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  1. Nats_uk

    Vegas' first outing!! (with pics)

    Thank you - I was a bit shocked when I went in there (and I think a lot of the horses were) but it certainly made it more of an achievement to get round: ) Thank you, I hope so - fingers crossed she carries on this way:D Thanks. Still can't believe someone disliked her ears!! It was...
  2. Nats_uk

    Vegas' first outing!! (with pics)

    So after a few weeks of flatwork lessons and SJ lessons I finally felt ready to take Vegas to her first SJ competiton - we had tried to get out XC schooling the week before everywhere was shut due to the bad weather. Hired a box (new box hopefully by end of year!) and went off to Brook Farm...
  3. Nats_uk

    Self Drive Horsebox Hire

    Have tried them and they are fully booked the dates I need:(
  4. Nats_uk

    Self Drive Horsebox Hire

    As it will be a couple of months until the horsebox can be purchased - can anyone recommend a self drive horsebox hire company in Essex/London?
  5. Nats_uk

    Self Drive Horsebox hire

    As it will be a couple of months until the horsebox can be purchased - can anyone recommend a self drive horsebox hire company in Essex/London?
  6. Nats_uk

    I just feel really happy!

    Lovely post and the photos tell the same story - of a lovely bond between the pair of you and you both improving together over time
  7. Nats_uk

    ***Weekend Plans***

    Damn will miss you by a day then Had a brilliant flatwork lesson tonight so pony gets Friday night off Saturday: think Mum will take her out for a hack Sunday: early morning ride then off to write for the elementary at NH
  8. Nats_uk

    First SJ lesson (Video alert!)

    This is the lady that owns the livery yard - she is a SJ'er. Jumps to quite a high level. First flatwork is tonight but no vids as camera people will still be at work:(
  9. Nats_uk

    First SJ lesson (Video alert!)

    Thank you:) Yeah plenty of transition practice schooling - my instructor knew the lady who broke her and apparently she is a good rider but her one flaw is long reins hence Vegas even more so not being used to a shorter contact. I can't wait to get out - a few more lessons me thinks. Will be...
  10. Nats_uk

    First SJ lesson (Video alert!)

    so after spending a few weeks settling Vegas in, getting saddle sorted etc I finally had my first SJ lesson. Warmed up and instructor spotted straight away her tendency to rush in the trot. Worked on some small circles in sitting trot to get her to relax, accept the contact and bend round my...
  11. Nats_uk

    BS Comp Report

    Great pics and well done :)
  12. Nats_uk

    Introducing my new born foal! Competition name ideas required. *photo overload*

    I like Stella Illusion or Miss Illusion Gorgeous foalie :)
  13. Nats_uk

    A Quick Dressage Report for all you Blob/Cob lovers

    Well done Super Cob :)
  14. Nats_uk

    Eek, first (sort-of) BD comp report (gulp) - pictastic

    Well done - lovely photos :)
  15. Nats_uk

    Schooling advice please

    As some of you may have seen I have (after a 2yr break) got a new horse. She is rising 5 and although very sweet and willing still quite green in her schooling (and I am feeling very rusty;)) I am due to start having lessons in a couple of weeks but I wondered if the dressage divas could give...
  16. Nats_uk

    Introducing my new Coblood Cow Pony

    She is a very beautiful cow pony:D
  17. Nats_uk

    dressage in a sauna...Witham CS BD report:

    He looks the most happiest and relaxed I have seen him in a long time. Am really pleased that the meds appear to be working - he is such a stunning boy and you have done really well with him (and probably stuck with him when others wouldn't)
  18. Nats_uk

    Can I come back?!

    Welcome back and congratulations on mini-AR :)
  19. Nats_uk

    I would like to introduce myself.....

    *waves* Welcome to CR and you're pony is stunning :)
  20. Nats_uk

    *Tentatively waves hello* - lurker braves the forum!

    Hi and welcome - glad to see you are finally braving posting :) :)
  21. Nats_uk

    ***Weekend Plans***

    I vote Reservoir Cob :) Friday - day off so will be going down to see Vegas in the morning Saturday & Sunday - will be in London for a Comic Con so Mum gets V all to herself. She is finally having the saddler out on Saturday too
  22. Nats_uk

    Since only_me, Worried1 & PaddyMonty are trend setting

    Lovely new pony Don't forget me too - I am joining in the new coloured GG club!!
  23. Nats_uk

    Okay, my LouiseM report...

    Looking fantastic :) Would love to get a lesson next time Louise visits
  24. Nats_uk

    Billy makes his novice debut & pics!

    Well done to both of you - looking good :)
  25. Nats_uk

    so proud of my girl first BS Show and placed

    Well done - she looks very nice :)
  26. Nats_uk

    A new equine recruit for Team Worried...

    Awww she is lovely - looks like she will be good fun. Fingers crossed for the vetting :) I have just acquired a coloured and yours looks so much easier to keep clean!!
  27. Nats_uk

    BS Comp Report - British Novice Regional Final @ Church Farm

    Well done - lovely well ridden rounds. Unlucky about the one pole Glad to hear your knee is slightly better
  28. Nats_uk

    Very sad day ...

    Am so sorry :( RIP little Bill