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    Who on here used to work professionally with horses?

    I started helping a private yard up the road from me when I was 17 whilst doing my A levels to fund my own horses at the time. Realised I really enjoyed it so started advertising freelance groom services when I was 19 after finishing/failing my A levels. Worked at local pubs whilst setting up...
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    How practical is it to have two horse at different yards?

    I had 3 horses at 2 different yards for the last 2 years. It was doable as I worked at the yard my mare was at and I rent 3 acres on a farm a 10 min drive away for my other two who live out. It took 2 and a half hours to sort all their basic needs not including riding. I'm currently off work...
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    Having a horse and a horsey career?

    As someone who's been a groom for the last 10 years I really recommend not going down the horsey career road. Don't get me wrong I've adored every second, love working outdoors, I plan my own day and even better my own horses were never a chore despite looking after everyone else's. I've met...
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    Monthly cost of a horse?

    I have 3 horses, 2 ridden and keep mine very cheaply but I'm so lucky that my yard rent is so cheap, they live out too and rent includes water, lights, stone barn they can access from the field and hay storage. All are barefoot and get minimal feed, thank god the thoroughbred is a good doer 🤣...
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    Best stirrups for foot injuries

    Barefoot shoes look interesting, maybe further down the rehab journey! Currently there is no bend in foot and tip toes for example is impossible due to pain/mechanically won't go in that position. So maybe something bendy like the flexons won't help? Wider foot bed sounds like it might work...
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    Best stirrups for foot injuries

    I've never been interested in the freejumps due to mixed reviews and breakages. Would be even more dodgy trying to bring back into work 2 fresh horses and a having a dodgy foot and now leg as I've lost so much muscle in my calf and thigh!
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    Best stirrups for foot injuries

    I'm hoping to have the all clear to ride again this week 🤞 after fracturing my midfoot with a lisfranc ligament tear. My current stirrups are 10 years old which I picked up second hand, just normal bog standard ones. I'm thinking I'm probably going to need some more supportive ones, especially...
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    Red Rufus? Anyone else not received their order?

    As title really, put an order through them for some agrobs feed back on 6th September and I still haven't received it! Horses are out of feed now and don't want to buy something else and then it turn up. Plus I spent a lot of money with them and with me off injured currently I've got to be very...
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    Are ex-racers as high maintenance as its claimed?

    I got my chap straight from the trainer as a 3 year old, wasn't really looking and only went with the OH for a yard tour as he was thinking of having a share in a horse there. Ex flat, great breeding but a terrible race horse. Far too much effort even if he had the speed. One race track he tried...
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    Advice on 3 year old thoroughbred

    I bought my lad straight from the trainer as a 3 year old. Agree with others saying keep him in light work and gradually turn him away. I rode my chap lightly out hacking for 6 weeks then turned him away. He wasn't used to turnout and by the time I stopped riding him he could then manage 9 hours...
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    Would you use a poo picking service?

    I provide this service as a freelancer. I charge £15 for the first hour and then £10 after. I'm normally pretty busy, especially in summer with poo picking. I do get the pleasure of riding quid bikes and tractors at some yards which make the task a lot more easier physically! I poo picked 21...
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    If you have/had an equine career, what is it?

    I'm a freelance groom and been doing it for almost 10 years now. I started with one yard then word of mouth traveled and got another. Got layed off my job so thought I'd start advertising and got a few more yards. It's a lifestyle and not a 'job'. I've worked for some cracking people but do come...
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    Can you imagine life without horses?

    I literally couldn't imagine life without horses, I've had a minimum of 3 for over 15 years and I've worked in the equine world for the last 10 years. I do sometimes wonder where I would be in life if I didn't have them, I'd probably have my own house by now and maybe even a child. I am however...
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    Season problems, can it make them lame?

    Just to update thread, vet came today and xrayed hocks and stifle. Clean as a whistle with no issues which is fab news, in fact vet was surprised how good they were. However its looking like it could be sacroiliac issues which isn't good news. Vet still thinks ovaries could be playing a role so...
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    Season problems, can it make them lame?

