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  1. C1airey

    Reassure me...

    A frustrating situation at my yard now means that I have no grazing for one of my horses. She’s a tubby native pony. I can (and do) graze her in-hand and can get her out for a leg-stretch at each end of the day but she’s a good candidate for laminitis and she had an impaction colic about 5mths...
  2. C1airey


    Am hopefully going to view a 3.5t in about 10 days’ time. It has a semi-automatic gearbox. I’ve never driven anything semi-auto before. Does anyone on here have one? What are they like and what should I expect?
  3. C1airey

    Has it begun?

    My FB feed is awash with horses for loan and owners looking for sharers. It doesn’t seem so long ago that every other post was someone looking for loans/shares to ride. Is this the start of the horse-price-downturn that we’ve all been predicting?
  4. C1airey

    DIY south east of Leighton Buzzard

    Just wondering if any local peeps have any ideas for DIY livery to the south east of Leighton Buzzard? I’ll be commuting LB to Enfield, so something along the way to the M1 would be ideal. Hacking essential. School optional. Not after 24/7 turnout but not somewhere that closes the fields for a...
  5. C1airey

    Rug recommendations

    What am I going to put on my wee Dales mare this winter? She isn’t going to need more than a rain sheet, so am happy to spend as I won’t be buying zillions in different weights, just two (so I can have one at the cleaners and one on her). She’s as stacked as you’d expect for her breed, so high...
  6. C1airey

    Expired adverts

    Is it possible to view expired adverts on Horsemart, does anyone know?
  7. C1airey

    Van or box?

    Looking tentatively at getting a 3.5t but can’t decide whether to go van conversion or more traditional horse box. I’ve travelled horses in both, but never owned so keen to know day-to-day irritations, things you wish you’d paid extra for, things that were a waste of space/time/money, etc. Not...
  8. C1airey

    Gut supplements

    What do people use and how quickly do you expect them to work/wear off? Little mare had colic about 6-7wks ago. All sorted and once it was cleared, she came back from vet with a gut supplement to help keep things settled. We finished the supplement a week or so ago and I didn’t think much of it...
  9. C1airey

    Boots for stumpy legs

    Despite being slightly over 5’6”, I have ludicrously short lower legs. What boots to people recommend? Ideally reasonably smart, but no more than 40cm high or I can’t bend my knees.
  10. C1airey


    I must beg you all, once again, for some of those fabulous HHO vibes. Some of you may remember that a while ago we had an absolute bugger of an abscess and you all successfully did your collective thang so that my donkey of a WB stood patiently with his foot in a bucket and refrained from...
  11. C1airey

    Vibes please. Pretty please!

    Shameless begging for some famous HHO vibes. I made the unforgivable mistake of commenting on how absolutely spanking my horse looked cantering up the field on Thursday evening. Consequently, on Friday morning he was on three legs. The Boy has been, to the surprise of all who know him, a very...
  12. C1airey

    Any hairdressers?

    My hair is currently overdue a chop. The longest bits measure 5”. I usually have it cut every 5 weeks, I’m now heading into week 8. It’s thick and grows quite quick. If I use OH’s clippers with a 1” guard all over, how bad will it be? At the moment, I look like a ginger Milton Jones...
  13. C1airey


    Adult horse has suddenly started eating poo. Not just anyone’s poo though (jeez....), only from one horse, and only since that one horse has been swapped into Alfa-A as part of his feed. Has anyone else found this? The other horse (with the tasty poo) isn’t mine, so I can’t change his feed back...
  14. C1airey


    I’ve had the new boy for 8mths now. I knew him (v.well) in his previous home and he’s always been an affectionate horse: a real snogger. He loves nuzzling my hair, especially at the nape of my neck. I have short hair. At first I thought it was the novelty as his previous owner was bald, but the...
  15. C1airey

    Any petrolheads?

