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    50g or similar turnout recommendations please?

    Sorry to post a rug question! I'm looking for a 50g (or thereabouts) turnout rug as at the moment a rain sheet doesn't seem to be keeping mine that warm, but a 100g is a little too much especially as the weather is so changeable. I'm wondering if there are any cheaper ones around as I like to...
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    Dartford area - grazing required urgently (other ideas welcome)

    Hi all, Just been informed by a family member that they have to move their 4 ponies off their rented yard by the end of December :( Would prefer a field to rent long term with shelter and storage, but open to any options really at the moment. Area preferred would be Crayford/ Erith/...
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    Where to start diagnosing an issue?

    Also in C&T section. I'll try to keep this as brief as possible, I probably sound like an idiot, but have given myself a bit of a meltdown so need some advice/ thoughts/ suggestions from unbiased people. My mare has been out of work for a few weeks and I have just started to bring her back...
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    Where to start diagnosing an issue?

    Also in Vet section. I'll try to keep this as brief as possible, I probably sound like an idiot, but have given myself a bit of a meltdown so need some advice/ thoughts/ suggestions from unbiased people. My mare has been out of work for a few weeks and I have just started to bring her back...
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    Oats or Barley

    Hi everyone, I am currently feeding my guys haygates conditioning cubes, but am thinking of changing them to something else as I don't think they are working too well. My TB has dropped weight and although my ISH is holding weight, neither of them are 'blooming' as much as I would like - if...
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    Instructors/ Trainers in North Hampshire

    Hello everyone, I'm hoping someone can recommend a good flatwork trainer/ instructor who would be able to come to my yard in Hartley Wintney (Hants/ Surrey borders) 1-2 times a month (maybe more - depends on finances). Unfortunalty, our school is suffering from the wet weather so I don't...
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    Asking for long and low

    Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone has any suggestions for encouraging a horse to carry his head lower when working. I want to stress that I am NOT looking for an outline at all, just trying to encourage my lad to stop sticking his ears up my nose. Walk is better, but trot and canter are enough...
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    Matti's first party

    So, I was somehow persuaded to enter Matti into a dressage class which was running this Sunday, as one of my friends was taking her horse to do the combined training. Only problem was, I had less than a week to practice and learn the test. Gulp! The test was Intro A, although admittedly it...
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    Brown jacket for dressage?

    I want to get a new jacket to compete in, and was wondering if anyone knows if brown would be acceptable for dressage and jumping (all unaff, but most will probably be run under riding club/ bd/ bs rules)? Have this one in mind: Thank you in advance :)
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    First Dressage comp tips?

    So, I've been persuaded to enter Matti into Prelim 13 on 5th April and as it's been about 8 years since I last competed, I have no idea what I am meant to be doing :o I have a black tweed jacket, beige jods and black jod boots with gaiters. Is this suitable? Do I need a stock or is a tie...
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    Schooling floor plans?

    Don't know if such a thing exists, but it there a book/ website that gives some ideas for schooling sessions, almost like a dressage test (but would do 30 minutes). I'm struggling to do anything meaningful when I get into the school so need some ideas and motivation :o Thank you- orange aero...
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    Scary evening - Colic/ Thumps

    Not long got back in and feeling rather wired. Hubby did horses this evening. Got them in at about 5.30pm. Amber seemed normal at first, but was not interested in hay or feed. Then she laid down in stable, which is very unusual but she didn't appear too distressed. H called me, then watched...
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    Manage My Horse - problems?

    Anyone else having problems with the Manage My Horse website? I can't access my horses profiles or be able update anything. Rather frustrating as I was going to be very good and keep track of everything this year (especially expenses) :(
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    I think I've found my brave pants...

    We moved to a new yard before Christmas and I can safely say it's been the best thing I've ever done. Did have the issue of Amber not loading, but had help walking her to the new yard (apart from a tiny spook at the police car flying past with sirens on, she was an absolute poppet), and...
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    Anyone else's dog go bonkers after a poo?

