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  1. Fahrenheit

    Blob small for covering dates - explain?

    Do you know when she ovulated? If you didnt check for ovulation and just went on cover date she could have ovulated a couple of days after covering or if you did check for ovulation i've had plenty of mares fire off a second follicle a day or two after the first, leading to a few sets of...
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    Pony to thoroughbred breeding

    I've just used Meadow Stud's pony stallion Romulus on my 16.2h TB mare... quite excited. Last year he was used on the Wexford Lady, should be interesting :) I used Ousbek (Elite JA stallion) on some bigger mares a number of years ago with some very interesting offspring :)
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    Having 2 horses and working full time, how do people do it?

    I used to work in the centre of London, I had 3 competing horses at the time, I used to leave for work at 7am and not get home til 7pm. In winter I wouldnt see them in daylight during the week! It requires dedication! :rolleyes: I used to get up at 4.45am feed muck out and turn out in the dark...
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    foster mare urgently required. Also in TR!/gemma.pople/posts/10201073774834765
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    Cash Point Stallion

    If you go on the Meadow Stud facebook page they do regular updates... on 8th March is a lovely picture of him when he was joint winner of a 7yo class.
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    Dog Attack Bedfordshire - Can you help?

    Totally agree.
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    Long over due update!

    Well done :D it was a great Regionals!! :cool:
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    Dog Attack Bedfordshire - Can you help?!/photo.php?fbid=449547165114074&set=a.323420544393404.70934.315219701880155&type=1&theater
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    Dog Attack Bedfordshire - Can you help?!/photo.php?fbid=449547165114074&set=a.323420544393404.70934.315219701880155&type=1&theater
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    What stallion would you use for this mare?

    I would have no qualms about putting him on a sharp and/or stressy mare. He is within the OPs budget, is a local stallion to her and is throwing excellent foals with great temperaments, i've seen some out of similar mares and think he will give her what she is looking for. I am expecting 2...
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    What stallion would you use for this mare?

    Cash Point :)
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    Stud doing their bit for Comic Relief

    Kind of Breeding related as it involves a Stud lol!! But just wanted to post to say I have been highly entertained by the pictures Meadow Stud have been producing to raise money for Comic Relief on their facebook page!! :D Such a great idea!!! This is my favourite one lol!! :D...
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    Stallion Suggestions for my mare please?

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    Should I sell?

    There is schoolmasters and there is schoolmasters. To me a true dressage schoolmaster is not for a novice rider... no offence intended, a dressage schoolmaster knows their job but still requires the rider to be able to push all the right buttons, to me you need a more allround schoolmaster...
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    Good Quality dilute show jumping stallion sought

    Crowns Blue Pearl is the only top showjumping dilute I know but his son Crowns Ace of Pearl is looking good to follow in his footsteps having been winning at 1.20 as a 5yo. I've been watching the dilutes for a few years trying to find one I would...
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    sj/eventer stallion choice

    I've used Cash Point and Chaos, excellent choices :) Also used Landtanzer and Irco Lhee... had beautiful foals by all the Meadow Stallions :)
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    youngstock livery in cornwall wanted

    Try Trevoulter Barton Stud at Poundstock near Bude :) I *think* the website is
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    Pony stallion, big mare

    When my 14.2 JA stallion was put on a 16.3 ISH and a 16.2 WB (both had had foals before) both foals made 15.1, not as big as you would have expected. Yet I put my 16.2 stallion on my 14.2 JA (maiden mare) and that foal has now made 16.2! :rolleyes:
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    Stallion Showcase GB

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    Okay, so who's hoovered a horse?

    not used a hoover but have used a hairdryer and hair straightners on a few :rolleyes:
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    Rider fatality at BS show Sunday

    Very very sad :( My thoughts are with all her family and friends.
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    Where to advertise broodmare?

  23. Fahrenheit

    Where to advertise broodmare?

    I always look on Horsequest and sometimes Horsemart and Horsedeals :) These threads always make me wonder about the mare and who they are in foal to :rolleyes: ;)
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    finding a dresassage stallion for a SJ mare line

    Bubble Up is by Sandreo (Sandro Hit x Flemmingh), a stallion known for his good temperament and rideability, which he has certainly passed to Bubble, who is probably the most horizontal stallion I have met. Yes he is out of a Jazz motherline, Jazz offspring do have a reputation but you can't...
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    Help tracking down stallion

    Lovely young stallion :)
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    British Stallion Event at Hartpury

    Looking forward to catching up with you :D
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    Our BD debut!

    Well done :)
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    Thoughts on a stallion

    Totally agree :)
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    More stallion advice ,please

    Johnson ticks all the boxes :)