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  1. Fahrenheit

    Dog Attack Bedfordshire - Can you help?!/photo.php?fbid=449547165114074&set=a.323420544393404.70934.315219701880155&type=1&theater
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    Dog Attack Bedfordshire - Can you help?!/photo.php?fbid=449547165114074&set=a.323420544393404.70934.315219701880155&type=1&theater
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    Stud doing their bit for Comic Relief

    Kind of Breeding related as it involves a Stud lol!! But just wanted to post to say I have been highly entertained by the pictures Meadow Stud have been producing to raise money for Comic Relief on their facebook page!! :D Such a great idea!!! This is my favourite one lol!! :D...
  4. Fahrenheit

    Oldencraig Regionals - Swans!!

    I just read on the BD forum that there was a swan problem at the Oldencraig Regionals, I almost entered for them, glad I didn't... not that we made it to our own regionals thanks to a few of our own disasters!!
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    Medium FSM Debut!

    I don't usually do competition reports but have come to the conclusion that my horse is never going to get a write up in the h&h, so I decided to blow his own trumpet for him :p Last Sunday (24th June) we trundled off to Kings EC, a little nervous has not been to a show since March (when he...
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    Eurovision been saying this for years :rolleyes:
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    Who stole all the filly foals this year?

    I admit it... it was me :D I have 5 fillies out of 7 foals, and one still left to foal! :) But to be fair... I haven't had this many fillies since 2003... I think it was my turn ;) and whilst i'm making a trival and frankly very pointless post... The nail test... useless at...
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    I don't usually post about my horses BUT...

    I taught myself to cut videos together for you tube the other night and thought I would share one of my efforts :) Maybe i'm not such a technophobe after all!! lol
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    Death at Hand EC Thoughts with all concerned :(
  10. Fahrenheit

    Footballer Collapses on pitch at Tottenham v Bolton
  11. Fahrenheit

    TV Show 'Luck' axed after third horse dies filming
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    Where do you look for yard to rent?

    Just wondered where people are looking when they looking for a yard to rent, have had mine on a couple of sites but think I need to put it in a few other places. Thanks :)
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    Help where to find a temp groom...

    Due to the delightful NHS booking me in for an operation on 23rd December :rolleyes: I need to find a groom to look after the neds from 23rd Dec to 6th Jan... perfect timing :rolleyes: Not had a groom for YEARS so any suggestions of websites, places to put adverts etc gratefully recieved!! :)
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    Loading Bay near Solihull/Tamworth/M42

    see link
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    Dressage at Hickstead this week

    Anyone know who the photographer was please? I soooo forgot to check... I am blaming the 2.45am start!!
  16. Fahrenheit

    The Hand - Delight Show Photos

    Can anyone tell me who the photographer was please :) thanks!
  17. Fahrenheit

    Dog Agiility

    Anyone know any Dog Agility clubs in Gloucester area? I want a friendly one please... now Bear is 2yos I would like to take him to Agility (and Hugo when he's old enough... thats IF I can ever teach to him walk on the lead lol). I used to take my old dogs back in London, they loved it, I didn't...
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    Can anyone give me any info on the stallion Brunswick, other than whats on allbreedpedigree (as thats clearly wrong ;) ) Sire, dam, year of birth would all be fab info!
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    Boxer Pups all growed up!

    Navalgem's boxer pups are all growed up and ready to go to new homes, Celeste has already gone and i'll be picking up Hugo as soon as I can... VERY excited!! Latest pics (had to link facebook as photobucket won't let me log in!)...
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    PUPPY MADNESS... latest pics!

    The latest pics of Navalgem's puppies :D and remember Hugo is ALL MINE ;)!/album.php?aid=43029&id=100000013715994
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    My new puppy!!!

    As requested I am posting this in here, its already in SB :D This is Hugo, the boxer puppy :D I'm sooo excited, he's only 4 weeks at the mo, so still got a few weeks to wait til I pick him up!! These are his 3 sisters and 1 brother :) Twist Celeste Bella and...
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    SHB(GB) Stallion Grading today... Any news yet?

    Any news on which stallions were forward and who has passed yet? Was suppose to be going but didn't get my butt into gear in time ooops!
  23. Fahrenheit

    BD Elementary 59 2010

    Can someone message me the movements please has we don;t seem to have it, even though we have bought all the new tests :/ Thankies :)
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    Any spot in this weeks h&h....

    the forum member and forum stallion advertising horse feed??? lol
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    Groomsbridge stud

    Anyone know what Groomsbridge Stud's user name is now on hho, as I can't find her in the user list... I am probably being blind but I am going to blame the new forum lol :)
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    Woodchip Arena Surfaces

    We have put up a lunge pen so we don't trash the big arena, any recommendations for who to buy a wood chip surface from please?
  27. Fahrenheit

    Which photo should I use??

    Ok not a problem for online ads as can use a few but which should I use on my magazine advert for this horse?? These are recent and have been taken since he started BSJA as his main discipline and this was taken on one of his very few outings as a 5yo, when BD was his main discipline...
  28. Fahrenheit

    New way to park your horse video!

    For your entertainment or a tip for keeping your boots clean if you have a short well behaved horse.... This is how my rider keeps his Konigs clean when the car park is muddy Hope it works!!
  29. Fahrenheit

    Amateur Championships this week

    Who's going?? and How wet do you think we are going to get
  30. Fahrenheit

    Summerhouse Sat 31.10.09

    Can anyone remember who the photographer was please? It wasn't action shots or cotswold photography