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    Costs of upkeep & buying first horse - advice needed?

    Can you live without this horse? Is it exactly what you would buy if you were looking to buy not on the spur of the moment? Do you have a supportive family willing to finance you in part some of the time, especially around exam time? I had a horse whilst at uni, kept on full livery near...
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    Recommend me a waterproof riding jacket please

    Really? That was what I was going to recomend. Thought they would have been a bestseller!
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    Best Farriers in Kent???

    Ditto Gary Burton. You may find he is full though.
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    LEGAL help surrounding notice period for livery? PLEASE!

    I would be inclined to take it further. How dare someone physically assault your friend and intimidate a child?! Why the Hell is your horse still there!???!!! There must be someone that will take horse in for a few days or the new livery hard to take pony in even in a pen for a few nights...
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    Where are all the 'older' horses then?

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    LEGAL help surrounding notice period for livery? PLEASE!

    Rediculous. I would pack my things and leave. Pay nothing more. Sounds Luke she has broken het end if the conyract by not allwing horse to be ridden in the school , the use of which presumably is part if your contract?
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    Back lady coming next week and im worried im on a slippery slope to beign ripped off?

    Terri sounds likes run if bad luck with saddle fitters. In 15years it has been suggested twice I need a new saddle, which I agree I did, as my cob filled out. I call on them less now as each time I have them check they tell me my saddle is a great fit. Nothing to do.
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    Back lady coming next week and im worried im on a slippery slope to beign ripped off?

    It eoynsnt have been Tao chi, karate or any other martial art, I hope! If not shiatsu then reiki, most probably. I can cone and race a stick at a horse for you Rose Folly if you want?
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    (PHOTOS) Got My beautiful new wild fell pony this morning

    How about Dale? So so cute. I want one!!! He's a Fuzzy.
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    Back lady coming next week and im worried im on a slippery slope to beign ripped off?

    Recomendatuons are references, so your not stupid! Your not goingto rest easy until he's been checked now so you migjt as well fork out initially and if there is no problem you have gained some knowledge. Win win.
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    Has anyone ordered boots directly from Ariat USA

    I'm going to America in two weeks what sites could I look at to get boots and chaps delivered to my us address?
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    Back lady coming next week and im worried im on a slippery slope to beign ripped off?

    Lucie07 they are about to change that I believe, so you don't have to do human first. Op, Is there no knowledgable YO you can trot up for and see what they think? What credentials/references did you get for the instructor? you say you are too novice to know if your horse is unlevel but you...
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    The 2012 racing season has now killed 50 horses!!

    If I wish to campaign for the stop of transport of horses for slaughter I hardly expect someone to tell me I can't as less horses die than in some other act. T
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    horse teatherd

    Don't know about the escaping thing, that's a worry, but regarding water quote often the cater if a tethered horse will provide a bucket of water twice a day. Allowing the horse to drink its fill. In the wild horses often drink once a day as the water is far away.
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    Riding on your own

    I like riding alone. Im not keen on hacking alone anymore due to stupid traffic. I do sometimes hangaboyt for someone to rode with in the school as it adds a different dimension to the session, but I quite like to school alone. Jumping I am very aware if I fall off and hurt myself I may be...
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    Hogged horses + neck covers

    *raining hard.
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    Hogged horses + neck covers

    Yes if its raining or cold. Currently out in a standard neck in light rain.
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    Are all coloured ponies for sale lame?

    Yes. Next question. ;-)
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    How much do you charge for part loan???

    Going rate in my area works out roughly £10 per day.
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    Easier to just sell horse :(

    If you know the people well enough perhaps if you Twll them how they are making you feel I'm sure they'd be sorry. Sometimes people just dont think. I wouldn't make any decisions whilst you feel everthing is bad. Your horse is for you to enjoy. And so is your baby. Congrats.
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    The 2012 racing season has now killed 50 horses!!

    It's interesting how one person comments on something they find cruel and unacceptable, and others feel the need to say but there is worse cruelty out there. I am certain there is. But its beside O2Y's point really.
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    do you not have public liability?

    Bhs gold covers you in any horse so long as money doesn't change hands. It covers what they describe as a 'friend coming to ride your horse at the weekend' but again if money changes hands its iffy.
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    do you not have public liability?

    Op, your event would have public liability insurance also though right? I have bhs gold and so does his reserve rider.
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    No Supplements.....No shoes

    I thought op was joking, with the mcmuffins and oj for snacks.
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    Let's do some fundraising and photo competitons!!

    Pinkcob I used to be also. Though when I was younger we didn't have forums to dream on! I spent all my spare time helping at a riding s book. It reading about horses, learning. After three years I had proved to the liveries at the rs I was reliable and not massively capable but willing to listen...
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    Let's do some fundraising and photo competitons!!

    I don't remeber your previous incarnation much. But is suggest you pick something and run with it! You had good advice for tje restarting the tb, you have good advice on finding how to stay horsey with minimal financial impute, and you now have good advice about how to go about raising money for...
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    a livery yard which would you prefer?

    What is your horse used to now and what you do with him would be important to choosing.