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    Nexguard Spectra complete treatment worms ticks fleas

    This might have been done to death already but what are your views on Nexguard Spectra? We are in a high risk area for lungworm and have masses of ticks too so currently my dogs -elderly terrier and 2 year old German shepherd-wear Seresto collars and i use Milbemax monthly from the vet. My vet...
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    Greenguard head collar and muzzle

    I have just bought a greenguard head collar to go with the greenguard muzzle.Is the extra strap on the head collar supposed to go round the throat?if so,how tight is it supposed to be and how does it work in practice?does anyone have a photo of it fitted ad I don't seem to have any instructions...
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    a happy ending

    Last year my mare Betty lost her foal at birth. We milked her and gave the colostrum to the vets. Today I heard that a mare in the practice gave birth last weekend and was unable to feed the foal.Betty's colostrum was bottle fed to the foal and successful passive immunity was achieved.The foal...
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    update on Betty who lost her foal

    I've had so many messages of support over the loss of our foal and I wanted to thank you all. Betty is recovering well physically and has gone out in the field today with her 2 year old daughter and her other companions.I think she has at last accepted her foal is dead although she was...
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    foaling tragedy-mare needs foster foal

    This is a post I hoped I would never have to write.My lovely mare Betty lost her foal this morning-he was simply too broad in the shoulders for her to deliver and despite the efforts of my fantastic vets he failed to survive. Betty is doing well and we have milked 700mls of colostrum already...
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    Plaque off

    Has anyone used Plaque Off on thier dogs with success? My vet has recommended it-he said it was a Norwegian seaweed you sprinkle on the food and it stops plaque forming and helps dissolve existing plaque.Does it work?
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    rugging foals in winter

    is it a good idea to put turn out rugs on foals?I will be leaving my foal with her mum until spring as she will not be six months until late December.I would like them out as much as possible-we are on sandy soil with good grass and sheltered fields.