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    Rubber mats and electric fencing

    2 x rubber mats 6x4 heavy duty cost £50 each new £60 Ono Also have electric fencing just like field guard, posts, tape and energiser currently in storage but will get more details if there’s interest. Collection from Helmshore or will deliver locally for a fee
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    Brand new equilibrium close contact turnout chaps 2 pairs size 3W One black pair never been near a horse One navy pair only ever tried on £50 Can post at cost
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    Regent long leather boots wide calf

    Really lovely pair of regent boots, had zips put in for ease of use. Great for those with a wide calf. Size 5 black in excellent condition as only used for showing. Can what’s app some pics over. Looking for £120 ono
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    For sale heiniger horse clippers great condition

    I have for sale my fab horse clippers, they are the Heiniger handy horse ones and have been really great to use. Lightweight and quiet, my late pony was a nightmare to clip when I first got him but after only 2 goes with these clippers he was fine. I've always looked after the, keeping them well...
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    Lost my 2 lovely dogs to bravecto

    Within the space of a week we have lost our beloved westies Maxy and Milo. They were old at 13 but feel that it's worth a warning to other unsuspecting dog owners. We have cats and live in a rural environment so fleas and ticks are something we have to deal with. The vets we used prescribed...
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    Ifor williams tack pack blue for sale

    I am very reluctantly selling my Ifor Williams blue tack pack, it's great for storage and transporting of tack and grooming kits. I found it especially useful at away shows to take tack etc to the stable. Very secure and easy to use. Lockable too. Collection from Rossendale or happy to possibly...
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    Tuffa suffolk country boots

    For sale Tuffa Suffolk boots hardly worn therefore in excellent condition. Brown size 5 no box £99
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    For sale nomad portable horse shower

    As title Nomad horse shower for sale, ideal to take away competing. Has rechargeable battery or can be plugged in to 12v in car/lorry. £150 collection or courier at cost.
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    For sale tweed/navy jackets ariat bromonts h2000 navy/brown hats

    FOR SALE Shires Huntingdon Tweed jacket size 38 lovely condition worn only in show ring. Have opened a pocket though £50 Shires Clifton yellow wool waistcoat again only worn in show ring so in excellent condition £40 Mears Navy Jacket size 36 excellent condition hardly worn £50 Ariat...
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    Why is it so hard to make THE decision

    Just back from seeing the vet with my poor pony, a decision I've known has been coming for weeks now has finally arrived. Why is it so hard even though deep down I knew the outcome was not good?! The decision is surgery or pts, I can't put him through surgery that probably won't work, difficult...
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    More disasters with poor pony

    Some of you may remember my thread of woe when my poor native pony came down with a virus, well I'm happy (ish) to say that he's definately over that and back to his cheeky, bossy self! However, he's been intermittently lame since this happened at beginning of December and it's getting worse...
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    What the heck is going on here???

    I posted a few weeks ago about my native pony having come down with a virus weeks after being turned away for the winter whilst I had my baby. Well he's more or less over it now but I've had him on full livery to convalesce and (thankfully) gave him an extra couple of weeks to avoid storm...
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    I've ruined my horse

    Some of you may remember recent threads over trying to find somewhere suitable both long term or short term for my horse whilst I had my baby. Well I thought I had things figured out having found grass livery where he would be checked daily if I couldn't get to him. He's been there 8 weeks...
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    Advice and opinions needed

    A bit of background; Had my horse for 7 years he's a native gelding so a hardy type, he likes to be out but through varying livery yards his turnout has been restricted in the winter. Found a nice yard for him to winter out as I've just had a baby, plan was to winter him out and find...
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    Selling second hand on HHO

    Pleased to see HH have changed the rules to allow selling of horsey items on here now. Hopefully it will be a good way to buy and sell bargains and scammers stay away!!
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    Bargain rugs for sale and ariat boots

