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    spud and Carrot

    I think that's where they went to but when the RSPCA (who were supposed to be monitoring) didn't remove them I thought it was the WWF but I could be wrong that's why I thought I would ask in here. But thank you you may be right.
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    spud and Carrot

    This is directed at people who have been on the forum for a few years who will remember H & H forum members turning up with the papers. Does anyone remember the charity that rescued the ponies named as spud and carrot a few years ago? Was it WWF? Thank you for any help.
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    Help this is on Facebook please help if you can

    Thank you me too quite sad that no one has seen him
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    Help this is on Facebook please help if you can

    Try this
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    Help this is on Facebook please help if you can

    This is the first story I read about Spot &#128543...
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    Help this is on Facebook please help if you can

    Spot has been missing for a while if anyone can help please read...
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    Courier issues, please read

    Take them to the small claims court
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    How much should I budget for horse ownership?

    Would have to say. Grass livery is all very well until your horse/pony is ill and needs a stable? So always check that if you needed one you would be able to access one immediately. Also depends where you live in the East Midlands. Nottingham? Derby? All area's do vary and even grass livery...
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    Arthritis ??

    Have watched the video which is very hard to Judge as you are out of the picture 75% of the time and it's sideways on. Would be better if you can get someone to video you. Sorry it doesn't sound very helpful also having the yellow legs bands on two legs is off putting although I would say that...
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    Now have to move yards :(

    Then when you leave report her to the tax man and the council as she should be paying business rates.
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    Now have to move yards :(

    What rubbish. The YO did not inform Griggster1990 that they were putting two more horses in. If the YO is taking money she has a duty of care. Which does not include putting strange horses in without giving the owner chance to be there incase of injury and infection. Any YO worth there salt...
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    your opionions PLEASE!!!!

    Why can't you use stick in electric fence? I didn't mean major fencing just tape posts and battery? 15 minute job?
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    your opionions PLEASE!!!!

    Can you not fence off a smaller area that is still near to the company on one side? I would still bring him in at night especially with the weather at the moment and if he is not stressing being bought in it will all help with the handling.
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    help needed with badly behaved donkey

    Haven't been on here for quite a while but was supprised no to see the lady from the Donkey place not replying to this thread I can't remember her name? DonkeySanctuary or something like that. Anyone?
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    Sold horse new owner trouble

    OK apologise had only read first 2 pages but didn't you see her ride? Couldn't you see there was a possible problem? You need to tell them that you have to be able to see the horse's condition and even speak to the instructor while watching her or even the instructor ride the horse where it is...
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    Sold horse new owner trouble

    If your not a dealer? then surely 4 weeks is not that long to take the horse back even some bad dealers offer 28 day return. If they had said after 2 weeks (which you mentioned earlier) you would probably have said they haven't given him long enough. If the horse was such an Angel then there...
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    Sold horse new owner trouble

    If you sell more than 3 horses a year you are classed as a horse dealer 'apparently' according to Horse & Country. What do you do as self employed in equestrian?
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    Best places to live Derbyshire

    Why what's the matter with Notts? Didn't you live south Notts for a while?
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    Automatic water feeders in stables ... love 'em or hate 'em?

    There are good and bad points to automatic water feeders. You have no idea how much water your horse is consuming and they can freeze in bad weather. But saves on water bills and carring heavy buckets. So like anything its a matter of choice by your YO
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    Another beach death :(

    Nothing suprises me anymore with regards to Travellers and horses
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    Recommend me a small car trailer

    Are you sure? this trailer does not seem to be for trailing livestock or horses?? Or did you not want it for trailing horses?
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    Where can I get a Bulk load is shavings in Lincs?

    Try this old thread a few from Lincs area Argo seems to be quite popular. Hope this helps Or these :)
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    OP good on you. I hope you manage to get the owner some help with trading standards. Let us know the outcome.
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    Love this advert Thats better
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    Labs - yellow v black

    ^^This with all the labs we've had Yellow and black all bitches all intelligent. I think bitches are better don't wonder like dogs:D
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    Living in/near Barnstaple North Devon/Livery

    Me too:eek::p:D Which hamlet are you in?
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    Hello East Midlands!

    Hello I'm Nottingham born and bred (but moved down south) But I still come to Nottingham and hold my allegiance here:D So I can visit and know where peeps are talking about:p
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    DIY Livery yards in Nottingham??

    I have sent you a pm.:D
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    DIY Livery yards in Nottingham??

    Are you expecting Hay/straw included in that?