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    Veteran not eating his haylage

    I have a 27 year old WB who has decided he doesn't want to eat his haylage. I am concerned that at his age he isn't getting sufficient to eat. He looks well, is only ridden occasionally and has recently had his teeth done. He is fed Hoofkind, conditioning cubes and Calm and Condition with...
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    Horsebox rubber matting

    After a bit of a scare last weekend where one of the four pieces of rubber matting came unstuck in our wagon while the horses were travelling, I've decided to put just one big piece down so there's no risk of it moving. But because it's so big, I'm struggling to find a company that deals in...
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    Neutering an older dog

    We've recently adopted an 8 year old lab. He's entire and I"m trying to persuade my other half that he needs to be done (dog not my other half!! Lol). Please give me your wise opinions on this matter so I can put forward some decent argument to my husband. I've spoken to my vet and she's on my...
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    Any tips to stop manes rubbing in winter?

    every winter the same problem. My two will be wearing rugs with neck covers once the weather starts to deteriorate. Not a problem on one as he's hogged. My veteran however always loses his mane from about half way up his neck to his withers. Any ideas? I'm thinking no neck covers this year. Am...
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    False Plaits!

    I have bought some of said items - but try as I might, attaching them seems the most impossible task!!! We have only a small amount of mane to attach them to but enough to hair gel into a small bunch (and I mean a small small bunch!!!) as per instructions, but what to do next?!!! Sew or...
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    Breeches- the good and the bad!

    I have got to that certain age (50) where everything's starting to feel tight. I hate the new style of hipster breeches. They seem to accentuate all those fat bits!! Please recommend me some nice comfy (yet flattering) breeches. I love Ariats and they've always fitted well but now finding them a...
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    Saddles for ladies

    I know that WOW saddles do a cc comfort sea at for women. Does anyone know of any other saddle makers who do too? A lw cob with a tall long legged rider and proving difficult to find something comfortable.
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    What would you do? Cat dilemma

    Yesterday while out riding I found a little stray cat. He has a terrible skin condition and I mean terrible. Despite both me and my daughter being mounted he came up to us miaowing and allowed me to pick him up and take him home. I took him to the vets last night and they're keeping him in...
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    Bates Saddles - your opinions please

    I am struggling to find a close contact saddle which is long enough to accommodate my long thighs (!!) - the joys of having long legs! I have the add problem that I ride a 15.1 show cob so am looking for something which suits him as well as me, esp for hunting. I tried a Bates jumping saddle...
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    Retraining a greyhound

    Having found a lovely black bitch I was told was cat friendly I got her home to find she most definitely isn't. She is far too interested in anything small and furry inc my Siamese and our working terrier. She is a lovely dog in all ways apart from this. And it's a big problem. Can it ever be...
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    Hunting in Cumbria?

    I moved to the area a year ago and have finally got round to trying to find a mounted pack in Cumbria - any ideas? I've resigned myself that I'll have to travel (I'm used to being able to hack to meets so this is going to be a shock!!). Any recommendations, contacts etc. Please pm if you'd...
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    Siamese cat with stress OCD - anti-depressants?

    My lovely female 8 year old Siamese has just had a fairly major operation - stressful enough, but she has now taken to licking the bald patch on the side of the wound and will not leave it alone. Vet visit yesterday resulted in antibiotics as she's created an infection. Last night was one of...
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    Wedding reception ideas

    Well date set for 23rd August - now just need to find somewhere small in the Eden Valley/South Lakes to host our reception for 30 people. Could be a nice restaurant, hotel, pub, castle, hall, house - open to any ideas. It has to be special!! Any ideas?
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    Lake District People!

    Hi All moved to the Lakes (well Penrith area) 6 months ago and wondered if anyone fancied a meet up? I'm trying to widen my circle of friends so if anyone fancies a horsey chinwag (altho doesnt have to be all about horses!) get in touch. It's really difficult to meet up with people when you...
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    Recommend me a saddle ...

