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    Mechanical Horse Lessons

    Hello 👋 are there any facilities in Scotland, preferably NE side that provide mechanical horse lessons? I suffered a bad fall last year and I'm trying to boost my confidence. I feel a mechanical horse might be the best option as I could fully concentrate on my riding, rather than the horse...
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    Tweed Jacket with Brown Velvet Collar

    Hey all, has anyone saw a tweed jacket with brown velvet collar for sale? I can't seem to find one online either new or second hand, so long as it is 40".
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    Dream Native Pony vs Pre-existing Health Conditions

    I have found my dream man, a beautiful Highland gelding. He ticks the boxes of temperament, quality, conformation, height etc. Showing and driving potential. He has one small pea sized sacroids on the tip of his ear & had a bought of lami previous. Should I walk away despite him being such a...