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  1. mattilda

    Cancer/Goodbye/Feeding - Help Pls.

    No we are currently experiencing a huge ridgeback shaped hole in our lives. :(:( We still have the 2 rotts and hubs says we cannot have 3 dogs anymore. I am, however, still working on that one! :D:D Wicket is a great name and will make you smile with his antics I'm sure.
  2. mattilda

    Can you help me choose pictures?

    What a sweetie!! I like 8497, 8514, 8519 and 8472 which is a head shot. I know you didn't mention one of those but I just really like it. It's a shame there is so much advertising in the background. It really detracts from the pictures.
  3. mattilda

    Sleep Well Muttley Rabbit

    Good night God bless Muttley. Keep an eye on your Mum and Dad 'cos they miss you. Brave decision. He had a lovely life with you and you did your very best for him. Hugs J x
  4. mattilda

    Pill crushing advice please!!

    Ah dissolving the little buggers sounds like a plan. Thanks for your suggestions. He's having another blood test so hopefully the dose will be less.
  5. mattilda

    Pill crushing advice please!!

    Oliver is currently on 44....yes 44....Metformin a day for his lami. He started out on 12 twice a day which he ate in his feed no problem. Since that has increased to 22 twice a day he has said no big time and spits most of the tablets out. So I have to crush them up. I started using a pestle...
  6. mattilda

    Cruciate ligament damage - options medicate/surgery

    I have 2 rotts and am 1 week in to recovery on TPLO #4!! Dexter is 100% sound having had both of his done and Sage is on her 2nd. For a big dog like ours I 100% recommend TPLO surgery. Your dog is pain free after recovery...well mine have been. However, how your vet knows it's a cruciate...
  7. mattilda

    Cancer/Goodbye/Feeding - Help Pls.

    Oh no just realised it is you. So so sorry you lost your beautiful boy. We lost Matty dog just over 2 years ago. She had a tumour on her spleen which burst and she almost bled to death. She survived an op and lived cancer free for another 2 years. However, it returned and she had a 2nd op which...
  8. mattilda

    Then and now. Puppy to grown up pics.

    Puppy Dexter He's the one sticking his tongue out! Grown up Dexter Don't have any puppy pics of Sage.
  9. mattilda

    Sage is home.

    You got that right DG!! :confused:
  10. mattilda

    Sage is home.

    She came home around 3.30. Dragged the poor surgeon down the corridor to get to Mum and then hauled me out of the surgery. I got the distinct impression she was ready to come home!! Weight bearing and pushing off bad leg already so have to be very careful she doesn't overdo things. Dexter has...
  11. mattilda

    Sagey update

    Consultant just rang and says everything went well. It was a complete rupture, she must have been so sore bless her. She'll be coming home tomorrow afternoon. Miss her already. :(
  12. mattilda

    No 4 and hopefully the last!

    Thanks guys. I am pretty expert at the aftercare now but it's still 'orrible for both of us. I promise to share my misery with you all. :p:p
  13. mattilda

    No 4 and hopefully the last!

    Well the lovely Sage goes in for her 2nd cruciate op tomorrow. Having had both of Dexters done already I seriously hope this will be the last. I want my bouncy girlie back but she is a dreadful patient so am dreading the recovery period. :(
  14. mattilda

    Comfy Cone

    Thanks MM. I did see the blow up one and agree it wouldn't stop madam!! :D:D
  15. mattilda

    Comfy Cone

    Anyone ever used one of these? Sage has destroyed her other cruciate and hates, hates, hates the plastic collar they give you. She is also a terrible patient and given half a chance will pull all her staples out so has to wear something. Desperately awaiting a positive answer. Mattilda. :(
  16. mattilda

    Awesome quotes from horsey people....

    My old instructor used to say of my beloved Hadleigh. Sometimes he is a tractor but today he is a Rolls Royce. Depended whether he was being good or bad. :D
  17. mattilda

    Kali Lami Update - Day 2

    I have no great experience of Lami but with Oliver I had the vet out 3 days after he became "footy". He confirmed it was lami. He was barely able to walk when the vet saw him as opposed to slightly lame earlier that day!! He was put on 2 bute twice a day and spent most of the first day lying...
  18. mattilda

    So - vet's 75-80% sure it's . . .

    As Slinks says they are not supposed to move much at all to give the laminae chance to recover. Make sure he has a very thick bed so that his foot is supported. Oliver had lami a couple of months ago. I am a lami virgin so had no idea what to do. My amazing vet answered all my questions very...
  19. mattilda

    Given this gorgeous weather ~ Share your favourite sunny horse photos!!

    My boys after a hack. Were supposed to be being hosed off but decided they were both thirsty!!
  20. mattilda

    Said my goodbyes yesterday

    Ridgeys will always hold a special place in my heart. I lost my girl just over 2 years ago and still miss her every day. Your boy was a stunner and he will thank you for doing your very best for him even when it is the hardest thing to do. That last picture is just beautiful. Hugs J x
  21. mattilda

    Today I am....

    Huge congratulations. One of my best friends is a vet and I was with him (figuratively speaking) all the way through vet school. He now has his own practice and I trust all my animals with him 100%. I know how hard you have worked to get to where you are and I wish you a long, happy and...
  22. mattilda

    Vet coming tomorrow for the old boy :(...

    The other thing I found was a huge sense of relief afterwards. I missed and grieved for him of course...still do, I had him for 28 years. But as he got older I knew the time had to come at some point even though he was fit and healthy almost up until the end. Once he had gone the worst had...
  23. mattilda

    Vet coming tomorrow for the old boy :(...

    So so sorry to hear you are having to make the worst decision. Mine have all gone by injection. (3 so far). They all went peacefully and quickly. Hugs to you for tomorrow.
  24. mattilda

    Duo names please?

    Cagney and Lacey. Butch and Cassidy Sooty and Sweep!!
  25. mattilda

    urgent advice re mild colic

    Call your vet NOW. I have lost 2 horses to colic despite getting the vet out straight away. Never take a chance with your horse. Please call your vet.
  26. mattilda

    Who's horses are in tonight?

    He he. Mine are in but they always are all year round. They go out during the day and in at night.
  27. mattilda

    I must be mad! Horsehunting again!

    I have to say horse hunting is getting easier it seems. :p
  28. mattilda

    I must be mad! Horsehunting again!

    I love it when a plan comes together! :D
  29. mattilda

    I must be mad! Horsehunting again!

    Go for it!! I cannot imagine being without a horse. In fact now currently have 2 and if a 3rd came along...well we have the room!!
  30. mattilda

    How much horse hoof can a JRT eat?

    I have no idea but I would suggest you stop him when he gets to the coronet band!! :D Rottweilers cannot eat much more than one horse before they return it with interest at 3am on the bedroom carpet.