    6ft Thermatex in ex cond sky blue bound navy, hardly used but will come up brand new with a wash £65 6ft 3 Amigo lite stable rug ideal under rug or for warm days/nights navy bound silver ex cond £20 6ft 3 Bucas Celtic stable lite brand new £40 6ft Rambo med turnout navy bound red ex...
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    Grass livery north west desperate plea for help

    I know this isn't in the correct area, I have also posted in the regional section. Please, please help me. Have been let down with grazing and my situation is becoming desperate. I'm 30 weeks pregnant and need grass livery/grazing for my native gelding over winter whilst I have my baby. I...
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    Desperately searching for grass livery

    I'm looking for short term grass livery or simply grazing if close enough for me to do daily checks. I live in helmshore, rossendale but will consider further afield. Please help with any suggestions, this would be for 6 months max due to pregnancy
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    Need some perspective

    I know many of you are well versed on the trials of life on my livery yard. But after today I feel ive reached the last straw. The need of perspective comes from me bring 12 weeks pregnant and badly hormonal, so I don't know if I'm overreacting. In short, I've been on the yard for 3 years...
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    Strange goings on

    There are a few strange things happening at my yard. The window in my pony's stable keeps on being shut, I always have it open to give good ventilation. There are sweepings up from next doors stable pushed into the front of my stable on a daily basis. A sweeping brush keeps appearing in my...
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    What do you do when you can't find a good yard???

    Just my musings, but as per title what do people do when they can't find a good yard to keep their horse??? Stick with what you have but be unhappy ? Move the search area wider and see the horse less?? Or sell??
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    So as many of you know my horse and I suffer at the hands of a mental YO. Got told yesterday that I have a wormer to pay for. I asked if there had been any worm counts done - No, that happens after they come in for the winter ( it didn't) So I asked what they are being wormed for!? - because...
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    Probably a stupid question

    Will magnetic boots help with windgalls?? My boy has windgalls on back legs, and an old ligament injury that flares up every now and then. Will these boots help?? I've been given some (think they are stable boots) and don't know much about how to use or what they are good for??
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    How late is too late to feed???

    YO seems to be changing morning feed times as and when it suits. I've been up this morning, fed, turned out, mucked out etc all before 9am and YO was still not out. Now yes it's sunday and everyone wants a lie in, but I think 9 is a bit late. These times aren't isolated to weekends either! I...
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    Motorbikes on a bridleway??

    Are motorbikes, well scrambler bikes, allowed on a bridleway. I took my pony home today to ride around my quiet rural village and on the way back up my farm lane was confronted by 3 men on scramblers. Pony was fine as he's not that bothered by things but, had I been up on the moor having a good...
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    How long do you leave your rugs on for???

    Hairy pony is now very hairy, he's now on winter turnout which means going out only 2 x a week. He's ridden most days, but despite regular brushing he's still filthy and gets warm and sweaty if ridden anything more than walk and anything more than a short hack. Problem is that I live too far...
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    Sales threads

    Is there anywhere on here to advertise things for sale?? I've some Ariat boots I want to sell but can't find any 'for sale' section? I had a quick look in the classifieds but horses and transport is all I could find!
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    Livery yard woes

    I've posted before about my worries over winter, but the problems seem to be starting already!!! Current yard: Lovely stables, well kept fields, 24/7 in summer, 2x week in winter, good storage, nice school, poor hacking and difficult YO. It's also a good 30 min drive away making it difficult...
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    Need help deciding on a car!!

    It's about time I updated my car but my OH and me are disagreeing on what to buy. Currently I have a freelander 2, I love it and has served us both very well! ( he only buys 'bangers' that he abuses with his work and just buys another one when it dies, but he prefers to use my car when I'm...
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    Worrying about winter

    Summer is always easier with horses, longer days seem to produce more time somehow! However I'm absolutely dreading winter, my horse doesn't do well being kept in too much. He gets silly and spooky to ride, bites when handling, he swells up from lack of movement, gets stiff and is generally...