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    Horse Passport Survey

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    Oisin Murphy

    Caught twice riding or attempting to ride under the influence of alcohol. Caught previously riding under the influence of cocaine (which is normally a 6 month ban but he got away with 3 months). All of the above are illegal if a person is driving a motorised vehicle. On a racecourse either...
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    Her Majesty's Cavalry

    New 6 part on ITV at 8.30 tonight about the Household Cavalry. Only 30 mins long (less adverts)
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    Arsonists kill animals co. Durham sick sick people
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    Amersham Press Release from the Self-Help Group against RSPCA

    Taken from includes a previous email from a niece of Jamie Gray interesting viewpoint if perhaps not what we want to hear... return to -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All twenty nine donkeys and Shetland ponies which...
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    Amount of money needed for the Amersham horses

    The ILPH email today states they need £66000 to care for the 11 horses they have in isolation from Amersham. That is £6000 per horse There were 111 horses rescued alive from that hell hole That means we need to raise something like £700000 to pay for their care and rehabilitation. Everyone...
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    My Xmas pressie to me

    not having any family left now I tend to treat myself to my own Xmas pressie - sad I know but there you are anyway this year it's a PF superb portrait of my horse family (just bought them their pressie of Guiness for Xmas day and NY day ) center one is great grandma, she's mum of left of...
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    OMG - Probable new FMD leak at Pirbright as from a post lower down about the lost CDs with personal details on - words fail me - these people are running this country ?!!
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    Pit Bulls kill cancer childs pony

    Cancer kid's pony killed by pit bulls October 26, 2007 A miniature horse given to a three-year-old Texas boy with malignant brain cancer was killed this week by a pair of pit bull dogs. The horse, named Anniversary, was 31 inches (78cm) tall, and was donated to Christian Vasquez two months ago...
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    USA search for a dressage start TV program

    from another forum - wish we could have something like this on prime time TV here Dressage joins reality TV bandwagon October 20, 2007 Fox Reality Channel in the US ran the first episode of "The Search for America's Next Equestrian Star: Dressage", yesterday, the first in the five-episode...
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    "curb chain" bit in H&H this week

    What do you think of this ? At least a waterford is thicker and rounded. At least the vendor doesn't advertise it online (wonder how long it'll be before it appears on e-bay?) However - to me it looks near onto getting to the point of putting a piece of wire in a horses mouth. Horrible bit -...
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    Ignorant YOs - unbelievable

    was in feed merchants/tackshop today - totally gobsmacked woman in front of me plainly from conversation was a YO and yet was asking what to worm the yard horses with !!!!!!!!! (not in the sense of which wormer was better than any other but in the sense of 'do they need worming' and 'oh...
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    Hundreds of Thousands of Scottish Lambs to be slaughtered and burnt
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    FMD - a scientific summary and entertaining reading

    not boring. From warmwell. Scientific summary but written with style by someone who does know the scientific facts. Email from Roger Breeze September 26 2007 Earlier this week I was contacted by a major UK Media organization that wanted to know if I was willing to comment on the failure to...
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    Comparison of FMD and MRSA

    Interesting article from Times online apparently we have more mrsa than Bulgaria.... ooops
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    FMD Low Risk and High Risk areas by DEFRA

    Update 17:15 24 September There are currently six Infected Premises. There is one Temporary Control Zone on the Hampshire/West Sussex border and in addition, a further Temporary Control Zone has today been established at a premises in Hampshire. A further slaughter on suspicion for Foot and...
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    More FMD slaughter in Surrey

    From the Defra website more animals being incinerated instead of vaccinated We've already had hundreds on animals slaughtered 'on suspicision' both in august and now in sept. that were NOT infected. There are 'on site' accurate testing procedures which defra have known about since 2001 and...
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    CH5 6.30 RSPCA 'trainee inspectors' tonight

    yet another reality TV show - supposed to be following trainee RSPCA inspectors might watch just to see what they actually ARE taught about horse welfare.......
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    Yellow and Red XC 'Rider Warning' flags trial

    See in H&H last week that the FEI are trialling at Burgley and Blenheim a set up of warning flags on XC. If the stewards think that a rider is over-riding a horse, the horse may be lame, or labouring then a Yellow flag is to be held out onto the course in front of the rider to warn them...
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    Beeb reports suspect Foot n mouth in Kent somewhere