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    Short coupled

    Whatvis your definition of short coupled? I'm very confused after taking my 15.1 1/2 hh 3 year old to a show, where I was told he would never be any good under saddle as he is too short coupled?! He wears a 6'3 rug!?!? My 16.2 hh wears a 6'6 ??!? Very, very confused horse owner, I would post...
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    PTS and other horses

    After a long and tearful conversation with my vet a few days ago I think that I am going to have my horse pts at the end of the summer :( I'm not 100% certain what to do at the moment but I am now worried about what to do with my other horse on the day, they are incredibly good friends :( I do...
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    Rug help please

    I've always used Rambo rugs, up until a couple of years ago when my rugs needed replacing ( they were over 10 years old) I replaced them with premier equine rugs, which I like, however.... They have rubbed their manes terribly, now it could just be that they were in rugs longer but Ive never...
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    Tell me about sweet itch?

    It seems that the lovely little companion pony I took on last autumn has sweet itch :( I've spoken to his old owner and he's never suffered with it before ( and didn't show any signs when I went to look at him) When I first got him here in September I did notice that he did a lot of 'tail...
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    Hot Horse Shower.... any good?

    My hot water heater outside has bitten the dust. I was looking at the hot horse shower has water heaters. Does anyone have one? How do you rate it compared to normal outside (electric) showers ? I'm tempted because I like the long hose and then could take it hunting etc too and price wise not...
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    Show producers / handlers Norfolk/Suffolk

    Does anybody know reccomend any producers in Norfolk/Suffolk? 3yr old hack (so in hand).... Failing a producer, anyone who can show for me this summer? Many thanks
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    For those who use EDT's please read

    The RCVS are trying to limit procedures carried out by registered EDT's for example removal of wolf teeth, so veterinary surgeons would be the only people allowed to do this I value the services of my EDT as I'm sure many of you do, therefore could I ask that you take the time to sign this...
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    Loads of pooh!

    My dogs are pooing alot! I cleared all the dog poo from the garden yesterday and got 2 Stubbs pooper scoops full. Today I cleared up 22 dog poos!! Is this alot considering they have free range over 12 acres go for two long walks aday ( on which they poo too)? I admit I do have 5 dogs but...
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    Fish4dogs offer

    Fish4dogs have 10% off weekend which is extra to their normal % off for bulk buy just ordered my food and saved a massive £98 woo hoo!! :)
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    I have heard that fish 4dogs has drastically changed their ingredients? God knows why as fab food IMO. I bought 8 15kgs sacks last time they were in offer ( 1bag =2 wks) but will need to reorder next week. I'm going to give them a ring on Monday, but will be really stuck on what to feed if the...
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    Bloody Brilliant!

    I wouldn't normally post about something so trivial but I must impart my new find with you guys! I have swapped from shavings bedding to megazorb and where I would not normally endorse a product this stuff is seriously brilliant! I have big stables (14x16) with mats and have bedded half...
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    Sprenger stirrups

    Hi guys, just wondered if anyone could give me some reviews of these? Thinking if buying a pair but £££££ ! So what I am really asking is Are they worth the money? Currently just use bog standard irons Thanks :)
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    Feed balancer ponderings......

    I currently use the baileys low cal feed balancer over the summer on its own but now adding with speedibeet, Alfa A molasses free and graze on for my ulcer prone horse, who looses condition over the winter. He is extremly sensitive to most foods and an incredibly picky eater. Was pondering...
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    Fish4dogs vs Applaws

    I feed all 5 of my dogs fish4dogs and the all look fantastic on it with ages ranging from 12yrs to 4 months. They also find it really tasty and personally I can't rate it highly enough, however I was looking at a bag of Applaws this morning and just wondered which you guys think is the best food...
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    I'm looking at megazorb for bedding next winter as a replacement for shavings Any body have any experiences? Looks quite labour saving?? I have 4 2, fairly clean and 2 stinkers I would buy in bulk by the pallet load and cheapest ive found is about £6.50 inc delivery so should work out a bit...
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    Removing eye in 30 yr old?

