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  1. Crackerz

    Correct WH attire?

    Bargain!! Just ordered 1, not that i don't already have a million yellow shirts haha Edited to add, if it's a darker brown tweed, i'd probably look out second hand green one, but that's mostly because i think the darker brown tweeds look a bit cheap, so it's my personal pref. Also, if...
  2. Crackerz

    2 Grey Exracers - Things Arent Always As They Seem

    Lovely pic! Good luck at the weekend!
  3. Crackerz

    Best Sat Nav for 3.5t box please ?

    Google maps on my iphone, its taken me all over the Country!
  4. Crackerz

    Riding tights?

    Ha! Well atleast they are doing the job at the moment :) I want riding tights too, but i dont really want to pay more than £20 as i'm really hard on yard clothes and things get ruined so fast, but decathlon only have small sizes left :(
  5. Crackerz

    Riding tights?

    I want some but they don't go wide enough :( Love that it says 'Designed for beginner riders' though :D
  6. Crackerz

    A new pony introduction

    Super!!! I hope you have many happy times together! Congrats :D
  7. Crackerz

    Double bits

    This thread just minded me i needed to look for a new narrow set on ebay :D
  8. Crackerz

    Does anyone drive a highland?

    Plenty of us! I have a colt foal arriving next month too
  9. Crackerz

    Welcome to HHO Towing Clinic

    I think it was a general chit chat & tack type of page? I'm on all sorts of horsey FB pages haha. Definitely sounds like the same post, i started replying to a couple of people saying they were giving incorrect info, then i realised over three quarters of people were saying she couldn't, so i...
  10. Crackerz

    Does anyone drive a highland?

    The NF's aren't quite as cheap as they used to be at the sales, what with the controlled breeding in place now. I went to the sales in May to spend less than £200 on a yearling colt & they all went for more (still cheap though!!) But yes, i agree a NF would be a much better option, as i'm a...
  11. Crackerz

    Inhand showing bridle advice

    That's just local showing for you! I run a local show and make sure my judges are highly knowledgeable or conformation and experienced in affiliated showing. But i know that plenty of shows just let any Joe Bloggs that runs a livery or something judge, regardless of real life showing experience :)
  12. Crackerz

    Welcome to HHO Towing Clinic

    I think i was the one that pointed people here, if it's the same Facebook post! :D
  13. Crackerz

    Sound silly but... when to use my stable?

    I only bring in during adverse weather conditions, i've never been on a livery yard where people all bring in at night or day, or that it was expected.
  14. Crackerz

    Welcome to HHO Towing Clinic If that link doesnt work, it's on page 300 :)
  15. Crackerz

    Prascend- cheapest safest suggestions

    I buy a whole box at a time, so my vet matches the cheapest online quote which saves me the hassle of shopping around and messing about with prescriptions
  16. Crackerz

    Am i just losing Interest :(

    Exactly this
  17. Crackerz

    No shade in this weather

    Same. Mine are wooden though, they came in for an hour Saturday and were so sweaty after just an hour! No sweat at all in the field though, not even behind their ears under their fly mask. They don't look over warm or tired either.
  18. Crackerz

    Hi from the Cotswolds

    Welcome :) I work at a well known Uni in the Cotswolds :)
  19. Crackerz

    Kira on tour.... Welsh Dressage Champs report

    Well done! Lovely report. I like Broomes, but it if it's hot, it's REALLY hot there, if it's cold, it's like the arctic there! Seems to hold the extremes of the weather haha
  20. Crackerz

    Royal International Horse Show

    I'm using mine of Friday, going to watch a couple of friends jump in the M&M WHP - keeps a look out for Oaklands Seashell (Connemara) and Willoway Free Spirit (New Forest) if you go on Friday!
  21. Crackerz

    Judges Funny Comments

    Once at an affiliated show: Judge: 'You know why i had to drop you from 1st to 3rd obviously' (after a foot perfect show and lovely inhand section) Me: Just looked baffled Judge 'Well obviously his big splint!' After class i jump off Frankie Dettori style thinking he had grown a blemish...
  22. Crackerz

    Judges Funny Comments

    This part could be talking about my now retired pony :D :D hahahaha!
  23. Crackerz

    what height is right for me??

    I'm 5'2 and my biggest pony is 13.2hh.... (profile pic) you'd look tiny on him at 6st!
  24. Crackerz

    Scaremongering or will hay prices be through the roof in winter?

    I'll just feed haylage if i have to, everyone around here took a second cut a fortnight ago and apparently yield per field was up
  25. Crackerz

    Strip graze or track?

    I though about track, but 2 of mine fight in narrower areas, so strip grazing it is for us, gives them more escaping from each other space
  26. Crackerz

    Give me a show with an extension , a what now ?

    Front of the ring really, not behind the line up :)
  27. Crackerz

    Tekna saddles have a 20% sale.

    What are they like on wide back/shoulder ponies?
  28. Crackerz

    Weekend plans?

    It started cloudy and cooler today, but bam, lunch time and sun blazing again! Yuck. Tomorrow i have a day off work to get stuff done, Saturday i have a long run, ponies, then off to Twickenham to see Eminem! Sunday = mostly ponies
  29. Crackerz

    I need new foal passport name ideas!

    So many to think about! Thank you everyone!
  30. Crackerz

    Can i show my 14.1hh black cob?

    Looks more of an inbetweeny to me, not quite a cob as not much bone, but also not quite a sporty type. I quite like! I think i prefer no feathers, but she isn't heavy enough to hog so i'd probably thin & plait the main and pull the tail. You can whizz round WHP classes, pony club pony, family...