    I need help with a different kind of horsepower! I’m trying to sell my late mother’s house. In the shed/garage there’s a 1982 Toyota Celica. It’s been there a while, so probably not in the best nick. Is there a market for these? How do I go about getting rid of it? The house will be auctioned...
  16. C1airey

    Using an Arc Equine on yourself

    Those of you who’ve done so - I suspect there are a few lurking in here - what did you feel? I’ve been using it on a shoulder injury for the last week. I don’t actually ‘feel’ anything while it’s on, but OH reckons he can feel me ‘pulsing’. So, how was it for you (so to...
  17. C1airey

    Short legged

    I am currently breaking in a new pair of long boots. A pair of Ariat Heritage Contours (first generation) that I found online for a bargain price. Despite being the short height version and having heel risers in them, they are - if I’m honest - too long. At nearly 5’7”, I don’t...
  18. C1airey

    Trodden on

    A few weeks ago my horse trod on my foot. Horse was shod and got me good and proper. It’s absolutely fine now so long as I don’t prod it. I can walk and ride on it just fine. However, it does have a weird lumpy bit which wasn’t there before, hurts like hell to touch and isn’t showing any...
  19. C1airey

    New field, WWYD?

    Just wondering what other people would suggest... I have two horses: one short, plump, and greedy; one tall, lanky and needy. Tall-lanky-needy horse is still new (4wks since he arrived). He’s also young, v. athletic and needs space to let off a bit of steam. Short-plump-greedy horse is older...
  20. C1airey

    Shopping help: breeches

    I am looking for the holy grail. I want a pair of breeches which don’t have a full seat, suede knee patches or any sort of rubbery/silicon/Velcro-like addition as I hate the feeling of being stuck to the saddle. I also want something more hard-wearing than jersey fabric. Ideally a pair of...
  21. C1airey


    I’m thinking of switching to cardboard bedding for my dust-allergic beast. Does anyone use it? How absorbent is it? He’s not especially wet in the stable, but he does like to wee in exactly the same spot, so whatever is beneath quickly becomes overwhelmed. I’m currently thinking cardboard...
  22. C1airey

    Using a waterer

    How do I teach my horse to use a waterer? I thought it would be easy. He always has a drink after you give him a Bailey’s fibre nugget, so armed with a handful, I stood by the waterer and fed them to him, each time holding my hand closer and closer to the water. Nope. He still looked around...
  23. C1airey

    Pricking irons

    Where can I find a good 1” wide 10spi pricking iron? Blanchard are appealing, but someone told me the metric/imperial conversion is a bit off, so they might not be exactly 10spi. I need it for exam pieces, so it needs to be accurate. Having watched one of their crew punches buckle on its first...
  24. C1airey

    Abbey Alternative

    Saddlery peeps! Is there anywhere I can buy super-small batches of fittings, or even individual ones? I need a 11/2” brass harness ring and I am loathe to bulk up an order to £15 with Abbey for the sake of one ring! Or does anyone on here have one they’d be willing to sell/swap?
  25. C1airey

    Bedding help

    Ideas please, HHO! My horse has developed a taste for bedding. He will reliably munch on: Shavings Chopped straw products sprayed with eucalyptus/lemon/lavender Wood pellets (especially whole ones) Easibed At the moment, for safety, he’s on straw (barley) but he’s really not good...
  26. C1airey

    Biothane straps

    I have a Christ Lamfelle bareback pad with biothane girth straps. They’re a PITA to do up as they’re so stiff and kind of grippy around the buckle tongues. Do they soften at all? Or am I better changing them for leather?
  27. C1airey

    Iberica BB pad owners

    Anyone own a Christ Lammfelle Iberica bareback pad? Is it an old style one with the biothane girth straps? Do you have a tapemeasure to hand? If so, how long from middle hole on one strap, to middle hole on the other? I bought one and am waiting for it to arrive, but it's just...
  28. C1airey

    PICTURES: Lumpy bumpy :(

    Brought my horse in tonight to find him covered in these bumps. They are itchy and a couple of them had a tiny orange-y crust on top (apologies if you've just had dinner...). He was turned out rugged, so nettles/fly bites unlikely, and no ants' nest in or near his field. My pet theory is a...
  29. C1airey


    Quick question: on a horse who has had an ill-fitting saddle which has marked the coat, would you expect the white patches to sweat as normal under a well-fitting saddle? I came across something online the other day to suggest that the dry patches might persist for as long as the hair remains...
  30. C1airey

    Elderly Cat

    My old cat has been off her food since yesterday. Still drinking, but not interested in eating. Offered her a few different foods, but no real interest. Occasionally she'll decline a meal but then usually scarfs down the next one. She ate a tiny handful of kibble this morning, but only because I...