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    Rambo Sweet Itch Hoody

    Long shot but does anyone have a 3ft 9 sweet itch hoody? I need to get the measurement from wither to the bottom of the rug. I just bought a 4ft for my mini shetland but it is past his knees. I am wondering whether to try a smaller size or whether that would drown him too.
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    Amigo Fly Rider Sizing

    Can anyone who has one of these tell me what the sizing is like. The guide seems to say a 6ft 3 rug size can be either a medium or a large in the flyrider. It is for a 16hh TB. Thanks
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    Purple Spray

    Does anyone know what the shelf life of purple spray is? I needed some tonight and had an old bottle so used it although the label had come off. It is at least a couple of years old and am now wondering if I have done more harm than good if it does have a use by date :(
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    Waterproof Winter Coat

    Looking for recommendations of a good waterproof winter coat for both riding and yard work. Ideally I don't want to spend more than about £120. Thanks
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    Rambo Summer Series

    Has anyone got the Rambo Summer Series rug? It is quite expensive so I am wondering whether it is worth the money and whether it is more of a turnout rug, a fly rug or something in between?
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    Riding Schools near Edinburgh

    My friends son (who is 4) has been in hospital recently and his illness has meant his balance and co-ordination is not as good as it used to be. It was suggested that horseriding would help him improve so I wondered if anyone could recommend any good riding schools in the Edinburgh area with...
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    Masta Exercise Rug

    Does anyone have one of the exercise rugs that Masta have just brought out? I am thinking of buying one as normal hi-viz sheets never seem to stay on my horse properly so I like the idea or it fastening round the front to (hopefully!) stop it slipping. Just wondering if they are any good and...
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    Donate a scoop of feed to Redwings

    For those on Facebook if you go to the Petplan Equine Page and click on the donate button they will donate a scoop of feed to Redwings :)
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    Premier Equine International Travel Boots

    The Premier Equine Travel Boots are on sale at the moment but they only have medium. Just wondering how they are for size? It says on the website up to 16.1hh but is this acurate? I have a 15.3hh with quite chunky legs so want to make sure they aren't going to be too small.