    For a high withered, but flat-backed 15.1 show cob type. It's proving a nightmare. Everything I've tried so far is too wide. I cant believe he's a narrow fitting!! Anyone know of any GP/WH saddle types which are more suited to this type?!
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    Rainscald - ideas for treatment

    My WB/TB has rainscald on his head (one side along his ear and above his left eye and cheek). It's rather unsightly to say the least, and at present I am treating it using Camrosa or Sudacrem. I thought I'd got on top of it, but it has returned and is obviously itchy so I've started the...
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    Kidney disease - diet recommendations!

    Following on from my post last week about my little cat - I eventually decided to have her teeth removed. So glad I did, altho she's not out of the woods yet, she obviously feels so much better. I now have to let her recover herself, but am looking at CKD diets as she has that to deal with...
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    New doggie - night time issues!

    We've just got a new greyhound bitch to replace our girl we lost. She is absolutely perfect in every way except at night when she cries (and it breaks my heart!). She is 7 years old, and has lived with a family for the last 6 years, but there were problems with their other dog and they...
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    More cat advice

    I need some level-headed advice - I have an 8 year old Oriental girl who has been diagnosed with progressive kidney problems. She has lost a load of weight in the last two weeks, but I know (and it's now been confirmed by the vet) that her teeth are awful so I guess eating is painful...
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    Anyone's cat ever been on valium?

    I've got a stressy Siamese and she keeps peeing outside her litter tray and despite trying everything known to man she's still doing it. Her sister is fine but we have moved house and I think she's taking it badly. I've read about cats being on valium to reduce stress - any experiences anyone?
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    Managing 23 year old horse with arthritic shoulder

    Any tips on managing an old horse who up til now has been ridden 4 times a week - mostly hacking with a little schooling plus veteran classes. He's on devil's claw daily and I'm considering a bute every other day so that I can still ride him. Anyone got a horse with a similar problem? He's...
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    Does anything get rid of the smell of cat pee?

    As title really - is there really any product/concoction that can get rid ofthe smell of cat wee from carpet? I've tried a few things but nothing that gets into the smell. Any ideas really, really gratefully received!
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    Saddle fitter wanted - Carlisle area

    Anyone recommend me a good saddle fitter please? Rather have one by recommendation. Many thanks.
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    Leeting Siamese cats out into the garden for the first time.

    I've got two 6 year old Siamese cats who've been house cats all their life. Just moved house and they are obviously keen to venture into the outside world. Basically I'm really worried about letting them out - we are on a road (not a busy one and the garden is huge so I'm hoping there's...
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    End of my tether - cats peeing on carpet

    I'm getting to the point where I'm thinking I might have to rehome my two Siamese as they are peeing and pooing on my daughter's bedroom carpet. Started when we moved house and put a chair which was given to me by my mum in the room. The cats took an instant dislike to it and pee'ed all over...
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    What does everyone do with their dog while at work?

    Just wondering. I have a 4 year old greyhound who at present has to go somewhere every day when I'm at work. I'd love to be able to leave her at home but as I work and have to do the horses before and after, she'd be in on her own for a good 11 hours and that's not fair. So there must be...
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    Any tips on cleaning the green stuff off an Ifor Williams trailer?

    My trailer's been outside for 3 months and has got a nice coating of green algae on the roof! Anyone know what removes this? And anything to prevent it coming back? Thanks as ever!!!
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    Any ideas? Underweight cob

    My loanee has just let me know that my cob is losing weight. She's really worried that he is getting too skinny. He has navicular and is prone to laminitis so is kept in a bareish paddock. He is overdue to have his teeth done (by about a month) and I have suggested a worm count to check...
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    Ipads - or other suggestions for travelling!

    Daughter going to New Zealand for 5 weeks and wants to keep in touch and also to access net to check-in for flights etc. She thinks an Ipad is the answer (naturally!) while I thought an Iphone. Less likely to get pinched a not so obvious etc. Anyone any other ideas? Also anyone live in...
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    Arthritis suppliments

    Suggest one to me. 22 year old gelding with o/s shoulder stiffness. He seems very happy in himself but instructor has suggested something to support his arthritis. She suggested No Bute but not something I've ever used before. Horse is mostly a happy hacker but loves to do a bit of...