    Such an interesting article! My girl lists so many symptoms! Right hind looks like the problem as well. She didn't look great at all yesterday, really tight and wouldn't flex much at the hock so swung her right hind outward lots and dragged both hinds (you could see the scuffs in the school...
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    Season problems, can it make them lame?

    That's interesting, will go have a read of that. I think she's come out of season but is still toe dragging quite badly. Will ring vet on Tuesday and see where we go from here. I'm thinking of hock xrays?
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    Season problems, can it make them lame?

    Thanks guys for your replies 😊 she's not tarty, literally the opposite in fact. She doesn't want anybody near her and will attack if another horse comes into her space. When she's out of season she's quite sociable and whinnies to other horses. I've tried the injection (worked for the first two...
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    Season problems, can it make them lame?

    I've posted a few times about my girl and her horrendous seasons. Last season I thought she had a tumour on her ovary as she turned extremely aggressive, trying to hurt other horses and myself too! She was also very sore all over and looked lame. Vet came out to scan her and typically she came...
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    granulosa cell tumour? Or something else?

    That's very interesting! Did she come off the regumate before the op? What was she like then? As I'm really worried what she's going to be like but then again it's not working anyway! She isn't insured so I'll have to fund the op, not sure how 😭 but if it means there's a chance she is pain-free...
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    granulosa cell tumour? Or something else?

    Scan was fine and no sign of anything on the ovaries. But it does look season related and its causing her a lot of pain. We just don't know why, plus she shouldn't be able to season whilst on such a high regumate dosage. Vet has taken blood and I'm to do a diary of her behaviour. Typically she...
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    granulosa cell tumour? Or something else?

    That's what I thought too, I suspect she probably has gut issues due to what ever is going on with her. She responded really well to Ron fields pre ulcer powder and is on it all the time now. When she's well she's at her best on high levels of vitamin E, mag ox and the pre ulcer powder but none...
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    granulosa cell tumour? Or something else?

    I'm hoping so much its ovaries as then can just get them out! She isn't insured and I would have to get a bank loan to pay for it but if it meant she was comfortable then so be it! She's only 14hh on a tall day so 12ml is a lot of regumate for a horse her size, plus I hate handling the stuff...
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    granulosa cell tumour? Or something else?

    My mare has had hormone problems since she was very young (homebred), I had her scanned when she was 6 and found her right ovary was more enlarged than the other. Started the injection which worked initially and then stopped working. Then was put on regumate at 6ml, she's 11 now and on 12ml and...
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    Equimins vitamin e

    After just two days with double the dosage I've already seen a big difference! She's much softer in her eye and I can just about lift her tail without her hind end spasming. She's still sore in her hamstrings which is normally her worst area but they don't feel as rock hard as they were...
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    Equimins vitamin e

    That's what I've done tonight
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    Equimins vitamin e

    I feel quite relieved but angry reading this! My mare who has pssm hasn't been particularly 'right' for a while now and has been bucking/explosive, increased aggression and has been quite tight over her back end. As she's been on 9000iu of equimins vit e, my vet and I suspected it could of been...
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    Is spring in the air?

    I love winter 😁 and it's far from over yet. I'm a bit of a weather fanatic and weather watching in winter is absolutely fascinating especially this year! There's been a lot of stratosphere warmings in the artic in the last month which has really disrupted the polar vortex. The polar vortex is...
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    Ron Fields nutrition

    I've heard so many positive experiences about Ron's fields including my own! Transformed my mare who wouldn't let me rug her, groom her and was very sharp to ride at times. Also put her on the 4 silent calmer when moving to livery for the first time and it's definitely taken the edge off...
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    Covid impact of our Equestrian Lives

    I'm exactly in the same boat! I've literally almost had the whole year off, I had an operation in February and then the week after I started working again lockdown 1 happened. Financially I'm crying inside but OH worked all through both lockdowns so managed to keep a roof over our heads! So all...
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    Too expensive?

    The good and bad thing about the yard is it is a fantastic livery yard and people don't tend to leave once they come hence why if I filled them up with DIY, those spare boxes will be filled for a while. Great for the yard owner, not so good for me as I wouldn't benefit at all. I could just about...