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    Best colour tweed jacket for roans?

    Dark-ish green with discreet burgundy overcheck, cream shirt and burgundy tie for me on a bay roan who is very pink and on a bright bay.
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    Equestrianism in Australia?

    Some sheep farming areas are very remote. My nrother does 'Flying Angels' to collect outback farming families for visits to hospitals - too far to drive. Have you though of taking time after graduating to visit various parts, and perhaps even New Zealand too? Also have a look into the entry...
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    Recommend a Vet in Preston

    Another vote for Gillivers
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    going to look at small yard on sunday!!

    Price for location looks ablout right. From the owners point of view, subdividing paddock may be ok but they might want a natural looking fence, not white posts and tape everywhere. (You can get good dark green posts and green or brown electric tape) Check access times too - in case the main...
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    Last 5 Years, Did you vet ever write "bute" in your horse's passport?

    I didn't vote as vet has checked and has on record that the Not for Human Consumption box has been ticked. Therefore recording of medication is not required.
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    Having a livery at home - who's done it?

    We bought 8 acres wiht 7 stables, told bank we currently had 4 horses but it was all to be private, and no problem with it being treated as private residential. (HSBC) Some other banks would not even look at more than 2.5 acres as private.
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    Horse camping - hints and tips

    I think you would need som overnight camp sites and grazing fields lined up for your overnight stops. Also good troutes checked out, as not all bridleways on maps are accessible in reality
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    Inexpensive Accomodations for Visitors? Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast, or even a farm holiday cotttage may suit you. If you are using a hirelings yard, thye may be...
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    Costs of building a menage

    manege or manège - is a riding arena ménage or menage - household
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    Costs of building a menage

    DDD's looks good- An advantage of having one specialist contractor do it all is that the correct levelling, drainage and membrane will be done. Many areana builders will also have sample plans to help with your Planning Permission. By choosing 25 x 45, you are almost at a 20 x 60 size, so...
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    An equestrian property WWYD?

    Option 1 or 2, more land the better. We keep 4 on 7 acres paddocks and have had 'spare' summer grazing made for hay by a contractor, which has been super saving. Also, do not underestimate the time and cost of putting in stables and a school. Mortgage rates so reasonable at the moment...
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    My lorry failed its MOT

    Only £100 for another years MOT sounds a good deal, compared to scrap value and having to find another lorry. I;d get the floor done too, for peace of mind.
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    Discussing the 20% weight rule

    For an accurate weight, I find weigh tapes underestimate the actual weight on a weighing stall, especailly for cob types- our 630 kg horse by tapes was 720Kilos on a vet weighing stall. However, I would not put 144 kilos on hm! By weigh carried though, this should include the rider fully...
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    STOLEN- Cream mini shetland colt

    That's Bury as nr Bury farm, nr leighton Bbuzzard, not Bury in Lancashire.
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    NEAR MISS Please read

    Agree with the above- If it is reported, then Police will notice if this type of trailer is seen again in suspicious circumstances. Please convince her to do so, it only takes on phone call. Also, for a 'crime in progress' or 'intruders on premises', you can still use the 999 number. It is...
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    Please explain to me about Horsebox testing...

    Your 7,5 tonne lorry needs an MOT. This is done by a VOSA inspector, not a nromal garage. It can take some tie to get a test booked. See for useful info If you are using it for Private use only, you do not need an Operators Licence...
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    Gray Appeal Rejected

    The bail condition have been tightened from Bucks Free Press today "James senior's bail conditions ban him from being within 100 yards of any horse or equine, being at any stable, being at any horse fair and from keeping horses. He is also subject to a curfew between 11pm and 5am and has...
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    Nose Rings

    Do you mean one of the metal oval shapes that acts like a headcollar noseband, instead of wrapping rope round nose, or using a controller halter?
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    price of land

    Grassland in pony paddock size, 10-20K per acre. If splitting a field, expect tp pay for feincing and land registry change too. In most case Change Of Use from Agricultural to horse grazing would be required. Keeping horses for leisure purposes is not Agricultural,
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    Could a welsh cob carry me?

    Would your son's competition jumping be at a pony of 14.2 max height?
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    Did I do ok?

    It's not easy to tell as it would depend on how generous the judge was. But 6' and 7's are generally good. Was it the same judge for both tests? At a typical Riding Club, scores will range from 45% to 70%. Sometimes the winner is in low 60's. Nest time, try to find time to watch a few of the...
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    how much hay?

    How much bucket feed are they having? I think you will need to make sure the TB has at least twice as much forage and feed as the woolly tubby ones. This may mean bring him/her out to have an feed of forage and a balancer/supplement am and pm. As a very rough guide, with four living out, on poor...
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    What would you class this arrangement as?

    I would not even call it shared, as sharer usually pay or do stable duties ( work in return for riding') . I;d call it "free riding in return for exercising on days agreed to suit owner."
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    Horse's weight - Is this correct?!

    Sounds fairly likely if he is chunky - see this table is quite conservative, my 15h cob was 650 kilos on vet weight stall, and not fat.
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    REcommendation for a Vet in Preston

    I used John Gilliver for a vetting in that ares Excellent service
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    Understanding a plating certificate

    looks as if 4.6 tonnes is the maximum weight of the vehilce laden So you would need a weighbridge ticket showing it unladen to wokr out your payload. Unladen wieght will vary according to the type of body and fittings ut on the vehicle. Is it an uprated type of small box, eg like a 3,5 tonne...
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    Lorry help/advice please-sorry may be long

    Some 6 tonners will take two horses and have a basic day living, with two tonnes payload Look for something like a Trophy Twin or a compact 7,5
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    Postal strike and H&H subscriptions

    I received an email to link to an electronic copy to my subscription address but got an error message as my laptop could not read it,
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    Advice needed on renting out stables please

    depends on your rental contract with the owners re sub letting.