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  1. Beausmate

    Boots for arthritic paws?

    After recommendations for some boots for my creaky Grottweiler. Warm and soft, but resilient, and waterproof would be good too. Must also open out for insertion of boneless, floppy paws (how do they do that?!) and stay put once on. Any suggestions/ones to avoid? Thanks!
  2. Beausmate

    If you've a Rambo Sweet Itch Hoody and...

    ....the bloody ear holes are too close together to fit without cutting your horse's fuzzy little ears off, there is hope! There is a line of stitching on the head part that goes between the ears, if you carefully cut the stitching (a stitch unpicker would be ideal, but small, sharp scissors...
  3. Beausmate

    Calling Appy Experts!

    My big, daft Appy x rhino mare has undergone a dramatic markings change. If they are going to varnish out, what age range does this usually start at and how quickly does it happen? She has considerably more white on her head and more white spots on her shoulders and gullet than she did in her...
  4. Beausmate

    Font Romeu 03/03/93 - 25/02/18

    So long, you silly auld fule. Look out for SHH and M. And thanks to A B for the opportunity to put up with the daft sod for all these years. This year better improve soon...
  5. Beausmate

    Goodbye Small Hairy Horse 2010-2018

    Just too awesome for this world :(
  6. Beausmate

    Fal Or Premier Equine?

    Or any other 50gm turnouts that can take a liner? TIA.
  7. Beausmate

    Unsubscribing from Robinsons

    As I am no longer buying stuff from Robinsons, I unsubscribed from their emails. Should have been simple enough, right? Nope. I am now receiving unsolicited emails from... guess who... Sports Direct. I unsubscribed from the fourth email in as many days this morning :mad: Has anyone...
  8. Beausmate

    Eventa Rein Grips

    Does anyone here know if you can actually buy these without being a saddler? I've got some reins with grips I don't like and want to swap them over. I have a pair of Eventa reins, but I really don't want to have to break them for spares if I can help it :D Cheers dudes :)
  9. Beausmate

    How Far Gone?

    As I seem to have inadvertently bought a (probably) pregnant mare, and I've not had anything much to do with broodmares for over twenty years, and not very much then, I was wondering if you experienced people could give me a rough estimate on how advanced this mare might be. I know there are a...
  10. Beausmate

    Oh **** Might have a BOGOF

    Home pregnancy test showed a positive, vet coming tomorrow for a blood sample to confirm. 'Not in foal' vibes required here! It is absolutely the last thing I need right now. Why are people so bloody irresponsible? :mad::(
  11. Beausmate

    If You Are Advertising a Horse For £££,£££

    Then why not invest a few quid in a decent (pro) rider and a competent (pro) photographer? Then your amazing/scopey/uphill/fantastic prospect/beautifully moving well-bred horse might not look so much like an average/rushing/on the forehand/poorly schooled 'meh' type of horse. When the only...
  12. Beausmate

    Colour Geeks - What Do You Think Her Base Colour Is?

    Chocolate brown, darker legs and cream rather than white feet.
  13. Beausmate

    New Horse - I've Lost The Plot!

    Last Sunday morning a box arrived in my yard and deposited a funny-looking mare. Gawd knows why I bought her, I don't 'do' mares and she's not my type, plus I wasn't even looking (oops!) and to cap it all, I did something extremely inadvisable and bought her unseen, untried and unvetted. :eek...
  14. Beausmate

    First It Was Chickens

    Now it's doggy print rugs :D Still waiting for the farm animals/fish/umbrellas etc. ;)
  15. Beausmate

    Trailer Floor Replacement Devon

    Hi folks. Can anyone recommend someone to replace the floor in my Rice? South Devon area preferably. Thanks muchly. :)
  16. Beausmate

    Looking For A Hacking Buddy Marldon Area

    As title. :D
  17. Beausmate

    Never Seen a Horse Quite that Colour

    Hunter/showjumper over there >>>>>> One for Faracat :D
  18. Beausmate

    X-country courses South Devon?

    Does any one know of any available for schooling in the Newton Abbot/Torquay/surrounding areas? Baby stuff upwards. Thankies :)
  19. Beausmate

    Hacking buddy. Marldon/Compton areas.

    Anybody fancy meeting up for a ride sometime? :)
  20. Beausmate

    Goodbye to Toby Balding.
  21. Beausmate

    Quick! Call the taste police!!

    Whatever next?!
  22. Beausmate

    Nobivac l4 side effects?

    Has anyone's dog experienced side effects as a result of this vaccine?
  23. Beausmate

    Looks like another risk to off-road riding. Petition.

    Found on a 4x4 forum, but it would affect riders and carriage drivers too.
  24. Beausmate

    The ultimate haybar/munch station? I'm thinking it was originally used in a stall and that the two holes in the side that look as though they should have taps in, are actually where the rope went...
  25. Beausmate

    URGENT! Three stables and grazing needed - change of location.

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am now looking for three stables, or a big shelter/barn and fairly non-fattening grazing for my three. Within ten miles of Newton Abbot/Kingskerswell/Torquay. Many thanks.
  26. Beausmate

    Three stables (barn/shelter?) + flexible grazing wanted S. Devon

    Still trying to find a good yard! Sole let would be ideal, but a small, friendly livery yard could suit. In the Kingskerswell, Dainton, Ipplepen, Woodland areas. Here's what I'm after... Flexible grazing, as I have two fatties and one skinny who like to be out as much as possible. One of...
  27. Beausmate

    Best reins for long manes?

    As above really, I'm wondering which type of reins (if any!) are less likely to snag in a huge, bouffant horsey hairdo? And no, I'm not going to hog him! :p
  28. Beausmate

    Another sarcoid v toothpaste thread!

    Ok, I said I'd post this if something happened, well it has! Horse is a twenty year old thoroughbred who developed his first sarcoid aged six. Several more followed and he's had the ones on his sheath, midline and inner thigh for over ten years, the ones on his chest and axilla (armpit) are...
  29. Beausmate

    Gatehouse AirRider problem

    Has anyone had one of the above with an excessively long strap? I have recently returned one with that fault, I have a feeling the seller has taken it out of the packaging, looked at it and said 'oh look, they haven't shortened the strap-duh!' shortened said strap and sent it back to me. I...
  30. Beausmate

    Fish. On a bridle?

    Well I've never seen anything like this before! I sort of like it, but then I sort of think it's weird. Mmmm....