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    Wow! Huge well done Jess_Asterix :)

    congratulations! My rider was 5th too so a good day all round!
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    My Little Cigar, from birth to jumping- LONG!!!

    I love this little guy so much! Loved this post :)
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    With Deep Regret, RIP Hippolyte No words, such a shame. RIP x
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    A little video for Noffy fans - Aldon CCI*

    def the same ones as been used for donkeys years - I'd show a pic but no idea how to do on here now.
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    A little video for Noffy fans - Aldon CCI*

    he's amazing :) what an awesome round. Would love to see Jack's too :) Can't believe fences such as the brush corner and trekhener etc were in the PN3d a few years back..! madness!
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    WN Bury Farm Report - We won!! pics+vids

    that was an amazing jump off! What a horse! And ridiculously loose behind. Seriously cool... will keep an eye on her! :)
  7. J

    First Competition in NZ

    looks lovely! Congratulations :)
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    Henri de Rivel saddles - or alternative?

    sold one a while back as I got too tall hip - knee in it. Loved it, bought it new off eBay and then had it on >4 different horses as was so good wouldn't have sold it, was just too tall for it. Love them. Like another person said, newer ones aren't as "pretty" but no idea what they're like...
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    For "Old Nags and Veterans" from long gone Blackeventer

    Heyyyy I broken my elbow in May 2011 falling off my bike (albeit slightly inhebriated) and it's STILL broken....completely useless! Had an op last December but it's still causing me grief. Nightmare... He's with a mate of mine who I knew from a yard I used to work at, she's fab, and he's...
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    For "Old Nags and Veterans" from long gone Blackeventer

    heyyyy, so pleased that the one time I'm work avoiding and having a nosey that I see this thread! :) You sound like you're having a ball! Great to hear that everyone is going well (although I say that is a tad bittersweet with your son getting hitched) ;) Zeb did a * in Lignieres and...
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    Sunny Little Cigar and PF pics. Have I mentioned it's sunny??

    absolutely in love with the pair of them :D
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    Dancer's belated first ever area festival report

    looks lovely, really sweet :) well done, 20th is really good going!
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    YP has an intresting day at ely

    I love him; he's so handsome :)
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    Baydale's Better-Late-Than-Never Oasby Report

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. U are awesome. They both look fab x
  15. J

    Fantastic season finale at Norton Disney

    wow what a cracking end to the season! Well done :)
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    A Perfect PetPlan at Pachesham!

    fab! Congratulations! Gorgeous pony! :)
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    Remember Little Cigar????? LONNNNG

    he's SO cool! So pleased to have seen this update before a day of long boring lectures: it's put a smile on my face!
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    Calmsden BE - We got our mojo back!

    Well done! I didn't notice the pro doing that in the SJ warm up; sorry. I was stewarding all day so can't believe I missed
  19. J

    Fantastic Frickley. A very sweaty double BE report!

    looking good! I don't envy you in that heat the no7 oxer in the BE100sj above looks big!
  20. J

    West Wilts warts and...well not a lot else BE report!

    don't worry, that arena really does throw them! Was there pure sj-ing with a friend's 6 year old and she said that the ring is like those on the sunshine tour! 6 yr old went in his first round and gawped all the way through and only started jumping properly in his 2nd round! :) onward and upwards
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    Blair CCI* Report

    oh my GOSH does that horse SPRING! I am totally in love! Great result, congratulations and good luck with the baba :)
  22. J

    Baydale the Trucker: Road Trips, Intermediates and Lessons in Life

    I love your reports :) well done, very entertaining and such a superstar pony :)
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    Hopalong's Blair Report!

    love her! it's a shame I won't ever meet her but you're just a "wee" bit too far ;) lovely to hear Martin Cloones is being even more of an awesome ambassador for the sport :)
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    Clever Clare and Exciting Times!

    love the chestnut! and love your position :)
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    New arrival from Germany

    he's lovely!
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    Baydale's Blue-and-White and Bay Blog *pics and vids*

    super duper! he looks awesome, and some cool photos too! So pleased it went well for you :) good luck at the next
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    Murphy's turn to put a :) on my face - Somerley Open Novice

    I saw you SJ at Portman ;) nur nur nur nur nurrrr! x
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    Olympic SJ Individual Final Thread (with pics from Monday to keep us going til 12)

    eeeek! So exciting! Almost hoping I don't get asked into work so I can watch ;) noon, right, my sofa and I have a DATE!
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    Billy goes international & pics!

    congratulations, he's just going to get better and better next year! And enjoy Kenya :)
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    Riding The 3DE Rollercoaster - RC Open Champs Report

    it's been a long time since I've read a report word for word and I am glad I did, you're awesome! Shame about the SJ but he really is turning out beauuuutiful! As per the CIC* join us at Lingiers (sp!) in France; first week of October....THERE'S FREE BEER!