    Or is mine just weird? When he's had a poop in the garden, he charges back in and does a wall of death around the room, grabs any toys to hand and throws them in the air, then tries to play 'chicken' with me. All accompanied by much tail wagging and barking (well, if I didn't tell him to be...
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    Calmers for travelling

    Amber is not a good loader, she travels fine, but it's a battle to get her on the box as she gets very stressed and upset. However she needs to be traveled soon so I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for good calmers that might help? Any tips in general would help actually. Blossom...
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    Artsplace Jethro shetland pony

    Also known as Jeff. Approx 33" grey reg shetland pony gelding. Sold him in May 2009 aged 3. Saw him up for sale in June/ July 2009 by a Shetland Rescue in Kent- not the person I had sold him too, and for a lot more than I sold him for. He was hogged when I sold him, paler than in photo and...
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    Deep littering straw?

    Thoughts please. Is it doable, or better with shavings/ pellets? Thanks :)
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    Self Hire Horsebox near Basingstoke

    Does anyone know of self hire transport around the Basingstoke area please? Driver is over 30 and has a normal driving licence (if that helps). Thank you :)
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    Grazing vs Facilities

    Hi all, Asking for opinions for a friend, who is looking to move their 2 ISH soon and has been to several yards. Two have ticked the most boxes. Both lovely places, very different set ups, but not sure which one to go for! Both have great pros and cons but yard one possibly more suited for...
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    Simple System meadow brix?

    Afternoon all :) Just wondering if any one has/ does feed the SS meadow or lucie brix?<sup>®</sup>Brix They...
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    Sweet Itch rug suggestions

    It looks like Blossom has sweet itch. She's always been the kind to enjoy you giving her a good scratch, but over the past couple of weeks, I noticed a couple of bald patches appear. Had the vet up yesterday for jabs and asked her to have a look, she is pretty sure that it is sweet itch and...
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    Thanks Blossom

    I had the vet up earlier to do teeth and jabs. Took them round to the stable/ tie up area as much easier than the field! Gave them a quick groom and while doing Matti, I noticed Blossom having a good old itch up the brick wall. Started grooming Blossom, all going well, until she decided she...
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    Anyone from SC&RMA Draghounds?

    Hello all, I finally have a (hopefully) non-breakable horse to ride and have been considering giving hunting a go- if I can find my brave pants that is! I read an article on the above hunt and seeing as they did/ do a non-jumping alternative, I thought they might be a good hunt to...
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    Hot towelling/ clothing

    Can anyone explain what this is please? Have seen it mentioned on a couple of threads. When doing a search, in this case, Google was not my friend as only ended up with variations on a theme of hot girls/ hot tubs/ hot girls in hot tubs etc :mad::eek: Thank you :D
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    Escape artist pony!

    Blossom is NOT in my good books right now. I found out today that for the past few days, she's been getting out of her field and 'visiting' the others :mad::rolleyes: Of course, when I have gone up there, she has been in her field (with Amber) and no one has said anything so I had no idea...
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    Mega vibes needed please

    Can't say why as not my horse, but I know their owner could really do with some serious 'pull through' vibes for a lovely horse right now :( Thank you
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    Getting a second dog...

    So, hubby has been making a few noises about wanting to get a second dog, and as I've been hoping to get a second for ages, I best make the most of it and strike while the iron is hot :D We currently have a Ridgeback x Collie (possibley some greyhound in there too), who was a rescue and we...
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    What's my boy?

    Just wondering if anyone would like to take a guess at the breeding of my lad, as I think it might be a little different to what I was told (he's a rescue). Not that it bother's me mind, I'm just curious to see if anyone else thinks the same as me. Without any more waffling- here's Blue...
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    Hi all, My tb has been unshod for 6 years and has never had a problem with her feet (even when I had to walk her 6 miles on the roads to get to current yard because she wouldn't load). However, since her last trim, she has not been quite right. In a nutshell, the day after her trim, I took...