor was carrying a large bale of hay and a bit of it dropped off just as it passed us. My pony was in such a hurry...
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    Horse frightened of tractors

    There's one pony here who is not afraid of much. Except that at certain times he has completely panicked and got himself into a muck sweat. Eventually we worked it out - with him it's the 'tone' of the engine - it could be on a quad, or a motorbike, or even a van or something like that. It's to...
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    First time hoof boots

    I've just tried boots on an elderly pony who's had to have his shoes off. I didn't want to spend a lot in case he didn't get on with them so bought 2nd hand Cavallos. They fit him very well (he only has fronts on, his feet are quite round). He was doing fine without but there have been a lot of...
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    Hunting is in a spot of bother

    I read a report today about another hunt in Cornwall who trespassed into a nature reserve, and on to farmland, mixing with livestock. (I don't think it was the same hunt who killed a cat) They can't be trail hunting when this happens, really. Either they are illegally hunting, or the hunt staff...
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    Hunting is in a spot of bother

    Cantering Carrot, absolutely. These hunts shown are choosing to carry on like this when they know they are under scrutiny. Now this may not be a true perception but to an outsider they appear to be arrogant and unfeeling, because of what they do and how they behave. Those hunts who continue to...
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    "In search of the great horse" 14.2hh max for medieval warhorses

    You are right Cortez, the Ardennes got as far as Istanbul (I think) and had to be sent back to cooler climes.
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    Inspired by nosebands thread-Browbands!

    For my Fell I needed pony sized cheek pieces, cob-sized headstall and full-sized browband.