    Our 30 yr old pony has an scc in her right eye ( unconfirmed biopsy results back tomorrow but my vet is an eye specialist so 99.9% sure that it is) Pony is fit a d healthy in all other ways a d still ridden once or twice a week by my friends little girl We really have two options 1. Remove the...
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    Feeling bad :(

    I turned my lot out 3 weeks ah as the weathers been so good, and we need to do some MAJOR work on our stables this summer They are all well rugged but the weather has just been awful!! The only one who's not bothered is my two year old who seems quite oblivious to the howling wind and...
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    Another bedding 'numpty' question

    Hi guys I posted a few weeks ago about wood pellet bedding as shavings have just gotten so ridiculously expensive! I've never used wood pellets but seriously considering them for next year so , a few more numpty questions: 1. Can you make banks? 2. How many pallets would I need for a winters...
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    Wood pellets?

    I need to find a new bedding for my gang next year as shavings are costing me an arm and a leg ( use 3-4 bales per week between 4) ( on rubber mats but have a 'proper' half bed) Looking on line at wood pellets they look quite good , and so cheap but what do people who have actually used them...
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    C**p day

    Long storey short horse has been of for nearly a year ( kicked in field last spring- infected joint-spell at vets- didn't eat, very stressed = gastric ulcers) just started bringing him back into work at christmas, going nicely not doing alot but now have loads of holiday from work to use up...
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    I like straw beds really but 2 of mine have to be on shavings - so for the last 2 years I've had all 4 on shavings and they are far easier to store and the quality didn't vary like straw, however they are now sooo expensive! And more so I'm so fed up with shavings stuck to everything digs...
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    Premier equine parcel arrived:)

    My Pe trio arrived today!! :) now I will have to admit that I am a bit of a rug snob! I've only really bought top of the range rugs and for about the last 10 years only Rambo rugs or fal pro, however jive always been a bit dissapointed with the Rambo neck covers which only ever seem to cover...
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    Premier equine

    Hi all was thinking of treating my horse to a new rug as he's had his Rambo for about 8 yrs and inherited all the others from my old horse! Was going to go for the Rambo duo which my youngster has and I really like, but saw the ad in this weeks h&h for the Pe trio and wondered what you guys...
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    Outdoor rugs indoors

    I've put my boys into h/w turnouts this week and have been leaving them on at night when in . Does anybody else do this ? It makes me feel a bit lazy!!! But brush underneath etc as normal it just seems so much cosier to turn them out in the morning
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    Low startch/sugar

    Further to my post yesterday does anybody know the lowest starch/sugar complete feed? Been looking on net although alot do not list starch% Also outshine says low starch on the packet, keeps condition on my horse but after not giving for a couple of days I do wonder if it's that making him a...
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    Topspec balancers

    Hi after a lovely chat and nice shiner brochure coming in the post today I was thinking about changing to topspec feeds ( wouldn't normally but have had issues with one particular horse ) however... A friend of mine said it sent one of her ponies barmy! This I definatly don't want!!! Was...
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    Darley rehoming contact

    Does anybody have a contact telephone number for darley rehoming? Have tried their website links but just keep getting URL not recognised ? Thanks
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    Please help! Overrun with moss

    Help! We are being overrun with moss! I have about 7 acres of grazing between 3 horses and 1 pony. They are out 24/7 through the summer and stabled at night from this weekend. We are on clay soil so through the winter if it is wet they have to have limited turnout or be turned out in the...
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    Valerian ?

    Hi , anybody used it ? Does it work ? How do you get it into fussy feeders as smells really nasty ! Thanks :-)
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    Hobgoblins pony home update

    For those of you that are interested ! Pony has settled in well thought she might cause upset amongst the others, however my daughters mareish sec d who's turned out on her own due to kicking others loves her ! Do horses remember as the D was turned out with the pony as a yearling for about 3...