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  1. appylass

    Robinson's Sweet Itch/Eczema rug - anyone tried it?

    A query for a friend who doesn't 'do' the internet :) As title, does anyone have any experience / opinions on Robinson's Eczema Rug? She has a horse with SI but can't...
  2. appylass

    Any suggestions please? Transport Ireland to UK

    A friend is hoping to import a youngster from Ireland to the UK. We are having a few problems finding a good transporter and wondered if anyone had any suggestions of good firms to try - or those to avoid! General advice would be gratefully received too :) Many thanks in advance.
  3. appylass

    Rambo Sweetitch Hoodie - HELP!

    This might sound a silly question but... I have taken over the care of a friend's elderly mare who has Sweet Itch. She came with a Hoodie and I went to put it on her today only to realise I don't know how to fasten the surcingles! From the length of the straps they 'seem' to have been fastened...
  4. appylass

    Showing turnout for yearlings

    A friend has asked me to ask this question and I thought 'Breeding' would be the best place. My friend has a hunter-type yearling and is hoping to show him in hand this summer. We are not sure if it would be correct to pull his tail or plait it? His mane will be plaited. I know adults would have...
  5. appylass

    Appaloosa Stallion/ Cockaroost Stud

    A few years ago I bought two youngsters who are said to be by Cockaroost Pazaz (not certain of spelling). I've been unable to find out much information about this stallion and wondered if anyone either knows of him or has contact details for the Cockaroost Stud? Google isn't being very helpful...
  6. appylass

    Dog beds - any recommendations?

    My LabxSpringer is getting older and I feel he would benefit from a cosier bed. He likes to have high sides around him and a squishy base. I just wondered if anyone has any experiences of good sites for me to browse? Thank you very much:)
  7. appylass

    Endocarditis - any experience?

    My dog became ill rather suddenly yesterday afternoon, trembling, very quiet, lethargic, wouldn't eat. Quick trip to vets revealed slight heart murmur, raised white cells and high temp. Vet thinks possible endocarditis. He had i.m. antibiotics, is a tiny bit brighter this morning but has...
  8. appylass

    Horsebox Ramp

    I've got an elderly 3.5 ton lorry that is in great condition apart from the ramp which is starting to look its age. It can be repaired fairly easily but I have thought of replacing it with an aluminium one. Can anyone give me an idea of price? And if anyone knows anywhere in...
  9. appylass

    Please help, advice about sold horse

    A good friend of mine sold a horse about a month ago. The horse is a 6yo ISH, she was originally bought for very little from a woman who had bought her for her daughter. To cut a long story short, daughter had problems with horse rearing and basically lost interest. When the horse came to my...
  10. appylass

    Could I have bridle opinions please?

    I have just bought a new hunter bridle for my 3 year old highland. It will be for showing. I have an old jeffries hunter bridle and the noseband is slightly narrower. I much prefer the new one but other people have said it makes his head look too long and chunky. Old bridle: Waht do you...
  11. appylass

    Re. my post from a couple of weeks back...

    Oh how lovely is that. How nice to hear a happy ending
  12. appylass

    When to back youngster?

    I'm the proud owner of a delightful Highland who will be 3 in May. He has a sweet nature, is well mannered and laid back. He also is very much a baby still, he has the attention span of a goldfish and he's very croup high (around 3 inches difference) I am in absolutely no hurry to ride him, a...
  13. appylass


    I've read many times about people feeding marmite to sweet itch sufferers, mine doesn't have SI but is very itchy and I thought I'd give it a try this year. I'm just wondering how much you need to feed? I was hoping to give it on a piece of bread as he won't be having a feed through the summer...
  14. appylass

    Wolf teeth - advice please

    The thread below reminded me to ask! I have a rising 3 Highland. He had his teeth rasped before Christmas (more for the experience than because there was a problem.) He has 2 wolf teeth through and my vet said if he'd had the kit he'd have whipped them out there and then. He suggested getting...